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The MMORPG category is going through tough times. The games on internet have become more dynamic


If for the sake of Black Desert people were ready to upgrade the PC, then for the sake of Blade & Soul, many were going to learn Korean. The thing is that this creation of NCSoft for a very long time was available only in their native language. Today, of course, the game has already been released in English and even in Russian, which is expected to affect its popularity.

And waited for this MMORPG for several reasons. The first of these is, according to most, the best combat system in the genre. The second is the style, which is a mixture of manga, anime and a kung fu movie .

This is quite enough to describe what is happening, stretched over the usual framework of “dungeons” and PvP showdowns.


Black Desert has become the boiling point of waiting for the revival of Korean MMORPGs . After Tera and ArcheAge , this game is the last hope of the genre. In our area, people updated computers and bought up early access kits, just to see firsthand everything promised by the developers. Of course, the game was not as perfect as expected.

In the CIS, Black Desert is the flagship of the latest MMORPGs. Such a popularity of the game is helped by a mind-blowing picture for the genre, the long-awaited free PvP and open world. The icing on the cake is one of the best Non-Target combat systems that even single-player slashers can envy .

All this makes Black Desert one of the most ideal options for those who are not familiar with this genre, but would like to know it. The main thing is to be sure that the PC is capable of this.


Talking about the popularity of Final Fantasy is like talking about what a Nokia or a Mercedes is. And let the majority of CIS players scratch their heads, not understanding why the whole world is so crazy about every “Finals”, this does not bother the world at all. Therefore, Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn , which is an MMORPG, deserves to be bathed in glory. But it didn’t take long for her to achieve success.

Initially released Final Fantasy 14 turned out to be of a quality that was far from corresponding to the eminent series. As a result, the authors of the game restarted it, adding the subtitle A Realm Reborn to the name. And the existence of the old world was stopped in a rather epic way by dropping a meteorite on it.

Now the game pleases players with a unique colorful world, a class system that does not force characters to produce, and the atmosphere of an Asian fairy tale.


Aion is the result of an encroachment on the niche of the great and terrible World of Warcraft. Only already performed by Asians from NCSoft. And even with its venerable age, and maybe because of it, this game remains quite popular. The classic two factions, the emphasis on quests and dungeons, as well as the usual set of classes coexist here with cute Korean, constant flights and even home ownership.

But is it just the similarity to WoW that makes Aion popular? Still, the game has a few and its trump cards. For example, not every developer imagines the world as a planet split in two. And besides this, one of the most unique character editors in the genre and nice graphics please.

The picture is really still able to please, and at the same time on almost any PC. Which naturally contributes to the continued popularity of the game.

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Whatever the quality of Neverwinter , it was simply destined to become popular. And the point here is not only in the huge financial injections from the Chinese from Perfect World , but also in the fact that this MMORPG is dedicated to the D&D universe. Fortunately, fans of the setting did not have to force themselves to play through tears, because the game turned out to be quite high quality. This is confirmed by the interest of gamers, which continues to this day.

In addition to the famous world, Neverwinter offers a high-quality and dynamic Non-Target combat system. The level of her performance also did not let us down, in connection with which it is surprisingly pleasant to hit with swords and shoot with fireballs.

The core of the gameplay is not built on the exploration of the open world, but on the passage of session quests. Often they are accompanied by interesting plot twists, which are a pleasure to watch with friends.


The name RuneScape says little to most domestic players. However, this hybrid MMORPG, which works both in the browser and as a client, is quite popular in the world. This fact is confirmed by the fact that this creation of the Jagex studio was lucky enough to visit the Guinness Book of Records twice. Agree, not every game can boast of such.

It is very difficult to describe any differences between RuneScape and modern games. And all because at the time of the release of the first versions, the authors had to be almost pioneers in the MMORPG genre.

Because, in fact, the game is a standard set of pumping, crafts, PvE and PvP. However, this does not prevent this world from existing to this day, delighting the players.


Tera Online was another Korean game that was predicted to rehabilitate the MMORPG genre. And even though not all expectations were met, the high quality of execution makes this project quite popular so far. Well, in our realities, this is facilitated by full Russian-language localization.

And although Tera was one of the first MMORPGs with a Non-Target combat system, today it is far from being valuable for this. People come here for a truly fierce PvP, working according to the rules and foundations in the spirit of the old Lineage 2 . Guild wars, sieges and showdowns for swing places.

Only the crazy Asian style of the game world and the content bias towards female characters can prevent you from enjoying all this.


Following the Koreans, the Chinese do not cease to attempt to intercept records for MMORPG releases. And if most of these games remain popular in their homeland, then Revelation Online has reached our shores, remaining warmly received by 3d racing games unblocked.

Typical Asian cuteness with wings, mount kittens and whales intersects with many cruel things here. The most significant difference between the game and others are sieges, in which up to 5000 people can take part.

Complementing the picture of popularity are modern graphics, steampunk blotches and interesting classes, among which there is even a fighter with firearms.


Few purebred MMORPGs deviate from the classic fantasy setting. Perhaps this, and the fact that The Division 2 is made at the AAA level, contributes to its popularity. The game world is presented as having lost 95% of the population of Washington due to the global spread of a deadly virus .

The selected time and genre frameworks naturally dispose to the use of “firearms” of various calibers. Get on the ears from the agents of the special squad will be a variety of bandits , fugitive criminals and other crazy people.

You will have to shoot in the usual activities for MMORPGs like missions, randomly generated “dungeons” in the subway and, of course, the PvP-oriented “Dark Zone”, famous for advertising trailers.


The long-awaited, longed-for and, according to the dreams of those who expected it, the unsurpassed ArcheAge. A game of this magnitude has become popular, but why has this Korean MMORPG earned such attention? For starters, this is a picture that struck the imagination at the time of release. The CryEngine 3.0 engine did a great job with both water spaces and lush forests with animals running through them .

The second point is the diversity and versatility of the gameplay. The authors of ArcheAge seem to have remembered everything that should be in an MMORPG and tried to bring it into their racing games unblocked. Here you can find farming, animal husbandry, guild wars, world bosses, naval battles and much more

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