Fiyta: We have the responsibility to keep pace with the times and cultivate Chinese culture

Replica watches: On November 8, 2022, the 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo officially opened at the Zhuhai International Aviation Exhibition Center in Guangdong. As one of the five major air shows in the world, Zhuhai Air Show represents the mainstream position of advanced technology in the international aerospace industry. It is a platform for China to show the level of technological development to the world and a platform for establishing friendly relations with other countries and regions in the aerospace fake watches

The attention of Zhuhai Air Show has always been very high, especially at this air show, the “20 families” gathered together, including Helicopter-20, Helicopter Oil Transport-20 participated in the air show for the first time, and J-20 made a ground static display for the first time , has aroused heated debate.

At this blue sky event, the domestic watch brand Fiyta, which is closely connected with my country’s aerospace industry, will certainly not be absent. It will also bring a new member of the “20 family”-“Helicopter-20” joint new product. For this opportunity of the Zhuhai Air Show, we also interviewed Mr. Sun Lei, the chief designer of Fiyta, and let him interpret Fiyta’s new work and its design concept for us.

Watches: Could you please introduce to us the debut of Fiyta at the Zhuhai Air Show with its new works?

Mr. Sun Lei: Originated from aviation precision, this time Fiyta participated in this aviation event with a variety of aviation timepieces. Over the years, Fiyta has successively cooperated with “J-15”, “J-20”, “Fierce Dragon” and “Attack-11”. This year, Fiyta replica watches joined hands with the Chinese tactical general-purpose helicopter “Helicopter-20” to launch a joint This watch was newly released at the air show, bringing aviation enthusiasts and watch fans a unique Chinese flight plan fake watches

Watches: Fiyta’s new products in the past two years, like last year’s Lingyun camouflage, and this year’s two new Helicopter-20 works, are more outstanding in design, more and more individual and recognizable. The Helicopter-20 models are also designed with a special dial, especially the enamel model. I think it is very special. It is also a rare creation of modern themes combined with traditional craftsmanship in the watch field. Could you please tell us about the entire creative design? process?

Mr. Sun Lei: As the country’s most important weapon, “Helicopter-20” is China’s first domestically-made general-purpose tactical helicopter that can go to plateaus, and it is also a “fighting machine” built by the Chinese themselves. Therefore, when designing these two “Helicopter-20” joint watches, we have a strong desire-hope that the best fake watches can fully demonstrate the performance characteristics of “Helicopter-20” in all areas, both offensive and defensive. Therefore, in the design of the dial, artistic patterns are used to show the magnificent scenery of the “Helicopter-20” flying over the great mountains and rivers of the motherland, presenting the momentum of a great country and the strength of the “Helicopter-20” flying across the territory.

At the same time, in terms of the expression form of watch design, we want to present the heroic appearance of “Helicopter-20” in a more Chinese style.

After pondering over and over again, we started from the Chinese art culture and chose two ways of expression, classical enamel and traditional Chinese painting art. As we all know, enamel has been one of the advanced traditional Chinese skills since ancient times. It is an art of time, and it especially pays attention to the exquisite cooperation of painting and hand-firing. Chinese painting is a traditional painting form in our country, which emphasizes “expressing spirit with form” and focuses on expressing “spirit” and “realm”. Organically combine Chinese craftsmanship with Chinese aesthetics, and pay tribute to “Helicopter-20” in the most colorful form.Replica Watches Toppest

Moreover, in the process of designing the watch, the chief designer of “Helicopter-20” once told me that most of the people who wear this watch will be the designers and engineers of this helicopter. Drilling into scientific research, whether it is one’s own temperament or life scenes, is not military style. This is one of the important reasons why these two replica watches, especially the enamel version, are of moderate size and elegant style.

Watches: In recent years, it has been quite popular to make traditional elements younger. The concept of “national trend” is also common now. Let’s put enamel crafts and military helicopters together. I personally don’t know how to understand it. No, but it also feels quite “national fashion”. As the chief designer, how do you view traditional cultural applications that are increasingly popular among young people? Have you ever considered incorporating some cultural elements that young people are more interested in into our watch designs?

Mr. Sun Lei: It is an indisputable fact that more and more young consumers are pursuing national trends, especially in the field of apparel. This time, it is indeed our exploration and experiment to combine enamel technology and traditional Chinese painting style in watch design to express aviation themes. Both parties were very satisfied with the final results.

I personally think that young people are more and more fond of traditional culture, which is inseparable from the development of the country and the improvement of national self-confidence; secondly, the traditional cultural expressions have been continuously innovated. As a Chinese national independent brand, we certainly have the responsibility to keep pace with the times , Deeply plant Chinese culture, create product stories and brand stories with Chinese characteristics, in order to respond to the needs of consumers. In the future, Fiyta will continue to explore Chinese culture from multiple dimensions and angles, please wait and see.

Watches: Fiyta has always created Dunhuang-themed creations,
so if you are really asked to create another aerospace-themed watch that focuses on youthful traditional culture themes,
what traditional culture do you particularly want to add? element?Replica Watches Toppest

Mr. Sun Lei: When it comes to aerospace-themed Replica Watches Toppest,

I think that in the subsequent youthful design ideas of this series,

we will still give priority to choosing traditional Chinese cultural themes that are closely related to China’s dream of flying. I will not disclose which elements will be used in the classic story of excavation and exploration. You can look forward to it.

Watches: Watch fans are very familiar with the origin of cooperation between Fiyta and the aviation field. Helicopter-20 has also joined the aviation series. The 20 series includes J-20 and Helicopter-20 works. Helicopters are not in active service. Transportation-20, can you please tell us a little bit,
is there any plan to add 20 new members for Fiyta replica watches in the future?

Mr. Sun Lei: Originated from Aviation Precision, as a Chinese national independent brand,

FIYTA has continuously witnessed and recorded the great moments of the aviation power.

In the future, Fiyta replica will continue to explore the Chinese culture behind aviation equipment from multiple dimensions and angles, and create product stories and brand stories with Chinese characteristics. Our cooperation with the aviation field has a long history and will not stop in the future,

so ,Everything is possible!Replica Watches Toppest

Through this interview with Mr. Sun Lei, as the chief designer of Fiyta,

he answered some of our questions about the design concept of the new work,

allowing us to further understand the work,

and also shared with us Fiyta’s current market environment, traditional culture is very popular among young consumers,

and some views on how to develop Chinese wristwatches with their own characteristics. Through his interpretation, it can be clear from what angle Fiyta

comes from to present good works to the majority of consumer groups.

In fact, if watch fans have continued to pay attention to Fiyta replica watches,

it is not difficult to see the brand’s works in the past two years,

from the Mars-500 meteorite disk, to the J-20 cooperation model, to the Lingyun camouflage,

and the brand new helicopter-20 cooperation Model, the design feels more and more relaxed,

and has won the love of many watch fans with its outstanding appearance design. Fiyta pays great attention to the voice of market feedback,

so we can see that the brand is getting better and better, and has been making progress.

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