How to avoid sleep while studying? Here’s the guide

If you want to know how to avoid sleep while studying you have to follow certain tips for that. When you want to study without falling asleep you have to make sure that you complete your sleep. 

We will only fall asleep when our sleep is incomplete due to any reason. If we complete our rest then we won’t feel sleepy throughout the day.

Ways to avoid sleep while studying

Few students tend to sleep while studying due to boredom or lack of sleep. But you can sleep in this condition if you take up some effective measures. 

Here are the ways to avoid sleep while studying.

Complete your sleep cycle

We all have a fixed sleep cycle that has to be maintained otherwise it can hamper our daily routine. When we don’t fulfill our 7-8 hours of sleep it comes to disrupting our daily routine. 

This however creates a bad impact on our studies too. When you sit studying you generally feel sleepy when you start concentrating. 

This is so because it becomes hard to concentrate when you are lacking sleep. The lack of sleep doesn’t let us concentrate on our studies as it requires a lot of concentration for that purpose. 

When you complete the regular sleep routine you will experience effective changes to your studies. 

Don’t use the bed

When you study the worst place is to study on your bed. Our brain knows that you sleep in your bed so when you start studying in that space it will make you sleepy. 

So, make sure that you use your bed only when you are going to sleep. You can even make a study corner where you can study. 

This will still not make you fall sleepy and lethargic. When you sit and study you will feel less sleep than when you study in your bed. If you are preparing for the USMLE Step 1 then you should avoid too rest in bed.

When we study sitting on the bed we tend to slip into a comfortable position which will make us sleepy. But when we study in a study room or a study corner it makes our brain alert to sit straight and study. 

Ignore devices

When you are going to bed you must ignore all sorts of devices that can snatch your sleep. Yes! The devices make us alert which takes away our sleep before we go to bed. 

It often happens to the students that they skip their bedtime while they are stuck with their phones which is very unhealthy for them. If they can ignore these devices before sleep they will be able to sleep on time. 

When you sleep on time and get up on time you will be able to complete your sleep which will help you study well. 


Starting your day with any form of exercise will keep you active and motivated. It instantly makes you active and ready for the day to fulfill the day’s tasks. 

It not only makes you fit but it also starts the day fresh. When you study after your exercise and a fulfilling breakfast it will make you fully energized to study better. 

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It may happen that you will feel exhausted from studying late in the evening when you are getting up early. So, start studying as soon as you have your breakfast. 

You will see how well you can grab everything that you read. You have to find out the time you feel most active to read. 

When you read during the active hours it will be the worst investment of the time unless you will feel sleepy throughout the reading time. 

Absorb light

We as human beings need every aspect of nature. It is very unhealthy to sit in a dark and gloomy atmosphere all day long. 

If you are studying in a closed dark atmosphere all day then you are bound to be sleepy. You have to let the room enlighten with nature and then let the darkness prevail. 

It is important to soak yourself in the changes of the day and night. If you read in the light of the day it will restrict you to fall asleep. 

One cannot sleep in the bright sunlight. It is even better if you study near a window so that you can take some breaks to experience nature. 

Sit straight 

You should not sit on a sofa or any comfortable furniture where you can learn to help sleep find its way. You should have a chair that cannot be molded according to comfort. 

If you want to relax then you can go to a sofa but while you study you must sit straight which will help you to avoid sleep. Nobody can fall asleep when they are sitting straight in an alert position. 

Stay away from dehydration

Along with other important factors, dehydration makes us sleep too. Yes! You heard it right, dehydration not only hampers our physical but all mental conditioning too.

It drains your energy while making us sleepy. When you get up in the morning and you start studying you should drink enough water that will keep you hydrated. Take a bottle of water with you when you study and make sure you drink water at regular intervals. When you stay hydrated it will keep your energy intact.

Don’t rely on junk

Food is not for filling your hunger but it should also cater to your nutrition. It is fruitless to eat junk when it doesn’t help you get any nutrition. 

So, do make the correct choice of food that will give you the energy to do the daily work. If you eat something that increases your sleep then you cannot study. 

When you overeat it can make you sleepy so don’t overeat when you have to study after that. Especially, don’t intake a lot of carbohydrates rather have more proteins,  vitamins, and minerals that will help you grow healthier.

Group study

If you think you are feeling sleepy when you study it can be due to boredom. If so, then you must have a solution for that. 

You should try studying in groups. When you study in a group you will realize how fast your doubts are cleared and how many portions you cover in an hour. 

The ideas are exchanged while keeping you active thoroughly. Group studies are the best way to avoid sleep while studying. 

Quality sleep

You might be sleeping enough but still, you can be sleepy while you study, wondering why? It is because you are not sleeping at the right time or you are having disturbed sleep. 

If you sleep at night then even if you complete your sleep it won’t be sound sleep. It is very important to sleep on time along with the sleeping hours. 

When you don’t have a proper sleeping time it doesn’t give you quality sleep which also hampers your studies. 


Now you know how to avoid sleep while studying so here it is your turn to check which works for you. But if you try you can certainly study without falling asleep. 

Also, if you think that it is not grabbing your interest which is why you are feeling sleepy then start with some other portion that is interesting for you.

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