Start your Business with the App Like Gojek Clone In Malaysia

Starting a Gojek-like multi-services app isn’t difficult anymore! Gone are the days when it took 7 – 8 years of your life to develop the app and launch it. On top of that, add at least a couple of years to reach the break-even point. Well, in today’s fast-paced world and advancing generation, it is difficult to wait for a decade to start a business. Therefore, as a new-age entrepreneur, you should think about investing in pre-built apps like Gojek clone. 

Starting a Business in Malaysia? Build a Multi-services All in One App

1. Study the target market

The first step to starting a business is always searching in-depth about your target market. While studying your market, you must remember to ask a few important questions that revolve around your app and the services that you’d be offering. Look at this questionnaire set: 

  • Would you use an app with multiple services? 
  • How often would you use this online platform to order or book a service?
  • What services would you like to see on the app? 
  • Do you wish to see any specific features in the app? 

These are just the basic questions that entrepreneurs should ask their target audience. 

2. Try the demo apps for free

Next, the Gojek clone entrepreneur should try the demo app for FREE. A well-established and licensed white-labeling firm will always ask you to try out the demo app at no cost. And only then move forward with the deal. So, while you are testing the demo app, try to: 

  • Understand the workflow 
  • Jot down the changes that you’d want to make

3. Discuss your requirements with the Project Manager 

It is crucial to discuss the requirements with the Project Manager. The manager will help you to make a better business plan and thus build a robust app like you always wished for. After having concluded your discussions, the Project Manager will create the Scope Document. 

The Scope Document is a single document that contains the details about the deliverables and the complete breakdown of the cost. Entrepreneurs can base their purchase decision on this document. 

4. Purchase the Gojek clone script 

If you decide to purchase the app, it is time that you take a look at your budget, finance requirements, etc. Don’t worry if you cannot pay the entire amount in one go. Because genuine white-labeling firms usually have a part payment facility. 

Under part payment or Payment Milestone, the entrepreneur can pay the entire cost in 2 parts. At Milestone 1, the entrepreneur will have to pay the 50% of the cost, and at Milestone, the remaining payment. 

5. Your app development begins 

After the entrepreneur purchases the multi-services all in one app, the white-labeling experts will start the development of the app. As soon as they are done with the development of the app, all of them are uploaded to the developmental server of the firm. 

Entrepreneurs can access the server and try the apps. If the app is designed and coded exactly as you wanted it to be, go ahead and show them a thumbs up. However, if you still need to do a few changes, connect with the Project Manager and ask them to make the changes. 

6. App launch 

Lastly, the Gojek clone app will be launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Developers can also launch the apps on Huawei App Store if they want to. 


To sum up, I’d only like to suggest that time waits for none. And in this competitive world, you have to stay a step ahead of your peers. So, purchase the Gojek clone script today and start your free demo app trial. Take as much time as you want to when trying the demo app! 

Malaysian entrepreneurs, get ready to become a millionaire in no time!

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