A nursing research paper is an in-depth analysis of a topic related to the nursing field. Issues like child health, elderly care, and healthcare nursing are discussed in these research papers. The case you talk about should be original, and the document must adhere to the highest standards in academic writing. 

Before submitting your nursing research paper, ensure that it has the following elements:

  • Contain all essential components related to the topic
  • Correctly formatted and structured paper
  • Citations according to the requirements


The main components of a nursing research paper are:

  1. Title page : The title page specifies your topic, names the author, and mentions corresponding authors if any. 
  2. Abstract : The abstract is a 350 words long document that discusses the background, methods, keywords, results, and more briefly. 
  3. Introduction : The introductory page/paragraph should provide a background to the topic of your study. The purpose of the introduction is to make your audience understand the importance of the research. 
  4. Methods : This section should highlight the aim and the research methods used in the nursing research paper. 
  5. Results : An essential component of any research paper is the results section. This section should bear fruit on all the statistical analysis and research methods.
  6. Discussion : This part is where you mention why the research topic is vital in nursing. 
  7. Conclusion : All findings, methods, and results should be concluded here. End the paper with a proper conclusion that states the relevancy of the research. 


The following things should be kept in mind while deciding on the right nursing research topic :

  1. Do not go with overused and redundant nursing research papers. Instead, choose something different and never talked about before.
  2. An easy topic might seem like a time-saving option. However, if you want to excel in the paper, go for a subject that needs enough research abilities. 
  3. Do not go for a complicated topic also, as you will need the help of different sources.
  4. Take help from other sources, but your paper should be unique and original. Get inspired by different ideas but have your mind while writing the essay. 
  5. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your guides and professors. You can also approach assignment help services for guidance regarding your assignments. 



Professional writers and researchers have compiled a list of nursing research topics from which students can get inspired. In addition, these topics have been further categorized to help students choose their preferred topic easily:

1. Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  • Why should nurses know about comfort theory?
  • How to prevent abuse in pediatric practices?
  • Nursing Research in the USA and its advancement.
  • Burnout and job satisfaction of pediatric nurses
  • Best practices for pain management in hospitalized children


2. Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

  • An economic evaluation of the nursing and healthcare industry.
  • The importance of vaccinations in rural and remote areas
  • How can primary healthcare improve?
  • Data collection ethics in primary healthcare
  • Privatizing the mental health care system 


3. Elderly Care Research Ideas

  • How to care for elderly patients?
  • How to cure restless leg syndrome patients?
  • Early warning signs of Parkinson’s disease
  • Nutrition in the elderly care
  • How to prevent bladder cancer?


4. Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

  • Ethical guidelines to follow for infertility issues in women
  • Proper treatment for ovarian cancer 
  • Breast cancer treatn=ment and prognosis
  • Treatment for autoimmune diseases
  • Educating the mass about female hygiene 


5. Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

  • Alcohol addiction disorders
  • Strategies to deal with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Deep brain stimulation in patients diagnosed with depression
  • Psychiatric patients and ethics for their treatment
  • The impact of video games on teenage aggression



Developing a high-quality nursing research paper is a challenge that can be dealt with with the help of proper resources. If you want help choosing excellent nursing research topics, do not hesitate to reach out to a nursing assignment help service. 

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