Fortnite Update 3.49 Brings Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Update 3.49 Brings Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Update 3.49 Brings Chapter 3 Season 2 has been released and it’s available on all platforms and devices.

For your viewing enjoyment, Epic Games has released the Fortnite version 3.49 patch notes, which are now available to download for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. This is a significant upgrade that brings Chapter 3 Season 2 to the table.


The structure has been demolished! You now have an Overshield on top of your Shield and Health to assist you sustain cover. The Overshield is your initial line of defense: it’s your Overshield that will break first, before your Shield or Health. Even if your Overshield drops to zero, it will still recover. Fortnite generator is a fantastic useful program that allows you to generate free v bucks quickly.

Upgrades to Movement

The war has evolved, and there are new ways to fight:


Run at the new default movement speed, which is faster. A quicker default movement speed also translates into a faster sprint! This sprint is so rapid that you’ll have to put whatever you’re holding in your pocket. Because sprinting at a high speed can’t be sustained indefinitely, a new sprint meter will inform you how much longer you can go at that speed.


Gaining the upper hand in a conflict has always been crucial to victory. And, thankfully, where your feet fail, your hands can now assist you. Your hands can come into play and pull you up if a surface is just a little too high for your jump — or a platform is just a bit too distant for your landing!

Bashing on the Shoulders

When it comes to sprinting, try slamming doors open with your shoulder. It’s probably not the most courteous thing to do, but at the very least you look great doing it.

Turning the Tide with Bars

Bar funding is back! You’ll have more opportunity to command the Resistance as the Season progresses. Contribute Bars to pro-Resistance gadgets and vote on which objects to unvault using Bars.

Determination of the Turret

Right now, a different kind of vote is taking place. It’s a Turret gadget vote instead of an item unvault vote! Various pro-Resistance sites require assistance in determining whether to install a Light or Heavy Turret. Get the classic Mounted Turret experience with the former. Do massive damage to cars with the slower but beefier latter. Sanctuary is the first site in need of assistance!

Battle Bus with Armored Armor

Another opportunity to donate right away with Bars is to finance the Armored Battle Bus.

The Armored War Bus is a battle bus that is prepared to fight. Chonkers tires, a Cow Catcher for increased ramming strength, and a Light and Heavy Turret are just a few of the features on this imposing metallic monster.

This car, though, isn’t all business. When you switch on the radio, it instantly transforms into a party bus! Find an Armored Battle Bus in Resistance-controlled POIs if you’ve reached 100% funding.

Equipment for Resistance

You presently have a large arsenal of weaponry to choose from. Here’s what you can do with it!

New Weapons

SMG for combat

The Combat SMG, like the Combat Assault Rifle and Combat Pistol, is a powerful weapon. To get the most out of its incredible power, learn to control its recoil.

Burst Rifle Striker

The Striker Burst Rifle is a burst rifle with a specially designed sight. As you aim with the sight, strike with this two-shot semiautomatic handgun!

Unvaulted Weapons

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Adjusted – semi-auto, fires faster, reduced damage, increased recoil)
  • Drum Shotgun (Adjusted – fires slower, slightly increased damage, tighter spread, better falloff)
  • Revolver (Adjusted – fires faster, reduced damage, higher accuracy)
  • Remote Explosives (Adjusted – increased damage against vehicles)
  • Thermal Scoped Revolver (Exotic weapon)
  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)
  • Though not a weapon per se, Shockwave Grenades!

The Chapter 3 Season 1 Returners

  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Striker Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Stinger SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic weapon)
  • Marksman Six Shooter (Exotic weapon)
  • The Dub (Exotic weapon)
  • Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)

Land and Sky

POI Possession

The Resistance and the IO are battling it out for control of the island’s POIs. If you see an IO Blimp overhead, Titans, IO guards, and Siege Cannons, the POI is occupied by the IO, but a POI occupied by the Resistance may have an Armored Battle Bus, Sentry guards, and Turrets.

IO Blimps

Although the IO’s blimps have a bird’s-eye perspective of the island, you may still visit them from the ground. Zip up to an IO Blimp and claim its loot! IO Blimps are tied to the ground through Ziplines, so zip up to one and collect its stuff! What’s the best way to get back down? Use a Zipline, a fan’s draft to begin gliding, or a Siege Cannon to launch yourself.

IO Machinery

Use the firepower of the IO against them:

Titan Tanks from IO

What’s one approach to get through stumbling blocks? An IO Titan Tank, to be precise! A Titan, on the other hand, is capable of more than just strong-arming. While driving, fire the Titan’s cannon, and if you want to be even more intimidating, have a partner manage its machine gun turret.

IO Titan Tanks have a lot of health, but if they take enough damage, their treads can be destroyed. Repair them by hand or using a Repair Torch if this happens! What to do if you’re up against a Titan, a formidable battle-tested machine? Damage the engine (placed in the back) enough to momentarily overheat its systems. This is a fantastic time to tackle the treads!

Siege Cannons

Need to get somewhere quickly but the path is too dangerous to walk? Put yourself in the seat of a Siege Cannon and charge ahead. (Alternatively, you can launch your colleagues first, then yourself.) You’ll be offered the choice to deploy your Glider while in mid-air, but you won’t suffer any fall damage if you don’t.

Even if you don’t have any vacation plans, a cannon may be a lot of fun. Keep your opponents at bay by launching missiles in addition to using them as a mode of transportation!

Have a Cow Catcher

Chonkers Off-Road Tires have been utilized to make cars offroad since Chapter 2 Season 6, but the struggle against the IO necessitates even more changes. Put a Cow Catcher on your Joyride vehicle right now to increase its ramming strength! (Beware of barricades and other vehicles.) For the ultimate trip, combine a Cow Catcher and Chonkers in the same vehicle.

The Repair Torch: A Healing Item for Your Vehicles

Whether your Mudflap has been damaged by explosives, your Motorboat has spent too much time on land, or your Titan’s treads have been targeted, a Repair Torch can help! Repair Torches restore vehicle health, but what happens if they run out of fuel? Refuel them at a petrol station!

Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts, is included in this season’s Battle Pass. You can unlock characters like Doctor Strange and the characters who came before him with the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass:

  • Tsuki 2.0, unlocked immediately with the Battle Pass
  • Gunnar
  • The Imagined
  • Kiara K.O.
  • The Origin
  • Erisa

You’ll be able to access world-class criminal Prowler in the Battle Pass later in the Season!

Reprogram the Omni Sword Pickaxe

The customisable Omni Sword Pickaxe can be found on Page 1 of the Battle Pass. You’ll also be able to access Omni Sword Quests once you’ve unlocked it! Every week for the next eight weeks, new Omni Sword Quests will be released, with the completion of each earning Omni Chips. Have you got any Omni Chips on hand? Use them in the Battle Pass tab’s “Reprogram Omni Sword Pickaxe” section to get new blades, guards, colors, and noises. Learn how to get free v bucks for Fortnite.

Until the end of Chapter 3 Season 2, all Omni Sword Quests are still available. By obtaining the Pickaxe after the first week of the Season, you do not miss out on any Omni Sword Quests.

Crowning Achievement

A new season brings new chances to show off your abilities! With Chapter 3 Season 2, the Crowned Victory Royales displayed in the Crowning Achievement Emote have been reset.

Changes in the Balance

Weapons with first-shot accuracy (such as the Ranger Assault Rifle) will now achieve that condition more smoothly, resulting in more “near perfect spread accuracy” situations.

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