Internet marketing for dental clinics: medical marketing

Many people think that dental clinic services require minimal investment in advertising. However, neither advertising nor blogging can make someone “need” medical services. We perceive medicine for dental clinics as a necessity. But health plays an important role in our life. Therefore, medical services are popular.

Digital marketing makes it possible to be in touch with patients through search engines, social networks, email, and websites.

Out of fear, people try to put off seeing the dentist. They start looking for a doctor when the situation gets out of control. Yandex processes over 280 million requests per day. This number includes users who are looking for a dentist. They choose clinics that have made a good impression with a strong online presence. First, they find sites with attractive designs and interesting content. Then they read reviews about the clinic and doctors to check the reputation.

With the introduction of online marketing, your dental clinic can take on the responsibility of growing your online business, making it easier for patients to choose your clinic from competitors.

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Search engine optimization will raise the position of your site in the rankings. This increases the chances of selling dental services online. Examples of requests in Yandex: “a dentist near me,” “dental services of the metro station,” “dental implantation of the metro station.” This suggests that people are looking for a dentist near their home or work. With the help of SEO, you can become a leader in search results.

Start with a list of services your dental clinic offers. List the main benefits—for example, caries treatment and professional whitening. Then proceed to tough measures: surgical, dental clinic, and others. Pass the information on to the advertiser. The longer the requests, the more competitive they are.

Leave information about the clinic on the platforms 2GIS and Yandex. Maps, Google Maps.

Describe your activity. Add photos to give an idea about the clinic and increase credibility.

Backlinks are important for offsite SEO. However, don’t try to outwit the search engines by buying them. It will only hurt your progress. Search engines see paid links. Therefore, they can pessimize the site. Usually, when you buy backlinks, they come from places that Google and Yandex do not trust. These websites lack credibility when compared to reputable sources. Instead, work with organic links to create high-quality content.


A pay-per-click advertising model will help you get patients from search engines the fastest. The Yandex advertising network allows you to place ads on the pages of Yandex services and partner sites. You can combine different formats: text (in search results), graphics (advertising banners), and video (commercials up to 15 seconds on Yandex. Video, Kinopoisk services).


More than 35% of people do not see the difference between advertisements and regular search results. Contextual advertising is built by researching and choosing the right keywords and setting up optimized landing pages to attract new patients.


This advertising model has several advantages. Paid advertising collects 85% of traffic on the first page of search results. You only pay for advertising when users interact with it. Every penny you spend counts.

You can set your maximum daily budget. Then, you can see the keywords, days, and even hours that drive the most conversions. Knowing this, you can optimize your strategy.

Ads will be visible to potential patients. As a result, you will get a good ROI. Collecting enough data can eliminate the less effective keywords and focus on those that make you money.


For decades, dentists have relied solely on reputation to promote their services. It’s 2021, and your entire audience is on social media in medical marketing. Dentists are in a different position than in many other industries.

Clothing stores, software developers, and restaurants convince people that their products and services are worth the advertised prices. However, dentists don’t need to convince people. Instead, their task is to help overcome fear and remind them of the need to visit a doctor on time. In the end, everything boils down to establishing trust.

Social media is a good way to build relationships with your audience. Make patients feel comfortable even before meeting you. Show your authority, and work experience.

Let your customers know they are in safe hands. Get rid of the prejudices associated with visiting the dentist. Use fun, light-hearted content.

Remember that you are not selling toothpaste and root canals but comfort, health, confidence, trust, and a good impression. Social networks help to communicate with patients. Remind them that you care about people, not just teeth.


72% of patients read reviews before meeting with a doctor. The main task of the dental office is to get as many positive reviews as possible. To do this, invite satisfied patients to write about their positive experiences. Post a feedback form on your website. Register on popular reviews: ProDoctorov.ru, med-otzyv.ru, doctu.ru. Please provide information about practicing doctors, work schedules, and service prices.

Check third-party sites. Most likely, there is already a description of your clinic. Write to the developers to correct the data. Claim them. Identify negative reviews, contact dissatisfied patients and offer them a bonus on services.

Avoid mentioning details regarding medical care or the identity of the patient when responding to reviews. Instead, formulate your answer to demonstrate your sincere desire to interact with the patient and resolve any issues.


It is not enough to create a website with a beautiful design. It would help if you made sure that all texts were readable. Use the correct font and size for them. And since you’re in the dental field, it’s okay if you’re posting on scientific topics. However, please do not overdo it with dental terms. Instead, write articles that explain things in simple terms.

When developing a website design, do not forget about adaptability. Up to 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile users quickly navigate matters of the dental clinic. In addition, they are close to making an appointment. Therefore, your site needs high page loading speed, easy navigation, and links to social media profiles.


  1. Content that helps patients follow the rules for maintaining dental health
  2. Profiles of practicing dentists
  3. Online timetable
  4. Online bill payment options
  5. Extending the recipe online
  6. Messaging capability


Consider establishing a YouTube channel for your dental practice. You can use the platform to educate the public about oral health or to inspire future dentists by discussing various careers in the dental clinic. In addition to millions of subscribers, YouTube’s parent company is Google. This means that the platform has SEO benefits. Add keywords to video tags and descriptions. Don’t forget to add links to your site. Additionally, include the full name and address of your dental office.


Appointment reminders reduce the chance of no-shows. Send automated reminder emails to everyone who makes an online appointment. In addition, place a “Subscribe to email newsletter” button on the site. This way, you will find out about users who have never been to an appointment but plan to visit your office. Information about new offers and updates will surely interest them.

Most likely, you have a list of patients who have not visited the dentist for a long time. Sending them a private message or a promotional offer is an effective way to remind them of yourself. Immediately after acceptance, send an email asking for feedback. This will help improve the quality of service.


Everyone needs a dentist, but it is difficult for dental clinics to stand out from the competition. However, these ideas are relatively easy to implement. Take the time to plan your strategy and expand your customer base today.

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