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Fine art is the word “drawing” may be defined as the process of constructing linear conceptual objects, concepts emotional states, fantasies, and emotions that include symbols, as well as abstract shapes. Drawing is a graphic art that is distinguished by the accent on shape or form that is distinct from weight and color like in painting. Drawing is different from the graphic printing processes as a drawing can be the basis of replication, it is , by its very nature, distinct.

The Basis of Other Artforms

The majority of drawing is dependent upon other kinds of art. Therefore, while there are many instances where a mosaic tapestry, painting or other art is preceded by drawing in the form of an sketch however, drawing is actually the base of every visual art. For instance an architectural drawing is the fundamental element of any construction work; the marks drawn on a stone block serve as the foundation of the sculpture that develops in the beginning.

Most paintings are born from sketches that were drawn in the beginning. Only when the work progresses do they become clouds. Additionally, an increasing number of investigations have shown that drawings constitute the foundation of murals, panels and book painting sculptures, etchings, statues mosaics, engravings glass, and a myriad of other types of decorative art. These sketches are restricted to general guidelines, or they could be used to control the entire work down to the most minute particulars.

Drawing is Also an Independent Artform


Drawing as a formal art work could be described as the primary linear representation of things in the visible world. And also of ideas, thoughts feelings, attitudes. As well as fantasies that are presented in the form of such as of symbols or of abstract shapes. This definition is applicable to all graphic arts and techniques that are defined by the emphasis placed on shape or form rather than mass or color like painting.

Drawing, as such, differs from printing techniques for graphic designs in the sense that a direct link exists between the production process and the outcome. Drawing, as a result is the result of an effort that is that is directly applied to the medium. While a drawing can be the basis for copying or reproduction but it’s still distinctive by nature.

The greatest benefit of getting the procedure documentedwas that everyone was able to work in a way. That they could be independent. Instructions that explained each step transformed a noisy environment into a quiet and happy class! As I made more instructional videos developed I made, the more I discovered they were beneficial. Students can build confidence, gain experience of following directions and perhaps even begin an ongoing fascination with sketching.

New drawing ideas

As a former art class teacher. I witnessed firsthand how to draw. students. They were often confused as to what to draw and where to begin their drawing assignments. The confusion frequently led to frustration, or even to deciding to not draw in the first place. It was my impression that there was bound to exist a more effective method to provide easy drawing tips for children. It took me a while to discover how to accomplish this.

Drawing instructions directly on the back instructions on the front board was a success briefly for brief time, but it was not without its limitations. It also had the problem of speed. Certain students would always want to speed up, while some were a bit slow. The whole thing ended up looking a bit chaotic both for me and the students as well.

The Drawing Studio is thrilled to honor women in the arts in celebration of Women’s History Month. We spoke with four female teachers in the Drawing Studio community, and they share their experiences and opinions. Featured Teaching Artists: Randiesia Fletcher, Laura Milkins, Corina Richards, and Cynthia Miller Videographer:

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