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Learning foreign languages. Why children should learn languages early

Imagine your child has the opportunity to travel to any country, find friends around the world, and study at foreign colleges and universities. Sounds interesting, right? All this can happen if you start learning English or another foreign language from childhood.

Of course, you may think that your baby is still too small, such an interesting adult life is still far away. Yes, what is there – even so far away. And yet – learning a new language so early will be difficult, but since there are so many dual language books for kids, they will learn a new language more often and enjoy it, because there are bilingual children’s books with pictures for any age.

Let’s figure out at what age it is better to start learning a language and what method is suitable. Experts say that a child is ready to learn a foreign language when the mother is ready. And, if you’re ready, there are several benefits to learning early:

Unconscious learning of a foreign language.

At an early age, a child remembers a new language unconsciously. He takes him like a native – he just hears, and then speaks. By the age of six, every child speaks fluently, even though he still does not understand at what time he says what the sentence consists of, and what is the correct word order. Bilingual kid’s books will help you with this.

Speak without fear.

Children are not afraid to make mistakes. Learn more boldly. They do not have a language barrier – they say what they want, and they do not pay attention to pronunciation and errors in speech. If these mistakes are corrected by the mother or the teacher, then the child gets used to building sentences correctly and speaking correctly. Read with them bilingual books for kids and make them repeat everything they read. 

Children have a good memory.

It is common knowledge that youngsters recall words and phrases fast. No wonder they are associated with parrots. – everyone repeats and talks about everything, especially with new words. Also, the baby will learn to focus better. There are bilingual books with pictures that you can give to kids and they will remember everything by memory.

Easier to pronounce.

As adults say, children soon learn to pronounce all of the sounds in their native language. Similarly, the child learns to pronounce the sounds of English speech: quickly and correctly.

How to get your child interested in learning a language.

The sessions must be short. A small student can sit for 45 minutes if interested. Learning English is best done by doing a variety of exercises and participating in all kinds of activities. dance, and sing English songs.

Kids will also love Helen Doron’s virtual reality mobile apps. This is an interactive dictionary, online games for kids, an application for learning to read, and its radio station.

If your child loves books, then interactive books can attract the child’s attention. It brings fascinating stories to life with the dedicated Dragon Tales Series Magic Wand app.

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