Known as the “top configuration” luxury diving watch, what is it about?

Since the birth of the diving watch in the 1950s, it has been highly praised for its excellent waterproof performance and versatile shape. Speaking of diving replica watches, Rolex’s Submersible, Omega’s Seamaster, and Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, these three watch models almost occupy most of the world of diving watches, but with the improvement of watchmaking technology, it seems that brands and consumers.

The simple diving watch did not satisfy them, but opened a new path of exploration, and in the past few years, Glashütte has launched a new diving watch category, which is the professional diving chronograph.
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Of course, we cannot compare professional diving chronographs with diving replica watches in the 1960s that simply integrate the timing function, which is not at the same level at all. We know that top diving watches have the three major brands mentioned above, so who is the “leader” of professional diving chronographs? How is it different?

In the past, when we talked about luxury diving watches, the topics generally focused on the Submariner, Seamaster, and 50 Fathoms, the three major professional diving watches in the world. For a long time in the past, Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, and Blancpain 50 Fathoms were indeed the best luxury diving watches in the world of famous Luxury replica watches.

But after 2010, things changed. A new diving watch category began to show stronger strength. This is the professional diving timekeeping represented by Blancpain 50 Fathoms submersible timekeeping and Glashütte original SEAQ timekeeping surface.

Why is diving timing stronger than the “submariner”?

Because, the diving chronograph represented by Blancpain’s 50 Fathoms diving chronograph and Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph must not only maintain the 300-meter standard of professional diving watches, but also take into account timing.Timing operation, so the chronograph buttons of the 50 Fathoms submersible and Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph have no “lock handle” (you need to pay attention, the chrono button has no lock handle, but the crown has a lock handle).

Compared with the conventional Submariner, only one crown is screwed into the lock handle. The timing of the 50 Fathoms deep submersible, Glashütte original SEAQ timing, and the extra timing buttons are all in the “streaking” state.

In this case, it is very “magic” to maintain the same 300-meter waterproof as the water ghost.

Furthermore, the Submariner is just a three-hand watch, while the 50 Fathoms submersible chronograph and Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph are not only timekeeping, but also flyback chronographs. To the rugged construction of the diving watch. It can be said that diving timing is the “strongest form” of luxury diving replica replica watches at present.

Luxury replica watches

Although the combination of diving and timing has appeared since the 1960s, it is not the same as today. Recently, I also saw Glashütte original new SEAQ chronograph. Let’s take a look at where it is so powerful?

Germany’s most powerful luxury diving watch.

The Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph we are talking about today is a steel case version with a size of 43.2mm. Glashütte originally brushed the case on a large area and polished the edges of the case. The designer used a blue ceramic bezel for the watch, and raised the box-shaped sapphire mirror upwards, imitating the style of Glashütte original antique diving watch. We can see that the screw-in crown has a shoulder guard, and the two chronograph buttons have no lock handle (screw-in lock), so the wearer can operate the chronograph button at any time. Even if it is underwater, it will not affect the waterproof.

Moreover, SEAQ timing has passed a certification of diving watch international, which is ISO 6425. Do you think this is over?

No, it has also passed the German DIN 8306 standard and is an out-and-out professional diving watch. Since the designer superimposed the flyback chronograph and the large calendar on this watch at the same time, the thickness will be thicker.

Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph, which uses a “binocular” chronograph dial, with 30-minute timing at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. We can see a small luminous point on the small second hand. The large calendar is at 6 o’clock on the disk, and the layout of the entire disk is regular and balanced. Instead of painting, the watchmaker uses electroplating for the blue dial. Glashütte Original is one of the few mainstream replica watches in the market that produces its own dials and has electroplating capabilities. Radiation pattern on the disk surface, record pattern on the small dial, plus an electroplated blue disk, the details and gloss are in place.

The dial surface of the watch also has a slightly raised effect, coupled with the raised box-shaped sapphire mirror, in our eyes, the large luminous hour markers and arrow pointer on the dial will become slightly ” Deformation”, especially the number 6, the effect is really smooth.

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This watch uses the Glashütte 37 automatic chronograph movement, which is the highest configuration among professional diving watches.

Glashütte original 37 automatic chronograph movement, launched in 2014, is Glashütte’s first mass-produced “integrated” automatic chronograph movement

(automatic chronograph movements were also mass-produced before, but the previous ones were all is to install the timing module). Glashütte original 37 automatic chronograph movement, which uses a technical combination of columnar wheels and oscillating gear clutches. Compared with other mainstream watch brands, the new automatic chronograph movement usually chooses a combination of column wheel and vertical clutch,

while the oscillating gear that Glashütte original chose is now relatively rare.

At this time, someone may ask, what is a swing gear? The swing gear, to put it bluntly, is a “small column” with teeth on the top and bottom. The watchmaker connects the close-toothed end to the timing part,

and the thin-toothed end to the travel time part. It controls the start and stop of timing by engaging/disengaging.

Like a million-level watch, the RM72 chronograph also chooses a swing gear clutch.

The reason is that the swing gear clutch will not block the movement,

while the more popular vertical clutch, although superior in performance,

will cause some block to the movement and further increase the thickness of the movement.

37 automatic chronograph movement, it has a flyback function, during the timing process, you can press the

reset button at 4 o’clock at any time, you can quickly reset to zero and restart the timing

(for a chronograph without the flyback function, press zero button, no use). Coupled with the large calendar function, the configuration of the 37 chronograph movement is very high.

At the same time, the 37 movement also uses a silicon hairspring, a fine-tuning balance wheel with no card weights,

a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power of 70 hours.

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In terms of movement decoration, Glashütte original 37 automatic chronograph movement

actually uses the iconic “three-quarters” splint of German best fake watches,

but because the timing parts are more exposed, it is easy to be ignored by players. The watchmaker has decorated the entire plywood with Glashütte stripes,

the exposed screws are blue, the exposed bearings have gold sleeves,

and the watchmaker has chamfered the edges of the plywood. The watchmaker uses 21K material for the edge of the automatic rotor to increase the counterweight and improve the winding efficiency. On this balance splint, there is a gooseneck fine-tuning, and the movement decoration is very exquisite, full of German flavor.

The 37 movement of the SEAQ chronograph version integrates the adjustment of the large calendar into the crown. The wearer can magnify the date through the crown. However, the 37 movement of Glashütte original Senator series

timekeeping has to be adjusted with the hidden button on the case. This comparison is still convenient for SEAQ. In terms of straps, the wearer can choose three straps: steel chain and canvas strap.

First in Germany, first in the world.

Glashütte original replica SEAQ timing can be said to be the No. 1 existence among German watches, because like Lange, there is no similar product. Even in the entire world of famous replica watches, only Blancpain’s 50

Fathoms submersible chronograph is at the same configuration level as Glashütte original SEAQ chronograph. Blancpain’s 50 Fathoms submersible timing focuses on high-frequency performance, while Glashütte original SEAQ timing focuses on German elements and luxury.

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