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Reasons To Do A Cake Smash Photography Session

Your baby’s photo session with cake smash photography idea will be more creative than ever!

Time flies very fast, and your baby is turning one soon! It was a fantastic year. A year full of happy moments, sleepless nights, and worries, but also a year filled with the most comfortable, unforgettable, and beautiful days of your life. Therefore, you can make your baby’s day more memorable with cute cake smash photos.

Moreover, even on your gender reveal day, you can contact cake smash photography near me to set up. This idea will be so fun and surprising for your whole family; your family will be so happy. There is no hesitation that a cake smash photo session is one of your favorite ideas to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Everything will be memorable when well-organized, from your selected theme to your fun color photos.

Picking a theme for your photoshoot

A theme does not necessarily mean sticking to characters, ages, or anything old-style: sometimes, you may select to pick some colors that go well together and go from there!

However, the surroundings make for a great theme, offering stunning backdrops. For instance, outdoor cake smash photography calls for all things natural and bright, like flowers, animals, etc.

Of course, when it comes to animal or character themes, you have several exciting options limited only by your imagination! Some popular articles for girls include princesses, unicorns, Mermaid, or Disney characters. Generally, boys like being sent into space, playing with cars, and being surrounded by famous superheroes. And there are no “boy” or “girl” themes –pick something your little one is most excited about to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

According to a cake smash photography near me expert, some of the best color combinations to consider for themes include:

  1. Pink/Yellow/White/Blue
  2. Navy/Pink
  3. Gold/Red/Black
  4. Grey/Orange/Blue
  5. Navy/Silver
  6. Navy/Turquoise/Blue
  7. Purple/Orange/Turquoise
  8. Black/Gold
  9. Black/Pink/Gold
  10. Navy/Gold

This photo session is a new way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Balloon’s 1st birthday parties are in the past, and the cake smash trend is becoming increasingly popular. However, what is a cake smash photo session, and why is it a good idea to do it during your baby’s photograph session? 

A cake smash is a small cake prepared especially for a cute baby to smash into and enjoy on his 1st birthday. However, the real magic comes when the child appreciates that the birthday cake belongs just to him, and he takes full benefit of it. The reactions and faces are priceless and need professional photographers to capture this wide variety of emotions. Therefore, contacting a cake smash photographer near me is a memorable way to capture this important day in your life.

What are the reasons for having a cake smash photograph session?

The cake smash photography is a perfect way to celebrate this important milestone. You have survived the first year! You are excellent parents, even though some things this year were difficult for you. It is a very special event, and you must celebrate it uniquely and personally.

It is an enjoyable experience! The cake smash shoot session is all about the baby. It is your kid’s birthday, and every birthday has a cake; the only difference is that you allow your baby to smash it. Moreover, this cake smash session often requires the parent’s involvement. So, it is an excellent occasion for a family portrait with a birthday baby.

Family portraits

The one-year-old toddler is much easier to photograph than the two-year-old. This memorable photo session provides a unique opportunity to capture your baby’s curiosity and personality. Therefore, it is an excellent occasion to create lovely memories.

Why do a cake smash for the first birthday?

A cake smash shoot is the perfect commemoration of all this year. Many people will have their photoshoot weeks before the birthday party, using the following images for darling invitation pictures.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cake Smash Photoshoot

The little girl’s birthday girl was messy into a cake. The use of the first cake is the smash cake.

Baby girl celebrating her first birthday with decadent cake and balloons.

A cake smash photography session is most definitely a beautiful mess. However, with cake and icing everywhere, props and even you can cover the walls. Some recommend outdoor photoshoots for a dash of playfulness and a much easier cleanup process. However, indoor and outdoor cake smash photoshoots have advantages and disadvantages.



One advantage of outdoor cake smash shoots is the ease of cleanup, whether via a hose, wet wipes, paper towels, or something else. However, even better if the venue you select for your photographs has a kiddie pool – the cleanup can be fun!

Outdoor cake smash shooting is more playful and fun.

Another advantage is cake smash photography near me requires minimal props. However, your fun props are primarily unnecessary with all the beauty of the outdoors.


The climate and sunshine limit the schedule. Photographs are best taken before 11 a.m. or after 6 p.m. to avoid the summer heat and dehydration. Moreover, ensure the overall health of all involved in the photo shoot.

Lighting! Bad weather can affect the brightness and, hence, the quality of your picture.



You control what disturbs your baby. For example, depending on your surroundings, birds or moving leaves can distract the baby with an outdoor shoot. Moreover, indoors, you can select the setting to avoid distractions.

Familiarity with the surroundings is another point in favor of indoor cake smash photography. If you select to shoot in your home, you will be very familiar with your environment, including the places with the best lighting and the fewest distractions. Try to set up the session where the baby is happiest.

In studios, indoor cake smash shooting sessions often include bathing facilities instead of outdoor shots in which you have to clean up your baby with minimal resources.


Cleanup is always inconvenient. Icing can stain tops and get into crevices in uncanny ways.

Indoor cake smash shoot or outdoor shoot? In the end, it is your decision with your little one. Parents decide what theme, style, time, and set up. Most professional photographers can work with either set to present you with the highest-quality pictures.

However, indoor and outdoor cake smash photography shoots have pros and cons. The best option depends on your condition, your baby on any given day, and your preferences!

Relaxed, flexible portrait sessions

The beauty of cake smash photoshoots is that they are just one hour long. However, it is enough time to get lots of excellent cake smash pictures for you, but not too long before your baby gets fed up. Moreover, by being quick and fuss-free, you can pop into the studio and fit the session into your schedule that day.

Cake smash photoshoots will not take up lots of your precious time. And you’ll be so glad you went ahead once you receive pictures. Therefore, you can search for several ideas about themes and other essential things, making your celebration memorable.


You can best describe the cake smash shoot session as a beautiful mess! Plan everything according to your comfort, relax, and fully embrace the fun and confusing nature of the shoot. Therefore, watch your little one destroying the cake and imagine all the valuable memories to come – numerous moments to cherish and remember!

I hope you enjoyed the above tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions for the best possible cake smash photos one can have. I can’t wait to see your beautiful images! Moreover, cake smash photography is a fun way to celebrate your 1st birthday, allowing you to stand back and watch. Therefore, your little one demolishes the cake and, to their complete astonishment, does not have their hands wiped or portion controlled.


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