Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches History Review – The Blue Blood Walker in Time

Today, when fast-selling culture has become the mainstream trend in the market, many industries with a long history and deep accumulation have also been affected more or less. Take the watch industry as an example although antique replica watches have ushered in an unprecedented event, many big brands have to carry out the production and promotion of fast-food products targeting the market and the crowd under the influence of fast-selling. But there are also some brands that always insist on themselves, just like the old saying – don’t forget the original intention, you will always be the same.

What I want to sort out for you today is a very non-mainstream independent watchmaking brand-Ulysse Nardin.

The reason why people call it “pure blue blood” may be clear to many people. According to Swiss law, if an index company wants to advertise itself as “Swiss made”, it must use a Swiss-made movement. Control and balance, then this will mean that some Swiss watch companies, including Patek Philippe, will have to give up the golden signboard of “Swiss Made”, and the Swatch Group, which masters the lifeline of Swiss movements, will monopolize “Swiss Made”. Therefore, the high-profile appearance of independent watchmaking brands at this time is undoubtedly a solid counterattack on the basis of adhering to “Swiss Made”.perfect replica watches

I have to admit that according to Swiss law, if an indicator company wants to advertise itself as “Swiss made”, it must use Swiss-made movements. If there is no other competitiveness, then this will mean that some Swiss watch companies, including Patek Philippe, will have to give up the “Swiss Made” brand, and the Swatch Group, which controls the lifeblood of Swiss movements, will have a monopoly on “Swiss Made”.

Therefore, the high-profile appearance of independent watchmaking brands at this time is undoubtedly a solid counterattack on the basis of adhering to “Swiss Made”.

Next, please follow the editor’s text to review the hundred years of Ulysse Nardin, the blue-blooded walker.

Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846. Its marine observatory clocks and astronomical replica watches were once famous for their precise functions and have been popular in the field of marine replica watches for more than a century. More than 50 countries around the world designate the Nautical Observatory in Ulysse Nardin as a professional instrument for naval fleets. In the era of no electronic piloting, Ulysse Nardin accompanied navigators through many voyages and expeditions, withstood the test of extreme temperatures and harsh environments, and calculated the sailing position with absolute accuracy. , In the past 158 ​​years, it has won 18 gold medals, more than 1,000 championship awards and 4,324 mechanical nautical timing certificates. Best Replica Watches Toppest Quality

Since 1817, Ulysse Nardin has sent its marine chronometer clocks to the observatories in Neuchâtel and Geneva for long-term rigorous testing. temperature and repeat the test at 12, 20, 28 and 36 degrees. This “back and forth” test method is to prove that the timer remains accurate in harsh environments with extreme temperatures. The test results prove that the watchmakers of Le Locle are the pioneers of the most esoteric watchmaking techniques in the industry.Best Replica Watches Toppest Quality

In fact, some very abstract things will become more specific and easier to understand after quantification.

Taking the Ulysse Nardin watch as an example, the quantitative technology in this one and a half century watch career can make outsiders intuitively feel the hardships and ups and downs of the brand. The original product was Ulysse Nardin exporting to Central and South America through a Parisian broker, Mr. Lucien Dubois, who was the only client of Ulysse Nardin for the first two years. From such figures, we can see that it was very difficult at the beginning of the brand’s establishment, and perhaps it was this beginning that Ulysse Nardin wanted to become a maverick watchmaker.

In 1860 Ulysse acquired a high-precision astronomical regulator to measure its pocket chronometers. Manufactured by Jacques-Frédéric Houriet circa 1768, this famous regulator is now on the Castle Hill in Le Locle, where Ulysse Nardin originally exported it to the United States. Minute repeaters, Grand Complications and pocket chronometers have made Ulysse Nardin famous.

In 1922, accordingly the timepiece of the Nautical Observatory in Ulysse Nardin was tested by the U.S. Naval Observatory and won the top 3 places; 8 other instruments entered the top 14 places; it won the championship in the Tokyo International Exposition. 1935 Introduced a new 24-hour double-second highly precise pocket chronograph, capable of counting down to tenths of a second.

Applicable to sports timing, numerous awards are the proof of its success.

