The Top 6 Free plagiarism checker Websites for Bloggers 

The Top 6 Free plagiarism checker Websites for Bloggers 


Why we need plagiarism checker? 

Many content marketers have found plagiarism to be a pain in the rear, and if suitable precautions are not taken to prevent publishing copied contents on your prominent blog, I’m afraid you won’t stick around for very long. 

People these days are lazy, and that is an uncomfortable truth. Simply ask the majority of people who represent themselves as independent contractors to create a brief 500-word piece on any subject, and they will steal it from the internet and submit it to you. Now that you’re busy with so many other things, what do you think would happen if you published such stolen works on your blog?? 

Plagiarism: What Is It? 

Now, if you’ve been in content marketing for a while, I’m guessing you already know what plagiarism is. But I’ll take a moment to explain just in case you don’t. 

Plagiarism is the act of stealing verbatim without acknowledging the source. It’s the equivalent of stealing someone else’s labor and passing it off as your own. As the number of websites grows exponentially, more and more people are looking for simple ways to replicate other people’s material in order to increase traffic to their own websites.  

Simply said, plagiarism checker is the “similar imitation” of a certain work previously and originally completed by an author that is done without the author’s knowledge or consent. 

I advise everyone who blogs to make a copyright page and post it in the most prominent locations on their websites, such as the footer. So, if someone replicates your content, you can ask Google or the DMCA to have it removed from your websites. You can also file a copyright infringement lawsuit against the copycat. So, get to work right away on developing a copyright page for your websites and blogs. 

Plagiarism Types 

You might find it interesting to know that there are two types of plagiarism: purposeful and inadvertent. 

Plagiarism checker that was done on purpose, or consciously, refers to when someone deliberately copied your work. Most low-cost freelance writers frequently behave in this manner. This also affects article spinners and novice bloggers who are ignorant of the different rules governing the internet. 

Unintentional plagiarism occurs when you are not aware that someone else has duplicated your work. This frequently occurs when you’re writing and come across traces of sentences that are comparable to those in your text. When you use someone else’s words without properly attributing them and giving them credit, it can also be seen.  

Why Use Tools for Detecting Plagiarism? 

easy to find online information that has been copied. Plagiarism checker make it simple for you to determine who has duplicated your writing. Google often adjusts its software to either promote or penalize websites. 

Panda and Penguin upgrades from Google will automatically punish your websites if they have little content or employ poor link-building techniques. It is obvious that if you have high-quality content, you will rank highly in SERPs. 

Therefore, if someone replicates your content, Google crawlers will see many pages that have identical content in their search results. Your website could be penalized even if you are not stealing from others since they are stealing from you. 

You must frequently monitor Google search results to determine whether someone is plagiarizing your stuff if you want to avoid this. Then, in order to get the contents removed from other pages, you must take particular procedures (DMCA, etc.). 

Plagiarism checker websites assist you in finding out who is copying your material online and help you resolve your issues. Yes, you can use Google to find out who is stealing your content (copy and paste your own text), but it gets messy when you want to search a large number of web pages. 




A free online plagiarism checker from Grammica thoroughly examines the content and eventually returns reliable results. This platform offers a variety of tools for writing improvement that help writers produce accurate and correct content. Simply type or paste the content into the input box and click the Check Plagiarism button to complete the plagiarism check. The results will be shown to you shortly after. Therefore, we advise using Grammica’s top-notch plagiarism detector, which after checking your writing for originality gives you full information about it. 



  • Useful and cost-free 
  • Complete plagiarism report available for free 
  • shows the websites that contain plagiarism 
  • not a document storage 
  • various highlight colours for instances of plagiarism 
  • every check, 1,000 words 

How do I use this device? 

  • Launch a plagiarism detector 
  • Paste your content into the available area. 
  • To start the algorithm test, click “Check Plagiarism.” 
  • It highlights duplicate content in your text to show you where it appears. 
  • We appreciate your feedback so we can make our product even better. We hope you like it. 



The website provides a free online plagiarism detector without the need for registration. Additionally, DupliChecker offers a ton of helpful advice and information about plagiarism, however it may take a while to read everything on this site. 

The only restriction is that you can only search for 1000 words at a time. If you want to search for extensive posts or web pages, there are better ways to identify your duplicated content, but it’s still a wonderful plagiarism detection tool to find copied links or text. 



  • It displays reliable findings and is completely free to use. 
  • To discover duplicate content problems, you can search up to 1000 words at once. 
  • displays the sources of the original content so you can see where the duplicated stuff originated. 


How do I use this device? 

The DupliChecker tool is straightforward to use. Simply type in the desired text or copy and click the “Check Plagiarism” button to detect duplicate content. 




Another free to use plagiarism checker is called Plagium. Users can choose to view the summary, text found, timeline, or real-time findings while the checking algorithm searches the internet and news for similarities.   


  • Additionally, it provides a free Google Docs Add-on that makes it simple to use Plagium to analyze your Google Docs. Get hold of it right here. 
  • assists you in quickly determining a text’s originality by pointing out potential plagiarism 
  • It’s free to use because you won’t be charged to use it as long as you don’t do too many searches in a day. 


How do I use this device? 

This program does the rest when you enter the copy of the text you wish to check and fix copied content. To examine your writing for instances of plagiarism, you can enter up to 1000 words at once. 




 You may easily and accurately detect plagiarism using Copyleaks’ AI-based anti-plagiarism checker. Additionally, it has a customized user interface and an API key that enables integration with your website or platform. 


  • provides 20 free scans each month (if you want to scan more copies, you can purchase their premium plans) 
  • Identical and paraphrased content detection 
  • In order to detect duplicate material, compare your documents with one another. 
  • having your work scanned in more than 100 different languages 
  • Additionally, it supports a number of file types, including Docx and PDF. 

How is this tool used? 

To use Copyleaks’ plagiarism detector, you must register for an account. You can register for a free account and access 20 free scans each month. 




A website called Small SEO Tools provides plagiarism detection tools in addition to SEO tools that are completely free. 

Other SEO tools, such as link trackers, rank checkers, grammar checkers, paraphrase tools, and so forth, are also available for usage. Although their duplicate content detector is rather simple, thankfully, anyone may use it without having to register and it is totally free. 


  • the capability of plagiarism detection by URL 
  • At one moment, you can look up to 1000 words. 
  • While looking for duplicate content, you may also exclude a certain URL. 
  • They are completely free to use, and there is no need to register. 


How do I use this device? 

Copy and paste your content into their plagiarism detection tool once you’ve arrived there, and then click the “Check Plagiarism” button. 

That’s it; it does a quick plagiarism check on your text. If this tool discovers copied information, it will give you a plagiarism score out of 100. 

Plagiarism Detector 

One of the top free plagiarism detectors now on the internet is Plagiarism Detector. Use this tool to run as many searches as you’d like to look for duplicate content in your document. 


  • gives you a plagiarism rating (along with the unique text score) 
  • The document can be downloaded. 
  • No sign-up is necessary, and it is free to use. 
  • Additionally, you may do a search by inputting a URL to look for duplicate material. 

How do I use this device? 

Enter the text or a copy on their website, then click the Check Plagiarism button to continue. 

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