How to get a private clinic license in Dubai

UAE is currently a world leader in many fields after overcoming numerous obstacles throughout its history. The Emirates is currently going through a phase of population growth as people all around the world prepare to launch a wide variety of enterprises and job possibilities. Opportunities are provided by the thriving community in a number of industries, including the healthcare industry and private hospitals. Entrepreneurs are particularly drawn to the Emirate of Dubai since it is regarded as one of the best places for Business Set up UAE. Due to its rapid urban expansion, Dubai offers a variety of openings. As a result, a sizable expat population relocates to Dubai each year in search of various employment opportunities.

The world-class infrastructure in Dubai has accelerated progress in the medical industry. As a result, it is the ideal location in the United Arab Emirates for new medical facilities and help clinics. Additionally, it has the lowest doctor-to-population ratio, which means that the medical and healthcare sectors have plenty of room to grow. The administration has made numerous efforts to place a focus on providing healthcare facilities for both its people and visitors.

How To Open A Private Clinic In Dubai?

You must get a medical degree or hold the relevant director credentials in order to launch a healthcare business in Dubai. For the purpose of opening a private hospital in Dubai and adhering to UAE credential policy, an international certification or diploma is insufficient. The Dubai Healthcare Authority must fully approve all of the faculty at all levels (DHA). Additionally, proficiency in the English language—both reading and writing—is a must. The Dubai Healthcare Authority was established in 2007 with the purpose of overseeing and controlling the operations of all hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Therefore, the DHA must get approval before anyone can open a private hospital in Dubai.

What are the procedures for obtaining a license to set up a clinic in Dubai?

The following are crucial steps in getting a licence to open a private health clinic in Dubai:

1. Reserve your Trade Name

You must first open a clinic and obtain a licence before you can register your trade name. The Department of Economic Development must then receive your completed application before your trade name can be reserved. Following registration, you can proceed with the process of carrying out the tasks in your private clinic.

2. Collect your Initial Approval From The DED

You must file another application with the DED after receiving your trade name from the DED. This is for getting the administration’s initial permission. You must submit your application, along with copies of your passport and other pertinent documents, for that. Additionally, you must request Dubai Municipality clearance for the clinic’s layout plan.

3. Obtain Approval From The DHA

Getting the Department of Healthcare Authority in Dubai’s clearance is the following stage. Acceptance from DHA is crucial because it is the main agency in charge of regulating all healthcare services in Dubai. The permission could take at least 10 days.

The following items must be met on the facility application checklist before receiving initial approval:

  • Copies of the visa and passport of the owner and partners 
  • Emirates ID of the partners and holder
  • Layout plan for the building which is approved by the municipality
  • A proposal letter from the owner, or the one who has a power of attorney
  • Affection plan from Dubai Municipality or Ejari
  • A copy of the facility’s trade name reservation letter from the DED or free zone
  • DHA undertaking letter, signed by the owner or the one who has the power of attorney

4. Get your Final Approval

The lease agreement, the MOA, and other necessary paperwork must be submitted after approval in order to register your private clinic. To receive your final approval from the DED, you must also submit the registration fee and the following.

  • A No-objection-certificate from the holder to appoint Medical Director.
  • Final trade license issued by the DED or a free zone council
  • A list of the medical director and every healthcare consultants
  • A legal building contract

5. Get License From The DHA

The final step in the licensing procedure is simply to register for a DHA licence by creating an account on the DHA portal. Additionally, you must give information about each physician and consultant who will soon work at your clinic. The DHA will then verify all of your paperwork and provide you a licence to incorporate a business in Dubai.


You may occasionally find the overall registration process for a private clinic in Dubai to be a little confusing. The process entails collaborating with various governmental organisations and submitting significant paperwork. Any discrepancy in input or omissions about the filing of documents may prevent the establishment of the entire firm in Dubai. For more information on Dubai Mainland Company Formation or Freezone company formation, get in touch with our  consultants in Dubai.




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