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How to Get a Free Illinois Online Medical Card?

How to Get a Free Illinois Online Medical Card?

There are several benefits of having a medical marijuana card in Illinois, especially if you or your loved one need marijuana medicine regularly. However, many people find an application for medical marijuanas in Illinois quite complicated. The annual fee and qualifying charges can be a significant burden. Most people who apply for medical card Illinois have low incomes. The sole purpose of getting a card is to evade the tax.
Therefore, this article will state the process to apply for a medical card Illinois without spending much money.

Free Application For Medical Marijuanas in Illinois

Go To IDPH Website

When you apply for a medical card Illinois, the first step is to go to the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public health) website. Then you will see the option of Medical Cannabis Patient Program; click on it. They have started this program to guide the patient about the qualifying application process without any charges.

Choose Your Application

After clicking on the program, a tab will open in front of you. You will notice multiple application options. These options include Application with Caregiver, Application without a caregiver, Minor Application, etc. Choose your application for medical marijuanas in Illinois accordingly. Please don’t choose the wrong application, or it will be denied later.

Register on ICTS

ICTS (Illinois cannabis Tracking System) keeps track of everyone who has a medical marijuana card. Therefore, it is crucial to register on it. You’ll find the click and registration process on the website. Follow each step carefully. After the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your ID and password. Change the password straightaway after you log in. It is a crucial step when you apply for a medical card. Thus, please don’t skip it in a hurry.

Start Your Application

The next step is to state the application for medical marijuanas in Illinois. It can take a while as you will have to fill out a long request and attach several documents. The initial step is to choose the application type that you are applying for yourself. If you are a terminal patient, you need to follow different instructions. You can also find them on the IDPH website. There will also be a caregiver section; make sure to check it no.

Attach Documents

When you apply for a medical card Illinois, the next step is to attach the required documents. It includes a driving license, photo, medical certificate, and so on. You can also upload your ID card for identity proof. Although, it must be issued by Illinois state. Ensure your medical certificate is the latest and administered by a licensed doctor. Otherwise, your application might not be approved.

Application Payment

The last step is application payment. The qualifying process is free, but you will still have to pay the fee for the application. Normally applications for medical marijuanas in Illinois cost $50. Although, you can get a reduced price if you are enrolled in Supplemental Security Income and other such programs. When selecting this option, you will also have to attach the proof. If you fail to show it, you will have to pay the entire fee.

Free Temporary Medical Marijuana Card

When your application for medical marijuanas in Illinois is pending, you can get a temporary medical marijuana card. It is useful only for a few days and is free of cost. However, if you are from out of state, you will have to pay for a temporary medical marijuana card. Log on to the application and click on getting a temporary medical marijuana card. You will have the card within 24 hours. But once you get the card you have applied for, it will not be valid.


If you need a medical marijuana card, follow the procedure mentioned in this article. In this way, you can avoid the fee for qualifying and might get a free temporary card. However, application for medical marijuanas in Illinois can’t be free. You will have to pay the charges minimum, also it can be reduced. If you still face any confusion, please discuss it with your doctor. The specialists will assist you professionally and efficiently. 


Healing from a particular disease has never been easy as it has been with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has made things easy for people by relieving them of multiple health disorders. Avail medical marijuana cards from the states like Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi, and South Dakota to get started with your treatment. Book your consultation now to heal quickly.

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