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Prototype vs MVP: Choose the Right Approach at the Right Time

Choose the Right Approach at the Right Time

Project tasks are split into different phases in the Agile working methodology. Diving the tasks helps the developer to improve productivity and complete the project efficiently.

Prototype and MVP development is essential to web and mobile development. Both of these processes provide  input on the project in the initial phases to determine whether the developed product provides the desired results. These methodologies are suitable to validate the product and make the development process faster and easier.

Despite being two completely different methodologies, people often confuse these termonologies with each other.

Therefore, this blog will explain the difference between MVP and Prototype and brief you on what process is suitable for your project.

What is the Difference Between Prototype and MVP?

A Prototype is the functioning model of the project that represents the design and user interface of the final or under development project. It gives shape to your product vision and presents the developers with a well-defined abstract of the project idea.

In a minimum viable product or MVP development approach, a sample product is launched with essential features that will introduce the product to the early audience with core product functionality.

MVP vs Prototype: Make the Right Choice for Your Project

Here, we will discuss which approach is suitable for different project development phases.

MVP Development

Validating Project Idea

MVP development is a suitable approach if you want to gain insights into your customers’ perspectives regarding your project idea. You can get the market perspective and initial customer feedback using this approach.

Attracting Initial Users

MVP consists of core features of the project released for early customers. With this approach, you can attract the initial user base of the product, which will help you make your final product launch a success.

Attracting Investors

Not only can MVP be used to attract initial users, but it is also an applicable methodology to attract investors to your project and present your product idea to them. An MVP development company can build a minimum viable project through the watch and reach out to investors for funding. 

Prototype Development

Design Validation and Feedback

With Prototype development, your developer will be able to visualize the project’s look and how it will seem to its target audience.

Determining User Flow

The prototype will help the developers to understand how the product interacts with the user. It will define the project’s user interface, features, and screen transitions.

Representing Project Visual and Idea

After gathering the project requirements, you need to visualize these requirements to the developers properly. Effectively describing your project details to developers will reduce the development time.

Prototype development is suitable for establishing communication between the design and the development team.


We hope this blog helped you get a clear idea of the prototype and MVP. After thoroughly reviewing both processes, we have given the difference between prototype and MVP in this blog. With the pointers above, you can get an idea of when to hire MVP or Prototype app development services.

As per your project scope and goals, you can select an apt product development strategy.

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