Know The Features of best Gantt Chart Software

best Gantt Chart Software

Juggling multiple balls at once must be challenging. If you drop the ball, the whole show is in the air. To a certain extent, project management is a lot like juggling in that you’re constantly juggling various competing priorities, people, and projects. When you miss a deadline, your entire plan might go crazy and have catastrophic consequences.

As a result, it is essential to visualize a project’s timeline and know when each action will be completed and who is working on it. And here is where best Gantt chart software comes in.

What is Gantt Chart?

Gantt charts, in a nutshell, are visual representations of a project’s progress across time. They include information like who is responsible for what, how long a task takes, and how many people are involved in the project simultaneously.

To summarize, best Gantt chart software is indispensable tool for project management, planning, and scheduling.

To understand a Gantt Chart, what are its components?

Gantt Chart is Divided Into 9 Parts:


Using the best Gantt chart software, project managers can view the project’s start and finish dates and each task’s start and end dates. On the chart, these are shown at the top.


Subtasks abound in massive projects, and this is to be expected. Using a Gantt chart, project managers can ensure that no activities are overlooked or deferred. The left side of the page has a list of tasks.


Bars are used to indicate the time limit in which each subtask must be accomplished. As a result, the entire project is completed on time because each sub-task is performed on time.


Those tasks critical to the project’s completion and success are milestones. A sense of accomplishment and progress are provided by accomplishing a milestone rather than merely attending to the nitty-gritty of the task at hand. Landmarks appear as diamonds (or another shape) at the end of a taskbar on a Gantt chart.


Specific jobs must be performed before or after another one can begin or end, while others can be started or stopped at any moment. Best Gantt chart software shows these dependencies in the form of little arrows between the taskbars.


While it is possible to finish numerous sub-tasks rapidly, there may be moments when you want to know exactly how your project is progressing at a glance. Shaded taskbars indicate how much progress has been made on a specific job.

Vertical Line Marker

Line Marker for Vertical Spaces. Another option to keep track of your project’s development is to use a vertical line marker to show the current date. You can see at a glance how much work you still have to accomplish and whether or not you’re on pace to finish the project on time, thanks to our time management tool.

Task ID

A unique identifier for each task that must be completed. Due to today’s hectic business environment, you may be multitasking at this very moment. Including the task ID on the Gantt chart makes it easier for everyone to identify the task you are discussing quickly.


However, even if one or two people will finish your project, a Gantt chart that displays the names of those working on the project and the tasks they are allocated can be highly beneficial. Managing people, tools, and abilities to accomplish each project on time is made more accessible by identifying and allocating resources to each task.


Changing or updating Gantt charts was time-consuming when they were first created since they were written by hand. Fortunately, project managers may add, remove, and edit activities without having to adjust the entire chart by hand with today’s current project management software.

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