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Top Benefits Of Using A Meditation Pillow



Meditation Pillows or Meditation Cushions are becoming part of the Yoga lifestyle. And why not, for one to concentrate the most, complete comfort is a must. Only then can an immersive meditative state can be experienced. Such pillows like zafu, a Japanese cushion for zen meditation, are being included in many other forms of meditative activities. They are gaining more acceptance in the yogic community.

When it comes to meditating there is more than one benefit of using zafus or cushions. Following are some of the top benefits of a meditation pillow:



To mediate, one must be calm and calmness can be achieved when our mind, body, and soul are at peace. To control the mind would be a task for oneself but to control our body we can control factors like twitches, aches, fidgeting, numbness and the list goes on and on. Having a hold on these will lead to comfort and a state of relaxation. After all, to achieve mental peace one has to be comfortable and not worried about how their feet are numb and other things.

The softness of zafu or cushion provides support to your body which relaxes the muscles in strain.



When you feel comfortable because you are no longer worrying about your body being stuck in uncomfortable positions then you can focus your mind on spirituality. There are fewer distractions we can concentrate more easily. Thus, being alert and aware of your mental state helps again in concentrating inwards. 


Alleviate Pain

The purpose of a meditation cushion is to minimize discomfort from being in a pose for long sessions. If done on the floor prolonged sitting or being in the same position can cause pain and numbness. Not only that, people who have a certain types of medical conditions and pregnant women can also have pain from having a strain due to weak muscles or other reasons.

As meditation cushions or pillows shift the load 犀利士
of the body to other parts and balance it, the pain is relatively reduced even for people with existing conditions. Therefore, it can be said that having a zafu-like pillow is a great option to mitigate pain arising from yoga asanas.


Helps Improve Flexibility

One of the ways in which zafus can be used is by placing them in a way so that they don’t cause much discomfort while attempting a difficult yoga pose. For instance, people trying a full lotus pose for the very first time will find it difficult, especially if they are not used to sitting on the floor cross-legged. So, people struggling with flexibility and mobility in yoga can really benefit from such meditation pillows. They can use these cushions in almost all difficult poses with precaution and slowly proceed with the session. Eventually, with practice, they will be able to attain flexibility in doing those same poses faster with the help of these pillows.


Helps Improve Posture 

A good posture is an essential element of yoga poses and meditative states of any form. If you have attempted meditation sitting on a bare floor you probably know that you start to slouch and lose attention with it. But such a problem can be solved if a meditation pillow is used. The pillow helps to lift the pelvis above the level of our feet. Because of which the additional weight is lifted off from the legs. Thus, allowing them to relax completely. Also, now the hips push your spine a little up to give you an upright posture and this also makes you more alert and aware. Thus, people who slouch or have problems with maintaining an upright posture can take the help of a meditation pillow. With continuous usage, they can improve their postures even when they are not meditating.



As we saw, a meditation pillow helps with providing comfort, concentration, alleviating pain, improving flexibility, and correcting posture. It has many benefits in meditation as well as in other yoga poses. It has been used by monks and yogis for years. So, wait not, get yourself a zafu if you are into yoga and reap the benefits. 


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