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How do I get My Printer to Recognize Ink Cartridges

How do I get my printer to recognize ink cartridges? Don’t know? One more common Epson printer issue is “epson printer not recognizing ink.” Low ink levels in your cartridges, faulty cartridge installation, or issues with the printer drivers are just a few possible causes of the issue. Whatever the underlying cause of the ink cartridge issue with your Epson printer, the result will always be the same: your printer won’t print. If you want to restore the functionality of your Epson printer, we are here to give an answer to the query.

Causes For Epson Printer not Recognizing Ink


Incorrectly Set UP Cartridge

Yes, there are occasions when it is sufficient to verify that the plastic seal connecting the ink nozzles to the printer has been correctly removed before inserting the replacement cartridge. The cartridge cover may not have been fully removed or may have been damaged, according to the printer, which is why it does not recognize the cartridge.

Old, Filthy, or Damaged Chip

Both a compatible and an original cartridge are permitting to minor degradation. Additionally, a chip with dirt or an improper fit may prevent the printer from recognizing it. All you have to do is clean it with cotton and some alcohol, and if it comes off, center it and press it back into its proper place.

Cartridge in Poor Shape

We can move on to verify the cartridge’s issue if we have already confirmed that the aforementioned steps were correct. The ink may have evaporated from the cartridge as a result of exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Problems Particular to Printers

The compatible or original cartridge may not be to blame if the printer is having trouble identifying cartridges.


How do I Get My Printer to Recognize Ink Cartridges?


1. One at a time, Insert the Printer Ink Cartridges

  • Try putting the new cartridges one at a time if you’re installing more than one. 
  • Installing each cartridge separately will assist determine which one the problem is if the error only affects one of the cartridges.

2. Replace the Ink Cartridge and Reset the Printer

  • Re-inserting the cartridges will fix the problem because the “Ink cartridges cannot be identified” error occurs when the cartridges aren’t fully clicked in. Turn on the printer first, then take the ink cartridges out.
  • After that, unplug the printer for a little while and turn it off to reset it.
  • Reconnect the printer’s cable and turn it on.
  • Check the printer’s manual later for instructions on installing an ink cartridge. Make sure the cartridges are properly clicked in and inserted into the printer as instructed in the instructions.

3. Launch the Troubleshooter for Printers

  • The Printer troubleshooter in Windows 10 might be useful for fixing the “Ink cartridges cannot be identified” problem. By hitting the Windows key + S hotkey, users can launch it.
  • In the search box, type “troubleshooter” as the term.
  • The Settings tab will then appear after clicking the ‘Troubleshoot settings’, as illustrated below.
  • Click ‘Run the troubleshooter’ after choosing Printer.
  • Once you’ve decided which printer model to diagnose, click Next and work your way through the proposed fixes.

4. Get rid of the Cartridge Chips

Clean cartridge chips can potentially be the cause of the “Ink cartridges cannot be recognized” problem. Therefore, take out the cartridge that isn’t working and set it down flat. After that, use a dry towel to clean the cartridge’s metal contact chip. Install the cartridge one more after that.

After attempting all of the above troubleshooting methods, if Epson cannot recognize ink cartridge, the issue must be with the cartridge itself. In this situation, you should speak with your provider and request a new cartridge.



If all the above methods fail, you might have bought a defective cartridge and require a new replacement. Whatever the problem, we are always ready to assist you in solving How do I get my printer to recognize ink cartridges query. Hopefully, all the above solutions will help. 


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