Fashion Trends That Are No Longer In Trend

It becomes harder to rebel as we age. Spray painting anti-war slogans seems messy, you need that morning cup of tax-avoiding coffee to function, and alas, your place of employment does not allow mohawks as acceptable uniforms.

What mature approach is there to oppose the social order, short of joining the Ideology? Obviously breaking the rules of fashion trends. Flouting those outdated pieces of “knowledge” about how men should dress while following fashion trends. To be horrible feels good.

Fashion Trends That Are No Longer In Trend


1. Never put navy blue & black together

This two-color is the most obvious &  most people’s favorite too, So it seems sensible that combining the two is fantastic – haters take note. This is a rule that is rapidly losing the applicability it once may have had, much like the one about not wearing white after Labor Day (we’ll get to that in a moment).

Nevertheless, there is a best practice to follow when combining these two darker tones; the key is to pick accessories that enhance rather than overpower one another.

The beauty of navy and black, of course, is their versatility; as a result, although they’re both traditionally associated with eveningwear (and work incredibly well for it), they’re just as easily paired together for an off-duty weekend look. For example, consider a navy polo shirt with black jeans.

2. A suit jacket with a tie

It’s possible that everyone could have different wearing choices. But to see how startlingly good a shirt and tie can appear without a two-piece, all you need to do is look at pretty much any modern advertising campaign.

The key is a sturdy outer layer, whether it’s a straightforward stylish shirt for men,  a leather jacket, or a sizable cardigan with a shawl collar.

3. Remove Joggers outside the gym

The world would be much less comfortable without men’s co-ord set. Therefore, we respond to menswear purists by saying, “They can take our Vibram Five Fingers, but they will never take our joggers,” in the voice of Braveheart.

There is a difference between being effortless and not trying. There are a few guidelines to follow while wearing athletic staples of any type outside of the gym (which, in case you hadn’t figured out, we support).

4. Always wear modest accessories

More is sometimes better. Over-accessorized outfits have been bowling down the runways in recent seasons, mixing brazen Western-style belt buckles, fedoras, lightweight scarves, and large sunglasses to reverberate a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. These styles are equal parts bold and bohemian. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t play an instrument because most contemporary musicians can’t either.

Try layering basic silver bands, signet rings, and delicate chains, or try pairing brown and black leather cuffs and bracelets. But whatever you do, avoid combining different metals. Considering that you do not read fortunes.

5. Exclude white socks

Menswear’s current preference for white sports socks is, we’d imagine, a reaction against those ‘quirky’ colored and patterned varieties adored by bankers looking to let you know they’re about more than just business. They’re part 1980s teen movie underdog, part skate brand-obsessed hypebeast.

White socks can brighten up your casual outfits, but they won’t go with every outfit (and certainly not a suit).


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