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What Are Power Chains For Braces?

Braces are an effective way to straighten teeth and improve your bite, but they aren’t the most fun thing in the world to wear every day. Fortunately, dental professionals have found that using power chain can make your braces much more comfortable than before—and there are even power chain colors to match any look! Keep reading to learn more about what are power chains for braces and how you can get them.


What Are Power Chain Braces?


A black power chain is a device that you wear around your teeth, attached to braces. The power chain brace utilizes standard rubber bands or surgical stainless steel retainers to pull back teeth in case you are experiencing an overbite or underbite. These types of braces can be used in conjunction with any type of traditional braces and can straighten your smile as well as fix issues such as overcrowding, crowding, cross bites and other malocclusions. The power chain system relies on strong elastic bands connected to special links which attach directly to teeth. The movements of each link are highly adjustable so you can correct even complex problems with relative ease using a black power chain brace.


What Do Power Chain Braces Do?


The two basic kinds of powerchains for braces are those that run between your teeth and those that clip onto your retainer. The first kind –brackets with power chains attached to them– can be difficult to handle and end up taking more time than they save. Retainers with a built-in power chain (you may know these as rubber bands) have become more popular recently, though there’s no reason you can’t use both types together.


Types Of Power Chains For Braces


There are two types of power chains for braces: one is operated by a battery, and another type is operated by solar power. A powered device may be more expensive at first, but it can help save money in the long run. As you wear your teeth straighteners over time, there will be less strain on them and you’ll need to replace them less often. If you don’t want to deal with batteries or solar panels all day long, it’s probably better to just invest in an unpowered set of chains right off the bat so that they’re easy to care for and you won’t have any trouble keeping up with your care routine.


What Is Double Power Chain Braces?


Stacking brace power chains is a great way to give your braces more support. You might remember that your orthodontist has you wear rubber bands to ensure your braces are pushing against each other properly. These rubber bands feel like they snap into place easily, but it can be hard to get them on just right. Stacking brace power chains over those rubber bands makes sure that both braces are working together effectively and comfortably. Double power chain braces can help take pressure off of sensitive areas, giving you greater comfort and peace of mind as you head out in public with better-looking teeth. Here’s how they work!


What Power Chain Color Should I Get?


Almost all power chains come in a variety of colors, which makes it easy to find one that matches your personal style. Although gold and silver look elegant, they’re often not recommended because they are more likely to show stains and discoloration. Silver is also more likely to stain than yellow or orange colored chains. To make sure you get a chain that matches your individual style, here are some of our most popular powerchain colors


When Should You Get Black Power Chain Braces?


There is no specific age to get black power chain braces, but children between six and twelve years old are most commonly fitted with them. Younger patients need smaller bands, so their parents will have to check on their growth periodically over a period of three or four years. As soon as they are too small for regular braces they will then be fitted with black power chain braces. The biggest advantage of getting power chains is that they provide faster teeth movement in short time span which minimizes treatment time and has quick results . They allow you to enjoy a smile that’s free from crooked teeth and crowded jaws well before your senior prom or graduation day. With traditional braces, you would have had to wait until high school for an amazing smile.


Are Power Chain Braces Painful?


Losing teeth is never pleasant but it can be especially frustrating if it makes you self-conscious about your smile. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your dental health and regain confidence in how you look.

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