Master craftsmanship on a Richard Mille fake watches

Presenting all kinds of ingenuity on fake watches is the direction that all watchmakers have been working tirelessly on since the birth of watches and clocks. The reason why high-end watchmaking is different from ordinary fake watches is precisely because they can combine seemingly impossible ideas with the tempering of craftsmanship, materials and details, making the watch alive and become a watch. An astonishing piece of work. Today, let’s talk about several works of creative master RICHARD MILLE, and talk about their master craftsmanship.

Presentation of a smile: RM 88

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Not long ago, Richard Mille launched a Smiley self-winding tourbillon watch-RM 88. Carried by the smiling face on the dial, combined with the new self-developed CRMT7 self-winding tourbillon movement. Richard Mille is limited to only 50 pieces of this watch worldwide, and it is also a recent work of the brand that has been loved by watch lovers.

Just looking at the dial, we are attracted by several of the decorative elements. The bright yellow smiling face represents optimism, the cactus represents love and loyalty, and the flamingo expresses bravery and can heal all negative emotions; and the sun Warmth, pineapple, which was regarded as a symbol of nobility in ancient Europe, etc., these elements should be rarely seen in high-end Luxury Fake Watches. Combined together, we present a very creative panel. Just like the world view recognized by Richard Mille, these elements construct a happy Smiley world, which is displayed in front of us by the brand in another way.

The size of this watch is 48.15X39.74 mm. Under the limited dial, the watchmaker has to consider how to stack, sequence and perfectly integrate these elements that construct Smiley world with the movement. Therefore, when engraving gold miniatures, watchmakers must consider not only the size and weight of each part, but also how to arrange these parts around the theme.

On this basis, it is also necessary to ensure that the watch is not only for viewing, but also allows the wearer to wear it normally and adapt to various tests in the wearing environment.

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How to solve the above thorny problems, the brand uses two bottom plates to separate different parts of the watch-Richard Mille uses one to support the movement, and the other to fix the decoration on the left side of the watch. The dial elements and movement of the watch can be normally operated and sorted in their respective areas, and the elements in the dial can also be made more three-dimensional, just like the movement structure of this watch is designed by the designer using three-dimensional thinking.

In addition, the movement of this watch is also worthy of our attention. In order to ensure that the multiple design components in the dial have more display space, Richard Mille uses CRMT7’s own movement and equips it with functions such as hour, minute and function display. The watchmaker has subjected the movement tourbillon to explosive micro-blasting, chamfering and brushing.

It is worth mentioning that the second hand part of this watch, the connected lightning and the sun rotate with the change of the seconds, the second hand walks a circle, and it will alternately pass behind the clouds attached to the tourbillon , hiding under Platinum Xiaoyun one by one. The little cloud will float just below the rainbow, presenting us with a beautiful rainbow sky scene. Don’t underestimate this metallic rainbow. The 7 layers of rainbow light correspond to 7 different materials, which is enough to show Richard Mille’s attention to detail.

If this year’s most interesting watch TOP 1 is awarded to this RM88, I don’t think anyone will doubt it. In this watch, every element presents the beauty and happiness of life, and at the same time, it also reflects the brand’s optimistic and positive values and worldview at the spiritual level.

Presentation of a color: RM 07-01

As the most feminine watch series of Richard Mille, every iteration of RM 07-01 will cause a sensation. These three limited edition watches, the case is made of ceramic material, the guilloché dial is made of a variety of materials, and they are limited to 50 pieces.

The guilloché technique originated in the 16th century. Of course, this is not the first time the brand has adopted this technique. In previous works, the brand has also adopted this technique. It can be seen that the guilloché pattern on the dial of the watch is composed of independent and repeated lines. In fact, it not only needs to be handmade by the watchmaker, but also needs to be cut by a manual lathe to continuously overlap and overlap during the production process. . In the end, we can see the effect we see.

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Today, many classic fake watches have well integrated guilloche craftsmanship,

but even more so in the design of traditional watch works. Cécile Guenat, Director of Creative and Development of Richard Mille,

decided to give it a unique fresh vitality and integrate it into the design of Richard Mille watches. Therefore, the RM 07-01 colored ceramic women’s watch series continues Richard Mille’s unique design style,

and adopts the guilloche decorative pattern decoration process, which has a history of hundreds of years,

ingeniously demonstrating the powerful power of the brand to subvert the inherent concept.

These lines subtly correspond to the floating hour markers on the micro-blasted titanium flange.

Geometric elements composed of ceramic and rubber surround the guilloché dial,
further enhancing its modern and traditional theme,
and echoing the ceramic case and two-tone rubber strap.

The RM 07-01 colored ceramic women’s watch series has three color models –

TZP pink ceramic case with sky blue lilac rubber strap; TZP lavender ceramic case with coral orange rubber strap; and TZP Blue ceramic case with olive green rubber strap.

When determining the color and texture of these Replica Swiss Watches,

Cécile Guenat and the team worked hard to finalize the final plan from many candidates. “I was struck by the Art Deco architecture I had seen in Miami,

and the muted colors and bold patterns were so distinctive,

and the atmosphere and attitude it conveyed was amazing.”

These watches allow us to see Richard Mille’s perfect interpretation of craftsmanship, materials and colors. In the inherent consciousness, Richard Mille’s watch may be a racing car on the wrist,

or a watch with a full sense of mechanics, which gives people a strong visual experience; but Richard Mille has proved the diversity of the watch series with his own works. From the positive and cheerful RM 88 to the RM 07-01 colored ceramic series that combines color and craftsmanship,

we can see Richard Mille’s excellence in watch craftsmanship and extreme details,

once again showing that the brand is based on watch tradition,

and The concept of watches is created with the thinking of modern high-end fake watches.Luxury Fake Watches

And these are only a small part of Richard Mille watches. When the master watchmaker gets serious, it really only remains to show off his skills.

Since the creation of the watch brand, it has always surpassed others with its unique quality. Drawing inspiration from the research and development fields of high-tech aeronautics and racing industry, many new materials such as CARBON NANOFIBER (carbon nanofiber), ALUSIC (aluminum AS7G silicon carbon), aluminum-lithium alloy, ANTICORODAL (aluminum-based silicon-magnesium alloy) and PHYNOX ( Cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy) were successfully introduced into the field of watchmaking with the Richard Mille fake watch.

The choice of these new materials was not due to some short-lived popular visual concept gimmick,

but because they really brought clear and improved functions to watchmaking. Such novel materials are not only the basis for creating perfect timepieces,

but also open up infinite possibilities for the watch manufacturing industry in the 21st century,

and are the most perfect interpretation of high-end watches. The extremely luxurious case, available in titanium alloy, 18K red gold or white gold and platinum,

has a perfect curve design that is fully ergonomic and fits perfectly on wide or slender wrists.

From the iconic barrel-shaped watch to the square-shaped RM 016 slim square automatic watch,

RM 017 ultra-thin tourbillon and round RM 025, RM 028, RM 032, RM 033, etc.,

explore the limits of fake watches and scientific research , the pursuit of craft aesthetics,

such as a high-speed racing car, every part must be just right, function and comfort are the most important,

and all the details clearly reflect Richard Mille’s superior, unified and complete watchmaking concept. Looking forward to the next Richard Mille!

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