How Janam Kundli Plays A Role During The Marriage?

Janam kundli Online

In this modern age, people are looking for compatibility in communication, area of interest (Janam Kundli), the standard of living and their choices. However, their relationship may or may not last for years as there is no guarantee of a long-term relationship. It is only you who can help in a long-term relationship. You cannot hold on to any good situations to save your married life because ups and downs are a part of life.

Marriage is very religious in Indian culture and people are looking for a long-term relationship with full compatibility. People strongly believe that after the marriage kundali merge, they will get an equally understanding life partner for the next seven years. Moreover, they are modern but very sophisticated as they cannot think about a broken marriage, separated life, sour relationship etc. This leads to a firm belief in Kundli’s analysis.

How Kundli helps in a successful marriage ?

Janam kundli can lead you to a successful marriage if you firmly believe in it. It basically mimics the position of the planets and stars that will affect your life. According to the Indian shastras, both men and women have individual identities in nature, after marriage, they influence each other’s luck, fate, and destiny. In some cases, it can work miracles like the Ram-Sita marriage and it can lead to a bad marriage. This is why kundli prediction plays an essential role in marriage.

Remedies to Improve Match with Low Kundali Score

Purpose of Kundli

Name, date of birth, time of birth, place etc. defines the nature of the person and marriage kundli defines the overall compatibility of the person with each other. It refers to the kundli horoscope of the bride and groom pairing, where the weapon Milan is made. People are compatible to get married if an average of 18 out of 36 guna match. Moreover, the higher the match, the higher the person’s compatibility.

By comparing these gunas, you can predict a person’s life span, planetary position, and quality of married life. Other guna factors that affect marriage are:

  • Varna (assignment of castes), 1 point in guna,
  • Vashya (physical compatibility), 2 points in guna
  • Tara(dina), 3 points,
  • Yoni (qualities and nature), 4 points in guna
  • Graha Maitri (friendship), 5 points in gunas,
  • Gana (mental compatibility) 6 points in gunas,
  • Bhakoot (influence on self) is 7 points in gunas and
  • Nadi (possibility of childbirth) is 8 points in gunas.

That’s 36 guns in total. Predicts physical and mental compatibility in terms of character, patience, behaviour, thinking, interest and abilities. It also defines the intensity of physical attraction because marriage is also dependent on mutual needs. It also predicts financial compatibility after marriage and the luxury of life the couple will have.

The principle of making matches

As mentioned above, all the guns together make up 36 guns. If a pair scores 18 points or less when setting up a match, the match is not acceptable. If the couple scored between 18-24, then it is an average guna Milan and is acceptable for marriage. It will be excellent if the guna Milan is 32 or more. However, there are many factors to check for a long-term relationship.

There are various online kundli generators which assign scores according to kundli, for example, if a woman’s kundli reaches a higher rate and is better in mental, intellectual and physical sense than men, then they will definitely get a score of zero. Now, look at some important aspects that define differences in personality and relationships.


Varna: relates to a person’s mental compatibility or ego. If a woman has a higher intellectual or spiritual level than men, she gets a zero on the test. This test is based on the personality of people which is defined into 4 categories: Brahmins (higher), Kshatriyas,

Vasya and Shudrs (lower). Bride and groom score 1 guna, then they have the same ‘varna’ or women have low Verna.

Vasya: this guna gives a score based on power compatibility and defines who will dominate the relationship. This is because the Vedic principles divide personalities into 5 traits such as Manav (human), Vanchar (wild animal), Chatushpad (four-legged small animals), Jalchar (sea animal) and Keet (insect). If the bride and groom are from the same Vasya, they get full guna or points. Zero points if Manav and Vanchar vasya. 0.5 points for Manav and jalchar vasya Milan and 1 for the rest of vasya Milan.

Tara: There are 27 nakshatras in the galaxy, therefore it is related to the compatibility of birth stars. Indicates health and well-being after marriage. There are 9 categories of birth stars present in astrology which means favourable and unfavourable mutual relationships. It is calculated through her birth stars to his and from his to hers. By dividing the number of birth stars by each other, if the remainder is an odd number, it is an inauspicious tara. Conversely, if the remainder is an even number, then it is auspicious.

Yoni: indicates sexual compatibility and is divide into 14 animals according to the birth star, such as elephant, horse, sheep, dog, snake, rat, cat, cow, deer, tiger, buffalo, monkey, mongoose, and lion. A match with the same Yoni gets a full score, while a counterpart or enemies (Cat/Rat, Tiger/Cow, Mongoose/Snake, etc.) get an O score. 3 points for friendly yoni like elephant/monkey.

More Points

Graha Mitra: this test indicates mutual affection, outlook, and spiritual and intellectual level of the other. You can see routine differences in behaviour, norms, and the way men and women see each other. It defines the bond between the different planetary lords of the moon sign (at the time of birth) of the partners. These moon sign lords are either friends or enemies or neutral. Full points if lords are friends, 4 points for 1 friend and 1 neutral and 0 points for enemies.

Gana: it is the behavioral and temperamental compatibility of one being. According to the stars they are divide into Deva Gana, Manav Gana and Rakshasa Gana. Full marks are award if both persons are from the same Ghana, or the boy is Manau and the girl is deva. 5 points for girl Manav and boy deva, 1 point for rakshasa and dev Gana and 0 for rakshasa and Manav Gana.

Bhakoot: has maximum points in the Guna test and defines economic prosperity, and well-being of the family after marriage. It is calculate from the position of the moon in the other’s horoscope. If the groom’s moon place is 2,3,4,5,6 from the bride’s place, it is a bad combination. While 7 and 12 are a good combination. If the position of the bride’s moon is 12 from the groom’s moon, it is a bad combination, while 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are a good combination.

Nadi: contains the highest score and indicates physiological factors, and genetic compatibility so that the couple can have healthy offspring. According to the stars, it is divide into 3 – Aadi, Madhya, and Antya. Zero points for the same Nadi and 8 points for different Nadi.

Where to get kundli Match?

What about others who have broken or divorced marriages? Can kundli online prediction change their destiny or karma? No! But the kundli maker can change this fate after matching the kundli. All you need is getting suggestions from the kundli maker who is an expert in this field.

Apart from this, you can also take suggestions from online kundli generators who can predict your kundli and can talk about mental, physical, love and spiritual compatibility.

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