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How To Choose The Right Multi Unit Abutment?

The multi unit abutment (MUA) are designed specifically to rehabilitate partially edentulous and edentulous arches. It can be used on a scientifically and clinically proven all-on-4 treatment concept.

But, most of the time, dentists get confused about which multi unit abutment is suitable for the patient. And believe us, it is the most tricky question because you can’t use an abutment randomly to any patient.

Well, we have the answer to this question. In this article, you will get to know about how you can choose the right multi unit abutment and make implantation successful.

Multi Unit Abutment And Its Types

When patients go through the dental process, the dentist uses abutments as a small connector piece (made of metal) to connect a dental prosthetic to an implant. Also, with the help of MUA, you can switch a dental prosthetic with no need to remove the entire dental implant.

Basically, MUA works to connect many teeth and make a bridge for them. Also, it works to coordinate with all-on-four dental implants as well as zygomatic implants.

Now, let’s discuss the different types of multi unit abutment that a dental surgeon uses. They are classified into three different parts; CAD/CAM custom abutment, Gold cast abutment, and Stock abutment.

1. CAD/CAM custom abutment

First, we will go through the full forms of CAD and CAM. So, CAD is Computer Assisted Design; on the other side, CAM is Computer Assisted Manufacturing. In CAD/CAM custom abutment, the computer software helps in designing or manufacturing abutments. And it uses data from the software digital position recognition. The best part is it can create custom abutments for every patient.

2. Gold Cast Abutment

Gold cast abutment is popularly known to fabricate dental implant levels. Also, it supports custom cast restorations which provide a subgingival margin. The gold cast abutment minimizes the elevation of vertical occlusal clearance as well as custom angulations.

3. Stock Abutment

The other names for stock abutment are standard abutment and pre-manufactured. Generally, implant companies form this abutment to fit an existing implant system. Also, this type of abutments is made in masses in a standard size. They can be fitted into the implant. The stock abutment is an affordable solution; however, it doesn’t have any customization properties according to different jaws.

How To Select The Right Type Of Abutment For Implant Restoration?

In the modern dentistry process, implants have become an essential part. Also, the patients have become knowledgeable about different types of customization in multi unit abutment. Make sure you use the abutments and implant treatments which makes patients feel secured after treatment.

Well, for a successful implant restoration, you need to check the demands. Also, the condition of a patient and then choose a suitable abutment for them. Now let’s have a look over various factors involved in selecting the right type of abutment for an individual.

1. Custom v/s Prefabricated Abutments

A dentist makes either a bone level or tissue impression of the implant with a custom abutment. It needs the support of a transfer impression coping. On the other hand, a prefabricated abutment machine is specially made, torqued, and seated on the top of the implant. It is made as wanted and treated as a conventional post and core restorative treatment process.

The custom abutment is an efficient way to restore an implant crown, but it’s expensive. However, the prefabricated abutment needs fewer visits to a dentist and an affordable restoration option.

2. Open Tray v/s Closed Tray

If the dentist opts for custom abutment, there are two choices: an open tray and a closed tray.

Open tray

With the open tray, it’s easier to get a quick competency. Well, an open tray impression coping is screwed to the implant to establish proper seating and verify radiographically. In this, dentists drill a hole via the stock plastic impression tray, which lets the long screw pass from the tray.

Moreover, the impression is usually made by a strong material like polyvinyl sulfide or polyether. Once the material is set, the dentist starts unscrew transfer coping through the implant body. Later on, the impression is removed with a transfer inside.

Closed tray

If there is insufficient space, then the dentist uses a closed tray impression coping. It is screwed tightly to the implant body. When the impression gets set, dentists remove it from the cavity, and the coping of the closed tray impression remains in the jaw. Later it is removed and unscrewed by a professional dental surgeon.

3. Angulated Prefabricated Abutment

Using angulated abutments is a challenging task. The abutment angle can be placed in the direction of the triangle base. There are 16 various positions of an angulated abutment. It can be used if the correction is within 15º.

4. Prefabricated Abutment Selection

There are various designs available for standard abutments. An abutment is selected having a fixed 360º for posteriors collar height and a variable collar height (higher on the lingual, lower on the facial). It is known as an “esthetic abutment,” for bicuspids and anterior.

For easy impression making, choose an abutment with a collar height between 0.5 to 1 mm of the greatest cuff height measurement. It facilitates the placement of the retraction cord.

Whenever you choose an MUA, make sure to keep the age, cavity condition, and oral health of the patient in your mind.


So have you decided which is the right type of multi unit abutment for implant restoration? This guide might be beneficial for choosing the best abutment. But remember, with this, a dentist must use the best implant drill, high-quality equipment, and well-designed lab accessories for a successful procedure.


Currish Diane is a product manager at Universal Shapers which is one of the leading establishments of Surgical Bur Kit in the USA.

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