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Export Phone Numbers from Windows Live Mail Account

Best Way to Extract Windows Live Mail Contacts

Summary: It is highly advised that you read this article in its full if you want to export Phone Numbers from Windows Live Mail. Because the services are offered, it is conceivable to manually or automatically export contacts from a Windows Live Mail account. Please keep reading if you think the information on this page would be helpful to you.

Manual Windows Live Mail Contact Information Extraction

  1. Navigate to the “Contacts” folder in Windows Live Mail on your computer, and then select “Export” on the ribbon to export your contacts.
  2. Choose “CSV” from the list of export file formats in the drop-down menu, then navigate to the directory on your computer where you want to save the contacts export file, and finally click “Save.”
  3. You must click “Finish” after choosing the exportable fields and moving on to the “Next” screen.

The aforementioned steps must be carried out in order for the manual method of extracting contacts from Windows Live Mail to be effective. We now offer an option that is an improvement over the manual method that was previously available in addition to the manual method that was previously available.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you look into it and learn why it is better than the manual process.

How to Export Phone Numbers from Windows Live Mail Effectively?

One of the most effective and simple methods is to use the Windows Live Mail Converter software to export Windows Live Mail contacts. It is a comprehensive tool that gives you complete control and a variety of choices for managing how you organize your contacts.

This automatic tool offers many more options than just CSV, in contrast to the manual method, which only allows you to save phone numbers in CSV format. The following provides comprehensive instructions on how to use the application to extract phone numbers from Windows Live Mail. Examine these components to have a better understanding of the instrument’s operation.

Instructions on How to Use the Program in Great Detail

  1. Download the Windows Live Mail contacts extractor on your computer by downloading it. Then, you need to install the application and start using it in order to export Phone Numbers from Windows Live Mail.
  2. Once the software is operational, go to the Open tab and manually choose the Windows Live Mail Account and desired folders to utilise.
  3. Now you have to start looking through the Windows Live Mail folders that include your contacts. You must then upload them into the tool.
  4. After all contact files have been updated and added to the programme. Only once you’ve had the chance to review the data will you be ready to go on to the next phase.
  5. Pick the Phone numbers option from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting the Extract taskbar option.
  6. You may choose the directory on your computer where you want your data to be stored if you choose the Browse option. Afterward, select “Save.”
  7. The extraction process will now start. Once all the files have been converted you will be notified. You also get the “Open Folder” tab to access the location of the resultant files.

As soon as each contact has been safely stored in the selected location and format, you will receive a notice. Reviewing the following list of features should help you get a better understanding of the possibilities of the Windows Live Mail Contacts Extractor.

View More Details Regarding the Windows Live Mail Contacts Extractor

  1. User-Friendliness: The user interface for the programme is easy to use. There is nothing difficult in this. You won’t run into any issues, even if this is the first time you’ve used it. Using the programme, you may quickly retrieve phone numbers from Windows Live Mail.
  2. Multiple Options for File Saving: Numerous choices are available in the software for preserving contacts. Your Windows Live Mail contacts can also be saved in CSV, EML, MBOX, or PST formats.
  3. Bulk Extraction: Multiple contacts may be extracted from Windows Live Mail and exported to a CSV file using the software. Even if there are hundreds of contacts, Windows Live Mail allows bulk export of contacts.
  4. Analysis Function: The software may examine files connected to Windows Live Mail in addition to being used for conversion. Viewing your contacts in Windows Live Mail before exporting them shouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Search Tool: There is a search bar included into the tool, which might be quite useful for you. You might quickly locate certain items by using the search function. You can come across particular Text in addition to emails or attachments. To search properties inside a particular time frame, you may also use a date range.
  6. A Complete Solution: The application is a complete solution that can carry out a number of tasks in addition to gathering contact information. Emails and other data may also be exported from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, PDF, Yahoo, Windows 10 Mail, and other services. The software makes this feasible. When you need to export either certain contacts or the entire database to other systems, you may use this software.


Even if my Windows Live Mail account isn’t properly set up, can I still import contacts?

Since the tool is totally autonomous and does not require an email app to function. You are not required to own one. To export the contacts from those files into CSV format, you only need to choose the Windows Live Mail files.

Can you let me know if the Macintosh operating system is compatible with this application?

We regret to inform you that the programme does not presently support Mac devices. However, it is compatible with every Windows operating system version.

I need to extract attachments from my Windows live Mail account in addition to the phone numbers. Can I use this tool to help me?

The tool does provide you a lot more options than merely contact extraction. You may extract email addresses and attachments with the application and save them anywhere you choose. Thus, this tool will undoubtedly assist you with whatever it is that you want to remove from Windows Live Mail.

Can I concurrently import all 5000+ contact files I now have on my PC using this programme?

The app makes it incredibly easy and quick to export Phone Numbers from Windows Live Mail. Regardless of the overall number of contact files you presently have access to. You are free to import any of your contact files. You are allowed to import every contact file you have.

Is there anything more that need be installed in addition to the application in order to successfully retrieve phone numbers from Windows Live Mail?

Although the software can function without them, you won’t need to download any additional settings in order to extract contacts from Windows Live Mail.

In Conclusion

Phone numbers may now be manually or automatically exported from Windows Live Mail. You may export contacts in CSV format using the manual way. However, the automated option offers you more opportunities to save money. From Windows Live Mail, you may retrieve attachments and email addresses with this application. Additional traits are as follows: To fully take advantage of the benefits offered by the resultant strategy, downloading the method is necessary.

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