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Gamix Labs offer innovative Virtual Reality game development services to enable your business to meet the business needs with beautiful graphics, excellent gameplay etc.

Augmented Reality (AR), as well as VR (VR), is a pair of closely link technologies use to create immersive experiences that provide memorable experiences for virtually everything you wish to create, with no limitations of any specific place or even.

Our ways of working and learning, as well as entertainment and gaming, have been completely altered through VR technology. The VR gaming market is predicted to grow to $7.92 billion by 2021 and $53.44 billion by 2028.

What are AR and VR?

AR/VR are two distinct technologies that allow new ideas together to provide immersive experiences to their users.

For AR: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be describe as a method of interaction that overlays digitally generate content (such as text, graphics video, etc.) in real-time interaction with the real world by using a smartphone as well as smart glasses. AR technology lets users interact with digital media in a manner that they can feel the activity more naturally than they can on a conventional screen.

AR lets players superimpose virtual objects on their real-world surroundings, resulting in new ways of playing games, and enhancing their immersion.

For VR: Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) is an advanced technology that provides an entirely immersive and computer-generated world. People typically wear headsets (Meta Quest, HP Reverb or Sony PlayStation VR, or any) that protect their eyes and ears and make them feel as if they’re inside a virtual world. VR technology is used for a myriad of purposes, such as entertainment, gaming, education training, therapy, and more.

AR/VR technology is constantly evolving and it’s important to be aware of the direction of the industry. On this page, I’ll review AR/VR games, the development of AR/VR games, and the advantages of AR/VR in game development.

Virtual Reality is a revolutionary technology that allows users to experience virtually anything they like regardless of location or restrictions. Since AR and VR are poised to transform our interaction with technology, and with the world around us, businesses benefit too.

Most loved games and apps for AR/VR in the world worldwide 

AR/VR technology drives the industry of game development by creating games for education, training, and health care. Furthermore, its unending creativity allows game developers to explore their creativity and design whatever they’d like to create using Augmented as well as Virtual reality technologies.

Let’s take a look at some well-known games for AR/VR around the world; start the game with Rec Room:

Rec Room

Rec Room can be describe as a loved VR experience game played by millions of players around the world. With this app, players are able to chat and socialize with millions of other players in user-created spaces and even create something brand new worthy of a try, and is a delight for everyone of all ages.

In addition, there are customizable avatar chat features, challenging games, and more available to explore in the application.InCell

InCell is an exciting color-packed racing game with a significant educational component. It is a truly unique micro-world that recreates the anatomy of the human cell in stunning detail and gives it an academic perspective, too. Players race along connections and capillaries in order to experience the formation of the human body.

The music also has a rousing effect along with the size and depth of the images are what make the experience worth the time. It’s accessible on Android as well as iOS platforms.

Space Virtual Reality 360

VR as well as AR technology isn’t just restricted to gaming or edutainment The technology also shows and lets the user be immersed in the Solar System to learn about what it’s about.

With the aid with the help of Space Virtual reality 360, users are able to explore the planets, be close to them, conduct spaceship missions using asteroids, and generally live an astronaut’s experience in VR using the VR software. The app is available on Android devices at present.

Trail World VR

Within the Trail World Virtual Reality game players can take various trips but not in Reality but via virtual Reality and experience the exact same thing.

The VR world is fill with waterfalls, islands and farms, villages, and many more places for visitors to explore You can enjoy rollercoasters and fly through aircraft, fish in the ocean, and more from the convenience of your own home.


Sketchfab is the top website for 3D & AR on the web. Users can Sign Up for Free. Share, publish and discover 3D videos on the internet as well as on mobile devices, AR, and VR.

Utilizing your smartphone, you’ll be able to directly browse through millions of models available on Sketchfab in 3D VR, 3D, or AR. Conducting surgery, wandering around dinosaurs, or even teleporting to another city are just a few instances of how this might be.

Through the Sketchfab platform, you can search for the content you’re interested in by searching or following specific authors.

Benefits of AR/VR Game development

Here, I’ve outline some of the advantages of developing games using AR/VR and the ways in which AR/VR technology could be utilize to create games.

Immersive Gaming Experience Gaming

By partnering with VR game development companies, you are able to create games that allow players to experience the sensation of being in the game and can be able to look around and interact in the real-world setting.

Location-based AR games

Through the use of location-based technology, players can interact with the game’s world in real-world settings. Furthermore, gameplay can be develop with specific goals like collecting virtual objects making puzzles or playing against other players.

Educational games

Virtual Reality can be use to create immersive simulation games that allow students to explore and interact in virtual worlds and to learn in a unique way.

Rehabilitation games

With VR technology game development companies are able to develop games that aid people to train or to recover from injuries.

Social VR games

Inviting people to engage in games or play with one another in virtual spaces is possible through VR technology.

Top AR/ VR game development companies in India

If you’re in search of a skilled AR games development or VR gaming development business You can check out this section to get an idea.

Juego Studios

Juego team is specialize in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality as well as Mixed Reality solutions. They offer game development solutions for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Oculus along with HTC Vive.

Gamix Labs

Gamix Labs team offers a variety of VR and AR gaming services. Gamix-Labs is a group of high-skill game developers who are proficient in using. Unity, Unreal Engine, and various other platforms for game development. It has developed numerous AR/VR projects for international industries.

Starloops Studios

Starloops Studios is a full-service AR and VR development firm. That creates custom-designed experiences for a range of sectors, such as enterprise, gaming, and education.

Redapple Tech

Redapple Tech is a leading mobile game and app creation firm in India. They specialize in AR as well as VR gaming development on Android as well as iOS platforms.


Zco is among the most renowned AR/VR game development companies. Zco’s team has developed a variety of AR/VR games across various platforms and is specialized in Augmented Reality services.

This list isn’t exhaustive and there are numerous agencies that offer high-quality AR and VR games creation services within India.


I hope that this blog post provided you with information about AR and VR technologies and more importantly. You should be aware of the ways in which AR and VR technology is transforming. The gaming industry and generating new methods to create innovative games for your customers. While AR as well as VR technology continues to advance and become more accessible and accessible. It is anticipated to play a greater part in the gaming industry on mobile devices.

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