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Poor blood circulation may be behind bad nails and swelling in the hands, do these 3 yoga poses to fix it

The lack of blood circulation in the body causes many problems. In such a situation, doing these three yoga asanas daily can keep you away from poor blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation in the body invites many diseases. In fact, the pumping action of the heart delivers nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to each cell in our blood vessels. In this way, this circulatory system of distributing pure blood and taking out the impure helps in the functioning of the body parts and keeps them healthy. Poor blood circulation is a major cause of lack of energy, shortness of breath, varicose veins, tingling, and numbness in hands and fingers. On the other hand, people who have very bad nails and swelling in their hands, it is important for to improve their blood circulation. In this, he can take the help of these 3 yoga asanas.

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1. Do Triangle Pose as soon as you wake up in the morning

Triangle Pose

This is a very beneficial pose for people who always have tingling and numbness in their fingers. Doing this helps a lot in toning your muscles and improving blood circulation. This pose involves opening your chest and expanding your lungs, which is great for the heart. you to do it

  • The body has to be brought at a triangle angle.
  • As you exhale, pull your body apart from your hips
  • And rest your right hand on your foot, ankle, or shin. Keep your left arm towards the sky.
  • Press your feet up and engage your leg muscles and take a deep breath.
  • After at least three deep breaths, switch yourself to either side each time and do this several times.

2. Rest your feet on the wall while still in bed

Putting your feet against the wall creates a stir in your heart. In this way, it helps in improving blood circulation. This position can help your blood flow to normal circulation, which relieves blood or fluid buildup as you get older.

  • For this pose, stay on your bed and rest your head on the floor. Then keep your feet on the wall with your feet in front.
  • Now keep the body straight at a 90-degree angle.
  • Sit parallel to the wall. Then, with your feet on the ground, bend your knees.
  • Lifting from your lower back do it once down and once up.
  • Repeat this pose over and over again.

3. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is great for circulation because it makes your heart healthier, which means gravity helps to facilitate blood flow to your head. It also strengthens your legs and improves circulation in them. To do this

  • Begin by balancing your hips over your knees, with your shoulders in line with your shoulders.
  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale, press your hands down firmly as you try to lift your hips into the air. Then keep your arms and legs straight.
  • Now breathe normally, but as deeply as you press each finger on the floor, at the same time keep pressing the heels on the floor.
  • Now keep your legs active and work them in every direction.
  • Relax your neck.
  • Now do this comfortably for some time.

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In this way, these three poses can improve your blood circulation. At the same time, they also keep the circulation of blood in your heart and blood vessels correct. At the same time, your breathing technique facilitates the flow of blood from each part of the body. That is why it is said that yoga contributes significantly to the betterment of the overall health of a human being.

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