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Latanoprost Eye Drops for Longer, Thicker, More Natural Looking Eyelashes

Keep your eyes looking pretty with Latanoprost Eye Drops

Eyelashes are just like any other body part. they can grow, or they can thin out and become sparse or fall out all together. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your eyelashes. you may be considering using Latanoprost eye drops to enhance the look of your lashes. Before you make this decision, keep in mind that Latanoprost eye drops do not work on their own. you also need to add Bimatoprost or Super Lash to your daily routine to promote growth and health of your lashes.

Home remedies don’t work?

In recent years, manufacturers have begun using home remedies as marketing tactics to promote products that don’t work. It may be tempting to fall into a trap of false hope offered by products that promise to fix your hair.  eyelashes without spending money on a doctor. However, these strategies are not only ineffective but they can also cause serious health issues if used over an extended period of time. At one point Super Lash even claimed in its commercials that Latanoprost was safe and easy to apply at home. something doctors vehemently disagree with. Doctors say that Latanoprost is used with medical supervision because it requires precise dosage control. if too much is applied. it’s used improperly there is risk of vision loss or blindness.

Latanoprost eye drops

Latanoprost Eye Drops is an FDA-approved medication that is commonly used to treat glaucoma and other eye conditions. However, it’s also sold as a drug for cosmetic purposes. It’s one of many so-called lash enhancement products in a crowded field. If you have never tried Latanoprost before it can be scary to make such a big decision when you have little information on whether or not you are going to end up liking your results. I hope to help dispel some of those fears in my reviews. But first… if any of what I am saying intrigues you then let me introduce you to Bimat – LASHES!TM Lash Activating Serum and Super Lash – Mascara Serum!


Latanoprost shown to a treatment of choice for eyelash alopecia in females. This medication is available in an eye drop formulation and it is non-systemic; therefore, it does not travel throughout your body and will not affect hair growth on other parts of your body. In clinical trials, Latanoprost has demonstrated efficacy with very little side effects when compared to its competitors (Minoxidil 5% lotion and Buy Careprost). There have been no reports of increased skin pigmentation or hypertrichosis when used over an extended period of time; however, there have been reports of eye irritation with prolonged use.

Super Lash

Latanoprost a prescription medication approved by FDA that promotes thicker and longer eyelashes. This Latanoprost eye drops solution created after years of research. Latanoprost increases your natural lashes’ growth cycle allowing them to thicken much quicker than other lash treatments currently on the market. Users have reported seeing results in as little as two weeks! Apply each night before bed to avoid infections and irritation caused by UV exposure or using products on dirty skin. Your best chances for having long lasting beautiful lashes are applying your Latanoprost eye drops 2-3 times per day with a good sleep schedule that allows you to get 8 hours of sleep without fail every night. For example: go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 6 am every morning.

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