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iOS App Development Facts You Must Know!

App Development Facts

According to a survey, 42 percent of mobile app developers choose iOS as a platform for developing mobile apps, while 31 percent prefer Android. (Source: appxpert)

Developing a business mobile app is a lucrative and efficient way to reach a larger consumer base and generate revenues. Aside from that, outsourcing app development has become one of the preferable means when it comes to building apps.

Let’s take a brief look at some interesting facts.

iOS App Development Amazing Facts

  1. Apple owns the “Cocoa” object-oriented application program environment. The Cocoa application framework is used throughout the custom iOS app development process.
  2. The App Store has around 2.2 million applications. However, it is less competitive than Google Play because of the stricter coding standards used in iPhone app development.
  3. The model-view-controller (MVC) is the fundamental premise of the iOS app development is the paradigm.
  4. Half of the App Store’s applications have never been downloaded. It is believed that around one million of the apps accessible to iOS users have never been downloaded.
  5. As an app development platform, iOS is simple to understand from a competitive standpoint. As a result, it has more benefits than Android.
  6. It is normal to anticipate a speedy ROI from iOS app development so Many product owners feel that by putting their software on the App Store, they would become wealthy. But remember that it will take some time for your application to achieve popularity and a larger user base.
  7. It is fact that iOS programming is time-consuming. After you finish the development process, paperwork will take up more than half of your time. Apple has a lengthy submission procedure with precise standards and protocols.
  8. The Apple App Store revolutionized the game by allowing consumers to download software that adhered to the author’s rights standards, whether paid or free. This stage was extremely successful, resulting in the creation of a whole new industry for outsource app development on the iOS platform.
  9. Did you know that China has the largest app store market? According to a study, China has over 2.2 million app developers.
  10. Apple just launched SiriKit for iOS developers. Now, iOS and WatchOS apps can just communicate with Siri via voice.
  11. The average price of a game app on the iOS Apple App Store in March 2021 was 49 cents. More than 22% of applications in the Apple App Store are game apps, and the majority of them are free to download. (Source: serpwatch)
  12. IoT has become an important aspect of iOS app development services, especially after the release of HomeKit. IoT devices exchange data with mobile devices. With the assistance of Siri, a user will be able to produce manipulations within the house while being away from it.

Bottom line

Finally, these are the 12 facts you must be aware of before developing an app or outsourcing iOS app development services.

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