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The Little-Known Dental Appliance That Can Drastically Improve Your Smile

If you’re not already familiar with it, you may have never heard of the lower lingual holding arch appliance before. But once you learn about it, you’ll likely want to know why your dentist never told you about it before and how it can benefit your smile and dental health.


What Is A LLHA?

A Lingual Holding Arch is a flexible dental device that holds back your lower teeth so you can have a better smile. Until recently, these appliances have only been prescribed by a dentist to treat extreme tooth crowding or spacing issues, but now there are many people using them simply to improve their appearance. The best thing about a LLHA is that it is removable and does not involve any surgery or pain; you can use it for as long as you like, whenever you like. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, no one will know when you’re wearing it unless they get very close—and even then, they might not realize what your issue is.


How Does It Work?

Nance’s lower lingual holding arch (LLHA) is a small dental appliance that fits over your bottom teeth and is attached to your existing metal braces. When you wear it, it pulls your top jaw forward slightly, which opens up space in your mouth for your tongue to rest in its natural position. The LLHA has been shown to effectively reposition tongues that often get stuck behind other teeth and are unable to move forward because of overcrowding or misalignment issues caused by crowding and/or missing teeth. This can cause issues like snoring, breathing problems, speech impediments, as well as tooth decay and/or gum disease due to prolonged exposure of your tongue on your teeth.


What Happens During Treatment?

The first step in beginning treatment is to make an impression of your upper and lower teeth. This allows us to fabricate a personal holding arch nance appliance designed to fit securely over your existing upper and lower dental bridges or implants. We can also create a full-arch nance for patients who don’t have dental work already in place. Once you have your new custom appliance, you’ll wear it during sleep for about six weeks. At that point, we’ll return to our office to take more impressions so we can check how much improvement has occurred since our last appointment. The final visit involves replacing any old appliances with new ones, making sure they’re as comfortable as possible while maintaining maximum tooth movement.


Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

If you’re interested in a lower lingual holding arch appliance, you may have a noticeable overbite (your bottom teeth are farther forward than your top teeth) that can be fixed with braces. A dentist will also have to take your lip and chin into account before prescribing one of these appliances; if you don’t have enough tissue on your bottom jaw, it can affect how well your mouth heals from surgery. If you find that your bite is perfect after braces are removed, however. That could be an indication for a lower lingual holding arch appliance to straighten it out for good.


How Often Will I Have To Visit The Dentist?

It’s important to visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleanings. You’ll also want to go in more frequently if you have any issues or problems with your teeth. One of the biggest benefits of a great smile is that. It can lead to increased confidence and help you make new friends. At AcceleDent Dental Group, we offer exceptional dentistry at an affordable price.

What Do I Need To Know About Interim/Temporary Llhas?

Just because an LLHA is temporary doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective as a permanent one. Interim and temporary devices are used to help straighten teeth. Until your orthodontist has time to make you a permanent one. It’s important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions with interim/temporary devices. But they work just as well (if not better) than regular ones. The biggest difference is that they need replacing every six months.


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