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Top 5 Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

Around 6-7% of pregnant women in Melbourne are dealing with complications in their pregnancy. Good health should be the utmost priority for every woman. If you are not healthy, the possibilities of a child growing with various complications will be multiple. So, if you’re pregnant, it’s a must to have the right knowledge to make sure you and your child are healthy. There are various indicative signs of a healthy pregnancy. The obvious way to know about the good health of a baby is by knowing yours first. So, do contact the gynaecologist in Melbourne, who will assist with the proper maternal-fetal care. 

Additionally, it should be the responsibility of every woman to take care of themselves. There are many signs that pregnant women can look over to ensure that everything is in a good state. So, through this article, we are making you aware of common symptoms that indicate a healthy pregnancy. 

5 Signs Indicating A Healthy Pregnancy

A Normal Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Levels

Good maternal health is the first thing that will ensure a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, it is a must to keep checking and maintaining normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Visiting an obstetrician will be a great help. They will make sure you and your baby will be fine and safe. 

In fact, if you are planning to conceive, make sure to get the blood pressure and blood sugar levels properly checked. Keeping in mind, every pregnant woman should be assured of these in all the trimesters because the levels can fluctuate during pregnancy. 

However, a sudden rise in blood pressure can cause preeclampsia which can affect the organs like liver and kidney. While an increase in blood sugar can lead to gestational diabetes which may lead to child defects. There may be imperfections such as large-size fetuses, spinal and brain defects, heart problems, etc. In addition, a severe situation might arise where there can be a need to proceed with preterm delivery. 

A Proper Fetal Movement 

A movement of a fetus begins after five months of pregnancy. The first move is titled as “quickening”. After a six-month period, infants start responding to sound through moving. Nearly about the seventh month, they react to a stimulus like light and pain. 

In addition, around the eighth month, an infant shows some position movement and frequent kicks. Moreover, nearly the ninth month when pregnancy reaches its full term, there is less fetal movement due to insufficient space to move. 

Besides this, a proper fetal movement also indicates that a fetus is getting an adequate amount of oxygen. All these signs show that a baby is healthy in a mother’s womb. 

A Normal Fetal Growth 

Examining the growth of a fetus is very essential. Therefore, it is a must to visit your obstetrician to ensure the good health of a baby. A specialist will conduct an ultrasound to examine and observe the right development of an infant. 

Typically, every month, an infant grows by 2 inches, which means the baby will be 14 inches by the seventh month. Additionally, in every week of the third trimester, a fetus gains and matures by 700 grams. Naturally, around the ninth month, the weight grows by 3 kilograms and a baby becomes 18-20 inches in size. Thus, all these right measures are the healthy fetus signs. 

A Right Maternal Weight Growth

The right weight of a mother is a reliable sign of a healthy pregnancy. Usually, pregnant ladies gain nearly by 12-13 weeks. Seeing a gynaecologist will check the weight and keep you updated on if your body is progressing normally or not. Moreover, there should also be an increase in the size of the womb as the months pass by.

However, if the weight increases and you do not pay attention to it, there may develop a health condition called obesity. Therefore, it is a must to visit a gynaecologist and make sure of a normal body weight. Being obese can lead to complications in an infant’s heart. Additionally, it induces sleep apnea, a condition when breathing stops and starts frequently.

Proper Heartbeat

The heartbeat of a baby starts nearly the fifth week of pregnancy. A gynaecologist can detect it by electronic fetal monitoring just as the first trimester ends. In addition, an OB/GYN performs a non-stress test, to ensure the good heart health of a fetus. This testing helps in monitoring the heart rate and recognizing the complications if any. 

Besides this, some gynaecologist count and check the heartbeat by merely touching the abdominal area. Generally, a normal heart rate is 110 to 160 beats per minute. 

Summing Up

As we all know, a healthy woman possibly gives birth to a healthy child. Therefore, every woman must take care of one’s health by visiting a gynaecologist and keeping oneself updated on the right advancement of pregnancy. 

To get rid of any threat to your and a baby’s health, a woman must be capable of determining the signs of a healthy pregnancy. The list of signs we have mentioned above will definitely help you to look after yourself and your child. 

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