How to Make Through Online Games?

Survive the Challenges Posed by Online Games


Do not make the ultimate rookie mistake of getting behind an online game without knowing what it is about or how to play it. No matter the kind of game you are playing, take a few minutes to know what it is about first. Most games these days come with introductory videos that tell you what the game is about in a few minutes or less. Alternatively, if you are looking for even more details about the game, some great tricks, and a few hacks, then there are a number of online communities to join. You can learn about some basic gameplay as well as some technical and gaming errors to avoid. In addition to this, most creators have social media and YouTube accounts that you can subscribe to. Such platforms also provide regular updates about their games.

The online gaming experience can be a very fun one. It can also be very addictive. If you lack self-discipline or self-control, you could end up spending too much time behind the game. This is a very unhealthy habit. Thus, always set a maximum time limit (usually, not more than an hour and a half and shorter for kids) for yourself, and ensure that you do not play beyond the set time limit. A lot of online world777 games indicate that they are free to play upon download. But after installing and playing for a while, you may realize that they require some in-app or in-game purchases in order to make quick gaming progress. A choice is thus presented to you – pay to progress quickly, or grind it out and make very very slow progress.

The former is more often the more tempting option if you have some cash to burn. However, just like you set gaming time limits, also set spending limits. And ensure that you do not spend more than that. The idea of spending a lot of money on in-game purchases can also make the gaming experience very frustrating when you are not able to make the kind of progress you want or have paid for. If you are a lover of online slot88 games such as the candy grab slot, you are given an idea before-hand on how much you can make or spend even before you start playing. But in cases where you have no idea, then set your own limits.

Before I answer this question, I should preface my answer by admitting that I have never played an online game. Except maybe when my friends and I played D&D over the phone that one time. I was an elf cleric. But that wasn’t a computer game–it was just one where my friend was the dungeon master and we all had characters and stuff. Right now I don’t even have a phone. So it’s pretty hard for me to imagine what kinds of things you need in an online game to make it great, like that movie where everybody is kind of online all the time (but everyone’s body is asleep) and fights the aliens with their mind.


Manage Resources Wisely


Instead, you should select one or two items (depending on your number of slots) for each main type of resource. For example, it might be a good idea to craft a bow, some heavy armor, and a potion. Keep an eye on your stock at all times and figure out which racks are particularly empty so that you can distribute your crafting slots accordingly.

All in all, it’s important to become familiar with your resources and keep your crafting slots busy at all times with a diversity of products. Place as many displays in your shop as your current level of expansion allows and make sure that none of the racks, tables, or mannequins are empty. From here on out, business is a breeze.

Ideally, your guild should focus on maintaining a balance between primary and secondary resource suppliers. Although secondary resources are more expensive and slower to regenerate, they are also used in smaller quantities. As such, you should keep these suppliers at a slightly lower level than your primary ones.

Optimize Your Characters Abilities


Arguably the hardest part of character optimization when you’re actually playing is knowing how much to optimize. It’s a bit like driving the speed limit in a car. If you’re going too fast, you’re going to crash. If you’re going too slow, you’re going to slow everyone else down, and you might cause a collision. The first thing to do is to check the speed limit. Talk to the rest of your group and get an idea of how powerful characters should be, and stick close to that to avoid problems.

To players struggling to keep up with their fellow players: Ask for help. The basics of character optimization aren’t hard to master, but sometimes having someone walk you through the process can be very helpful. Ask one of your fellow players, or look through the Character Optimization portions of my site. You may not need to rush to build the perfect character, but sometimes a few pointers can a huge difference.

To players who don’t enjoy character optimization: If you have a character optimizer in your party who’s causing a problem, the first thing to do is to talk to them about it. Sometimes just calling out the problem is enough, like pointing out a speed limit sign when someone driving too fast. Maybe they can adjust their build to be more in line with the party, or maybe they can add some extra limitations to their character building process like limiting themselves to a fixed number of source books or prohibiting specific character options.

Use your Environment to Your Advantage


What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to better work together, analyze tasks from different angles, and organize your work in such a way that helps you reach desired results — even if you don’t have all the necessary data (i.e. if you are “blindfolded” in some way).

If they are a bit older and would prefer to play in their bedroom, consider steering them towards keeping the tech in a shared space. In any case, keep the conversation going about their gameplay and make sure your agreed rules are enforced to ensure they are safe while gaming.

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