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A problem from the cat hair, should we use air purifier to remove the pet hairs?

Too many cat hairs in my room, do air purifier help with cat hair?

Recently, a friend of mine is suffering from cat hairs overall the room, and he does not know which air purifier to choose. He told me that he fed up 2 cats, and he has been sleeping with a sore throat lately. “my God! It was actually a floating hair that floated into my mouth and got stuck in my throat.” Should we use an air purifier to remove the pet hair?

This is a typical question, let me explain

The potential risk of pet hair

1 Hard to clean the pet hair and pet dander

The fur of dogs and cats is so soft that it is easy for everyone to fly in the air with the broom when sweeping the floor.

Unable to gather together, there are often cases of unclean cleaning.

The hair of those pets will float around with the owner’s walking, and it is easy for family members to inhale, causing allergies, rhinitis, pharyngitis, and other symptoms.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a good air purifier. I think this is also the main demand for everyone to buy an air purifier.

2 Source of viral infection, is a zoonosis.

Pets may serve as a source of virus infection and transmit zoonotic diseases through direct contact (such as skin, mucous membranes, conjunctiva, digestive tract, and respiratory tract).
These diseases include rabies, anthrax, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, cat scrape, toxoplasmosis, mange, etc.

So first of all, it is necessary to take your pets to get various vaccines, and secondly, it is best to buy an air purifier with a certain sterilization function.

3 Pet dander pollute the home environment

If the pet’s daily excrement and depilation and desquamation are not handled in time,

It will pollute the vegetables, food, and drinking water used by the owner daily.

If people stay in such an environment for a long time, they will be infected and get sick.

For example, allergic dermatitis, allergic asthma, psittacosis and intestinal diseases.

More serious can cause respiratory allergies. In addition, there are also parasites on pet hair,

Therefore, when we love our fur babies, we must also protect ourselves.

And a good air purifier can bring you a high-quality barrier.

Resource of pet odor

In fact, everyone has their own ‘body odor’, which may not be smelled by themselves.

But it’s easier for others to smell it. Some people have a lighter odor, while others have a heavier odor.

Under normal circumstances, this body’s own smell is emitted by the sebaceous glands, and the smell is not strong.

The same as dogs. The sebaceous glands on the body will emit part of the body odor.

For example, French dogs, Shar-Pei dogs, and Chow Chow dogs with well-developed sebaceous glands, etc., even if you pay more attention to hygiene, the smell will be relatively strong.

But this is not the resource of the dog odor, the true odor from the following body

1 Oral cavity

Dogs love to drool and prefer to lick things, and every corner of the home may leave the dog’s saliva, including the owner’s.

If you do not pay attention to oral hygiene or suffer from oral diseases and gastrointestinal diseases, then the dog’s saliva and breath will stink.

Most of the time, after touching dogs, they will leave a ‘dog smell’, which is actually their saliva taste.

2 Ear

Dogs with long ears such as Golden Retriever and Teddy will hang down to cover the ears, and it is often easy to breed bacteria in the ear canal to produce odor.

When the dog suffers from ear diseases, such as ear mites and fungal infections, the odor will be exacerbated.

More common fungal infections, such as Malassezia, can make the dog’s ears red, swollen, and inflamed, and emit a foul smell.

3 Glands

glands are glands located below the dog’s anus and produce a glandular fluid that smells strong,

Contains the dog’s identity information, so the dog will identify each other by smelling the glands.

Under normal circumstances, the gland fluid will be automatically drained, lubricating the stool,

However, when the dog has diarrhea and soft stools for a long time, the glands may be blocked, swollen, and inflamed, and emit a strong odor.

4 Paws

Dogs do not like to lick their fur, but they will lick their paws, and sometimes there is a stench of saliva on their paws.

When a dog’s paw suffers from diseases such as interphalangealitis, the paws are red and inflamed, which can also produce a foul smell.

5 Excrement

Although compared to cat poop, dog feces have a lesser smell, and if there is a dog for a walk, it will generally be pulled outside.

But if the dog has soft stools and diarrhea, sticks to the body, or is not cleaned up in time at home, the smell will remain.

Dog odor can also be exacerbated by:

There are wounds and skin diseases on the dog’s body, and it will also emit a strong smell after infection and inflammation.

When a dog is in heat, under the action of sex hormones, the dog may emit a special smell to attract the opposite sex, and it smells smelly than usual

First of all, you have to bathe the puppy regularly, and the air purifier could handle over the rest. After all, sterilizing, disinfecting, and absorbing pet hair is a special item for air purifiers.

How to choose an air purifier for pets?


Clear air delivery rate, means  the total amount of air that can be purified per hour m³/h
The larger the value, the more air can be purified per unit of time, and the better the performance of the air purifier.

And pet hair belongs to particulate matter CADR, which is the key parameter for our purchase.

The higher CADR value, the better the air purifier

2 Cumulative Clean Mass – the best way to determine long-term performance

Cumulative clean mass (CCM) measures the efficiency of an air purifier based on its ability to filter out particulate matter and formaldehyde.

The CCM rating is by far the best way to determine how efficient your air purifier is for long-term performance. Most air purifiers drop in efficiency by as much as 75% within the first few months of use. The CCM rating helps consumers identify which air purifiers are a better long-term investment.

3 Hepa Stage

Hepa is an important factor to evaluate the efficiency of air purifier
We offer to choose H13, which can remove the 99.97% particularly about 0.01micron to provide the cleaning air.

Hp8 Air purifier for pets with 4 stages the filter, and CADR 187 m³/h, could totally meet your need for pets.

SimPure HP8 HEPA Air Purifier for Pets Cat Dog Hair Dander Smell Odor Pollen Allergy Allergies and Dust

Everyone loves cut pets everywhere. However, the work of removing the pet odor is enough to make people anxious. Pet odors not only bring sensory discomfort but can also pose a serious threat to people’s respiratory health. HP8 is an ideal air purifier for pet odors. These bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye. And then it will pose a threat to our respiratory health, resulting in allergies, asthma, and other symptoms. Air purifiers for dust and pet hair can work. If you have these troubles, choose to install an air purifier for pets. Pet Air purifiers are specially designed for pets to effectively remove these bacteria, viruses, odors, and pet hair dander. Our HP8 is an effective air purifier for pet hair dander that kill bacteria and viruses, naturally, eliminates odors in the air, and also protects the health of pet owners.

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