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Top useful key points to improve bathroom safety for elderly seniors

It is very important to have bathing accessories like bath stool, seats, rails etc for elderly seniors in bathrooms. It helps them feel comfortable while bathing.

A senior citizen could drown or get sucked down the shower drain. They may no longer take showers or baths as a result of this. Many older people have pain when bending over or standing up, which may discourage them from doing their cleaning. In that case equipment’s like bath stool, seats , grab bars helps them.

Showering becomes tiresome, draining, and challenging. Seniors find cold or warm water uncomfortable, and others worry about restroom mishaps like slipping or falling. Some older people are plain obstinate and won’t take a bath.

Many older people may claim they are in charge of their hygiene and will choose when and whether to clean. Find another approach of telling them to take a shower so they won’t feel like they have lost control.

Use bathing accessories to avoid potential dangers and put in place extra safeguards to stop accidents in their tracks. In this post, you can see the key points to improve bathroom safety for elderly seniors:

Keep necessities accessible

While decluttering is essential, accessibility must also come first. Older folks require objects should be within easy reach and reachable without bending or stretching. Several inexpensive and adaptable storage options are available online if current shelves or drawers are inaccessible.

 When bathing, accessibility is incredibly crucial. People frequently keep soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other items close to the edge of their bathtubs or showers. Seniors who do this risk falling as they enter and exit the shower or bathtub and lean down to get these objects.

As an alternative, think about investing in wall-mountable dispensers or a shower caddy to hold these products. Both solutions guarantee that the products are accessible and out of the way.

Non-slip strips

The name itself provides sufficient context for this. Slippery floors are a frequent factor in restroom mishaps. They seldom scrub and dry-mop the floors of their bathrooms in today’s hurried society. A slick bathroom floor increases by 50% since they use water in your toilets instead of toilet paper, which is more common in western cultures.

While using the bathroom, you can also choose suitable bathing accessories for your elderly loved ones. In situations like these, no-slip strips are helpful. These mats and tapes have microscopic pore-like features that give them tremendous adhesive power and an excellent grip, reducing falls and slides.

Grab bar 

An older person can grab onto a grab bar, a little handrail installed next to the toilet or shower cubicle. It is intended for persons with balance concerns to hold onto while using the restroom, to grab for stability while taking a shower, or to help them climb into and out of a bathtub.

The selection of cost-effective grab bars is useful for everyone who needs something to hold onto while throwing up or using the restroom while feeling exhausted and dizzy, not only older adults. Its primary purpose is to prevent falls by giving the person shifting their weight something to grip on in the event of a loss of balance.

Raise the toilet seat with bath stool

 In addition to a grab bar, switching from a traditional to a western toilet is crucial in all homes with elderly residents. Even though the traditional toilet system is regarded as one of the best, it might be challenging for senior people to use. Purchasing a bath stool is a terrific option because it will keep them comfortable while they bath.

Older persons, especially those with joint trouble or arthritis, may find it hard to squat down completely while using a traditional toilet since it puts a lot of strain on their knees and back. Western toilets are more straightforward because they resemble sitting on a chair more. Even so, their knees could get sore from the height of the western toilet seat.

Keep toiletries within easy reach

When it comes to elderly bathroom safety, this should essentially be given great attention. Older people shouldn’t ever recline, bend over excessively, or walk on a slippery floor when having a shower. Ensure all their toiletries are positioned within arm’s reach of the toilet and shower.

Items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other dental supplies should be stored directly above the wash basin. The shelves should be used to store soaps, shampoos, loofahs, and other items close to the shower area.

Additionally, items like toilet paper and the toilet faucet have to be accessible from the toilet. This lessens their likelihood of slipping by preventing them from walking pointlessly on slick surfaces.

Declutter bathroom

Clean up your bathroom and the area leading to it, last but not least. They don’t need elderly individuals stumbling to use the restroom, falling on mats or clothing that has fallen to the floor, or stumbling upon a stool you left next to the bathroom.

Since most older people use walkers, it is best to leave a clear path between their bed and bathroom, so they don’t trip over anything and fall. Leave just the items on the shelf that they need. You don’t want them brushing with your facewash and mistaking it for toothpaste.

Using the correct equipment and product

You want to provide your senior with the most comfort possible while showering. Make sure to spend money on the proper tools, such as a bath lift chair, handheld showerheads, and shower chairs. Especially if they have severe back or knee problems, seniors find showering to be taxing. Even bending can cause problems.

These pieces of technology will increase the elder’s sense of security and comfort, as well as their willingness to bath. Likewise, strive to purchase things they adore. They might have a preferred brand or scent of soap, and this will make bathing more accessible as well.

Warm up the Bathroom for Comfort

If your elder person doesn’t like to take a bath because they don’t want to feel chilly, let them know that the bathroom will be warmed up before they take a shower. Ten minutes before the senior enters the restroom, you should turn on the heating. Additionally, as soon as your patient is out, cover them with one or two thick towels.

Before taking a bath, make sure everything is prepared

Make sure everything is set up and within easy reach. Because you forgot anything, you are unable to leave the senior’s side while they are in the bathtub. You should have shampoo, sponges, and washcloths at your disposal.

 When the elder sees you getting ready for a bath, they will get prepared physically and mentally as well. A smoother, quicker bath will result from having everything organized.

Invest in a shower or bath chair

Older people can bath safely in an environment that can be fairly slippery thanks to a shower and bath stool that provide them with the support they need. To meet diverse needs, there are several solutions. Some are straightforward stools, which might be an excellent option for older people who can still enter and exit the tub or shower independently.

Some models have an extension on one side to make it easier for elders to transition into the tub. Once more, it is probably better to speak with a physician or other healthcare professional to ascertain which version your elderly loved one needs.

Wrapping it up

Finally, the above details are about the key points to improving bathroom safety for elderly seniors. If you do these things, it will assist you in keeping your elder people safe and make to feel comfortable while using the bathroom.

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