Tips for Proper Mixing of Refractory Materials

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Brick and refractory mix for foundry and steel operations are very significant and important part of the refractory services. These materials are used in a large number of sections in the foundry as well as steel operations. In their absence, no foundry can operate smoothly. This blog discusses some most important aspects concerning the importance of refractory materials in foundry and steel operations.

Improper mixing is one of the most prominent problems faced during the foundry operations. Appropriate attention to the given below points will enable the operators for a better serviceable lining:

Proper Proportions

Using an appropriate amount of water is imperative because wetter refractory mix for foundry can be handled with ease and convenience. On the contrary, too dry a mix would be very difficult to place creating a weak and popcorn-like structure. Therefore, a proper mix can be visible on the thick side in comparison to traditional concrete. One practical suggestion to act upon during the troweling of the refractory is the ball-in-hand test. Those who use refractory services must have an idea about this test.

Keep it Clean 

Most industrial compounds can very easily foul any type of refractory materials while damaging their properties very badly. Some certain salts and chemical compositions react with the blinder making it useless. Therefore, be very particular about cleanliness while mixing and handing everything in the process. Using potable water is also a great idea to maintain the required cleanliness because this type of water is quite free from different types of minerals and salts.

The minerals present in the normal water are what prevent the refractory materials and ladle refractory products provided by the top refractory manufacturers in India from reaching their proper strength. You can also go through the prescribed guidelines before taking on the challenging task of mixing.

When to call for professional help?

If you are new to this industry are going to have a refractory mixing experience for the first time, then you might have some problems in the proper mixing of the refractories. As a result, you might need to have some professional help. Almost all the reputed standard and ladle refractory products manufacturers and suppliers in India extend all the necessary support to their customers. They have a dedicated team of professionals that acts proactively on the request of the customers.

Some of the major differentials associated with the refractory manufacturers and suppliers in India include the following:

  • Global presence and customized services and solutions
  • Unique delivery and process-oriented package
  • Constant monitoring of refractory lining performance
  • Improved projects
  • Introducing new solutions
  • Increasing performance and working on cost reduction
  • Process-integrated flow control solutions
  • Optimum casting performance with maximum value in use.

Concluding Remarks

Offering a wide range of refractory mix for foundry and steel operations, RHI Magnesita is the global leader in refractories with locations across the globe. The company is one of the top refractory manufacturers in India, well-known for the most innovative, reliable products and services. The company also provides the most robust supply and quality security. Right from the very beginning, the company has aimed at staying No.1 by driving positive changes within the industry.

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