How to Run a Successful Amazon PPC Campaign

Amazon PPC Campaign

A well-planned Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) method is the essential element to being successful on Amazon.

An Amazon PPC campaign is a fantastic way to get your products noticed by people who are looking to purchase. It’s also a good method of measuring the effectiveness of your advertising to determine which ads are performing most effectively.

This powerful advertising tool has become a very popular option for Amazon sellers. As per the Amazon Advertising Report from 2021, 75 percent of Amazon sellers utilize at least one type of Amazon PPC.

Why Is Amazon PPC Important?

Amazon is the biggest retail store on the internet. Each month Amazon receives around 2.5 billion visitors. The second-closest website is eBay with just 885 million visitors per month.

With this many visits, you’ll like your business to be seen by those potential customers. Amazon Pay-Per-Click is a great option to accomplish this.

Your listings are likely to get lost among the over 350 million items available for sale on Amazon including those on the Amazon Marketplace listings. By launching a PPC campaign, you’ll be able to rapidly help your product rise to the top of search results.

Types of Amazon PPC Campaigns

There are three kinds of Amazon PPC advertisements.

Sponsored Brands:

These kinds of ads typically are displayed as headlines right at the very top. They have strong visuals and are more noticeable than other kinds of PPC ads.

Sponsored Products:

A sponsored Product ad will show on the first page of the results of a search and will look like organic results. The customers will notice “Sponsored” at the top of the advertisement.

Sponsored Display:

They’re the newest kind of PPC advertisements, and they appear in and out of Amazon. They typically occur after the user has been to a specific page on a product before visiting an Amazon affiliate site such as Netflix, Facebook, or Google. You need to have an established brand name to be able to run the advertisements.

What is the reason to conduct the Amazon PPC audit?

The time spent reviewing the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaigns offers several benefits, such as:

  • Increase Your ACoS and the ROI of your ads
  • Put your money into the most profitable ads, campaigns, and even keywords
  • Stop wasting advertising dollars
  • Find new keywords to be able to
  • Discover ways to optimize product listings to attract organic and paid traffic
  • And much more

Making time for conducting an Amazon PPC audit is like having your car checked for regular maintenance. By keeping your vehicle in good condition you will avoid costly problems and improve the effectiveness of your car and the money you invest in it.

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Automated vs. Manual Targeting

Pick the best keywords to automatically target either manually or any combination of both.

Automatic Targeting

Automatic targeting utilizes Amazon’s product algorithms to pick keywords that are relevant to your products. 

Amazon utilizes information from the behavior of shoppers to modify the advertisements to boost conversions. You can pick among four types of keyword matches:

  • Close match
  • A loose match
  • Substitutes
  • Compliments

Automated targeting is the most efficient method of running PPC ads. But, you might miss some of the benefits manual targeting provides.

Manual Targeting

Manual targeting lets you decide which keywords to include in your ads Your ads will only show up if a searcher’s query is in line with your chosen terms.

This kind of targeting demands more effort and monitoring. But, it often leads to more efficient ads and lowers costs over time.

Recommended guide: Amazon PPC Advertising strategies for amazon sellers.

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