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Essential Bike Transportation Tips For Hassle-free Shifting

Everyone wants to transport bikes by train, but when they know the tasks involved in the process, they immediately look for alternatives. Well, bike transportation by train is not an easy process. hiring a bike transport company in India is a much easier way to move your two-wheeler.

If you are the one who wants to transport his bike but couldn’t decide which method is the best, then this blog is for you. Here you will know which approach is the best for bike transportation in Delhi.

Can You Do It Yourself?

If you want to do it yourself then think about the process once. Many people have already transported their bikes by train but this ain’t an easy task. Also, this requires preparation. You will have to visit the Railway office often to get a receipt for transporting your two-wheeler.

Commonly, there’re two methods to transport your belongings by train. One is transporting them as luggage and another parcel. Luggage means your goods will be transported by the same train on which you are traveling. And in parcel transportation, you are not traveling by the same train. Most bikes are transported as a parcel. Also, this is a cheap bike transportation method.

But, this isn’t an easy process. While transporting your bike by train, you need to have a few important documents such as ID proof, Bike RC, etc. And you will have to pay a nominal price to the Indian railway to transport your motorcycle from Delhi to anywhere in India.


Why DIY Bike Shifting Isn’t a Good Option?

No matter how much you think DIY bike transportation is easy and affordable, it’s not, once you will get involved with the actual process of it. Also, it’s not safe to transport your two-wheeler by train. You will have to reach the railway station before the time to pick up your bike.

If it’s the station where the train terminates, you will get very less time to unload your motorbike. Also, the process takes more than a week to deliver your bike.

If you want to have the best bike transport experience then here are the best bike transportation tips that you must follow.

Bike Transportation Tips

Hire Trusted Professionals

No matter what type of motorcycle you have either an expensive or an antique one, hiring the best bike transport company in Delhi is important. Professional bike transporters know how to safely transport the bike from one city to another. They use the best approach to pack your bike (if needed) and safely transport them to the desired location.

Auto transport companies offer the best and most affordable services of bike transportation in Delhi. they are armed with trained and highly-skilled packers and movers. Also, they have all the equipment and tools that are used for loading and unloading bikes. And, with a pool of car carriers, they help you transport your two-wheeler from one city to another.

Just choose the best bike transport company in Delhi and safely transport your bike. If you are unsure which company to hire, then get quotations from different agencies.

Every company will estimate the cost of bike transportation service in Delhi based on your requirements. Their charges may vary because every company has its own rules to determine the bike transportation cost in Delhi.

Moving quotes or estimates will help you compare packers and movers charges for bike transportation services in Delhi.

Opt for the Right Transportation Mode

Do you know that there are two types of bike transportation modes? Yes, one is an open truck and another is an enclosed truck. So, what’s the difference between both the methods, and how would you know which one is the best for your move.

Open trucks are the cheapest way to transport your bike. But, this is not the safest way to move your bike. However, most people use this method because of its affordability, this is the fastest way to transport two-wheelers.

Enclosed trucks are full-covered with sidewalls and provide complete safety to your bikes. This is an expensive method to transport motorcycles and this is the reason only a few people opt for this transportation. This is why the process takes longer to deliver your bikes.

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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipment

  • Clean your bike

By cleaning your bike, you can know if your bike has any scratches and dents. This will also help you to know when any new dents occur on the bike. So, thoroughly clean your motorcycle and let your movers know the actual condition of the vehicle. Also, for a safe side, make a video of the condition of your bike.

  • Check tire pressure

Before handing over your bike to movers, check its battery, fluid, and tire pressure. Also, ensure the fuel tank has no leakage problems. If there’s any, get it fixed asap.

  • Secure loose items or remove accessories

Every accessory and other loose items should be removed. Else, they will either get damaged or damage the bike during the transition.

So, these are the top essential bike transportation tips that you must follow if you want to have safe and hassle-free bike transportation from Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata, or anywhere in India.


Hope these bike transportation tips will help you to transport your bike safely anywhere in India. Also, it is advisable to buy insurance for your bike while transporting it to a long-distance place.

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