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Planning to Buy a Water Purifier in Delhi? Check these 6 Essential Factors

Water Purifier in Delhi

Environmental degradation, growing population, industrial development has made it difficult to find pure and clean drinking water. Contaminated water raises the chance of contracting waterborne infections, which can be fatal in some cases. According to a report by WHO, approximately 38 million people in India are affected by water borne diseases out of which 75% are children. Taking into consideration these figures, it is necessary to install a water purifier that removes all the dissolved impurities. These water purifiers not only remove impurities but also save the money you spend for buying bottled water. The availability of a different types of water purifiers have made it difficult to shortlist a purifier that will meet your requirements. The following article highlights some of the considerations to consider when purchasing a water filter. Continue reading.

Filtration System

Before buying a water purifier, you need to know the level of contamination in the water. The reason is the filtration needs will vary depending on the type of water you receive. You need to check the level of contamination present in the water before making the final decision. If the level of salt in the water is quite high, you need to buy an RO water purifier. RO water filters use a multi-stage filtration process by combining active carbon and particle filtration.


Consumers may not find it easy to decide whether the water purifier will work efficiently and remove all the impurities as claimed. Checking the certifications awarded to the water purifiers will help you make the right decision in such scenarios. Certifications by acclaimed institutions ensure that the water purifier has been tested rigorously keeping in mind the industry standards. Some of the standard certifications that you need to check are NSF Certifications, ISI, WQA and CE. You can check whether the ware filters are WQA and NSF certified by visiting their websites. The prestigious certifications ensure that the product work in the way that claimed by the manufacturers. You can search RO water purifier service in Delhi & Gurgaon to get the best service from Pahuja Aqua Service.

Storage Capacity

Another important factor to think about is storage capacity. Before buying a water purifier, check the amount of water you need to store and buy something that meets your storage needs.  If the water purifier has ample storage capacity, you can get access to clean and safe water even if there is no electricity. The storage capacity of the water purifiers vary in size, which makes it necessary to get a check the purifiers before making the final decision. If you are looking for a water purifier for your office, for instance, you need to buy a water purifier that has more storage capacity


The various water purifiers available in the market vary in design, technology, shape and size. Before you buy a water purifier, ensure that you compare the features to ensure that you buy a purifier that meets your specific needs. Generally, most of the advanced water purifiers use UV or RO technology to remove the impurities and ensure that you get safe drinking water. Buy a water purifier that not only meets your budget but also works efficiently to remove the impurities, dissolved salts.

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The water purifiers need regular maintenance to ensure that they function with ease. Water purifiers will provide you safe and pure water when they are properly cleaned and maintained. When buying a water purifier, ensure that you ask about the maintenance routine of the water purifier. Ensure that the brand of water purifier you intend to buy provides prompt after sales service and skilled assistance.


When buying a water purifier, in addition to the design ensure that the purifier is light-weight, easy-to-install and move. Look for water purifiers that have ABS food grade plastic body material which ensures that the water is safe for consumption. In addition, you also need to consider the design so that it meets with the look of your kitchen.

Last Few Words

These are some of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a water purifier. There are different brands of water purifiers available in the market each of which differ in cost, types of filters, and the method of purification. You can look for Water Purifier Service Near Me to obtain the best service for your water purifier, as it is necessary to do so. Water purifiers from renowned brands such as KENT use a combination of purification processes to ensure that you get water that is free of contaminants and also tastes good.

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