How to Use Online Reviews to Build Your Company’s Online Authority

There are a few key areas to focus on when using online reviews to promote your business. While the three Big 3 – Google, Yelp, and Facebook – are incredibly important for increasing your online exposure and brand trust, it is equally important to supplement these efforts with smaller, vertical review sites like While the ratio of energetic to negative reviews is important, responding to negative reviews should be done with a problem-solving mindset.


Product and service reviews

Product and service reviews are powerful tools for building your online authority and reputation. Consumers can use them to validate the quality of a product or service and establish trust with a company. Positive reviews encourage prospective customers to try your product or service, while negative reviews can damage your reputation and offline success. According to a study by The Manifest, 90 percent of consumers rely on online reviews before purchasing. This is because ratings and reviews are not written in the brand voice but as real, unbiased accounts of the product or service.

Online reviews help establish a brand, provide a steady stream of positive content, and boost your website’s SEO positioning. In addition to building online authority, reviews help establish a positive reputation, which can translate into increased sales. Moreover, good reviews encourage customers to leave feedback and vouch for your company. Recent research has proven that positive reviews are a powerful marketing tool.

Boost your online reputation by responding to negative reviews. One study showed that companies that respond to negative reviews received 108% more impressions than companies with a high number of negative reviews. The results were also impressive, with PowerReviews customers experiencing a ten-fold increase in website traffic and click-through rates. Moreover, the more reviews consumers see about a company, the more likely it is to appear in search results. This is true whether your company sells cross-stitch design patterns or tree trimming services.


Managing online reviews

Managing your online reviews is essential for improving your online authority if you are a restaurant. A whole parking lot may be a great sign, but potential customers can drive past your establishment without even knowing what you’re serving. In addition, potential customers have more information available to them now than before. 86% of consumers said that online reviews had a significant influence on their buying decisions last year. A single negative review could drive them away. 94% of consumers would not purchase from a business that received fewer than 3.3 stars online.

While you can’t control every review, you can control the number of positive ones. You can use an email signature to encourage your clients to leave reviews. Be sure to follow Google guidelines when asking for reviews. Your goal should be to generate as many positive reviews as possible. A positive rating will outweigh negative reviews, and Google’s algorithms like to see more interaction with your brand. If you have a history of receiving positive reviews, don’t delete them. It would help if you created a policy to address negative reviews and thank them for their time.


Buying online reviews

If you are looking to increase your company’s online authority, buying reviews can help. However, you should know that this practice is against Google’s guidelines. In addition, sites like Yelp have software that detects bought reviews and may shut your account down. Another problem with purchasing online reviews is that it can lead to an unintended consequence: an increase in spam complaints. It may also lead to a negative reputation for your company.

While Google is one of the most prominent review sites, it should not be the only source you use. Even if it puts your company near the top of search results, it should not be the only factor in your online review strategy. Not everyone has a Google Account, so you should look elsewhere for genuine feedback. Additionally, you should look into Facebook and Google reviews as well. They help build a positive brand and establish the credibility of your business.

A positive review is the best social proof a business can have. However, a negative review should be viewed as a learning opportunity. Analyze the strategies used by your competitors and try to avoid the same mistakes in the future. It can also help establish credibility and trust with customers. If you don’t believe in the power of online reviews, think again. You can buy online reviews that are positive and neutral to create the impression you want.


Managing multiple listings

Managing multiple business listings is an essential part of online reputation management. These listings play several vital roles for your business. Consumers will find these details on directories, voice assistants, and map services. Google uses listings and reviews to determine authority. Conflicting information or outdated listings will negatively impact your Google ranking and damage your company’s reputation. However, updating business details is not always easy. That’s why ongoing management is so important.


Generating positive social media buzz

In today’s world, social media is more critical than ever. As a result, enterprise platforms can become the subject of customer complaints, social media memes, and CEO misconduct. While small businesses can recover from a single data breach or a few negative customer complaints, larger companies could face a long-term impact. In addition, CEOs are put in the spotlight with social media, so mistakes are often taken personally.


Managing negative social media buzz

The trick to outranking harmful social media content is spreading positive content. While a favorable press release or social media buzz can be meaningful, negative information can apply quickly. Even one unfavorable review can ruin your online reputation and disrupt profitability. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat damaging content. By proactively responding to negative comments and posting positive content, you can feel your presence, even if the reviewers aren’t your customers.

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