In 1975 the Observatory of Neuchâtel published its last official report on the quality performance of the timepieces of the Observatory. The years covered are from 1846 to 1975. According to the report, the certificates that Ulysse Nardin received during this period included: 4,324 of the 1,504 mechanical nautical timepiece certificates issued,

equivalent to 95% of the total number, and 1,069 of the 2,411 special awards It’s the champion award. In addition, accordingly Ulysse Nardin won 747 first prizes in the categories of table clocks, pocket chronometers and wristwatches. Ulysse Nardin and his successors were awarded at international expositions: 14 Champions Awards, “Awards”

and “Development Awards”, 10 Gold Awards, 2 Honorary Awards, 2 Silver Awards, 1964 at the Swiss National Exposition, accordingly

Ulysse Nardin With the “Sun Star” marine timepiece, it won the only “highest honor” award.

In 1983, Mr. Schneider, who was the first person to introduce Swiss clock parts to Asia,

partnered with others to acquire the Swiss watch factory in Ulysse Nardin. He has a historical brand. In the face of this stranded giant ship, he positioned the route with the purpose of “innovation”,

determined to carry forward its historical glory, combine its excellent traditional watchmaking craftsmanship

and modern technology, and develop elegant modern precision.

Watch, start the new legendary journey of Ulysse Nardin with creativity.Ulysse Nardin replica

In 2002, the Genghis Khan four-hammer minute repeater was launched –

the first tourbillon four-hammer minute repeater of the Westminster Dapeng Bell. And Genghis Khan four hammer minute repeater won the 2003 International Creative Award. Launched the Sonata bell watch, the first wristwatch that combines repeating, countdown, and dual time zone functions.

In 2006, Ulysse Nardin launched the UN-160 self-winding movement, the first self-winding movement developed by the Ulysse Nardin factory. Celebrate the grand 160th anniversary with the “Treasures of Timepieces” exhibition in Moscow.

In 2007, Freak DIAMonSIL® was launched, the first patented two-way escapement made of diamonds and silicon crystals. The launch of InnoVision marks Ulysse Nardin’ vision for the future, combining ten innovative technologies in a single concept watch.

In the same year, Ulysse Nardin and its concept watch InnoVision won

the 2007 Innovation Technology Award from the famous watch magazine Revolution.

In 2008, the Sonata silicon crystal limited edition watch was launched,

And continue to work on the revolution of watch materials. The readers of the famous Italian watch magazine L’Orologio have once again voted the Ulysse Nardin as their favorite watch. Our revolutionary Sonata Silicon Crystal Limited Timepiece won third place in the “Technical Watch” category. perfect replica watches

In 2009, two revolutionary astronomical timepieces with Dr. Oaklin’s DNA Lineage Launched – Lunar Rhapsody and Earth Planetary Clock. There is widespread recognition for the new creativity and unique design of Ulysse Nardin. With its precise moon phase and tide astronomical watch – Lunar Rhapsody, Ulysse Nardin won the 2009 Complicated Movement Watch Award. Ulysse Nardin Global President Rove Snyder Dato A specially crafted commemorative medal was also awarded.

Ulysse Nardinhas always adhered to the purpose of developing timepieces with carefully selected materials of the highest quality.

In fact, when the company entered a new development milestone,

it has not only developed mechanical timepieces to satisfy the achievements of constantly leaping over the peak of technology,

but also devoted itself to the revival of enamel technology,

using this exquisite decorative technique has enabled watchmakers to create surfaces with unique designs, reviving the once-lost art of elegance.

Enamel has been a decorative art since the Gallo-Roman Empire. Enamel is a glass containing silica, red lead, and potassium carbonate. In the process of polishing enamel, a stabilizer containing lime or magnesium is added to its main material silicon dioxide, and a flux containing potassium and sodium is also required to reduce the melting temperature of the enamel. replica watchesUlysse Nardin fake

Today, the unique and noble blue San Marco Observatory watch,

the limited production of the famous ship series and the Tellurium world map and other styles

and models have become well-known symbols of Ulysse Nardin.

Every San Marco watch, and the delicate surface of the limited edition series,

needs to go through more than 50 processes and 12 to 24 drying procedures. Even an experienced craftsman can take at least fifty hours of work to complete a surface. After the arduous and complex process and selection process,

the surface of each enamel watch expresses Ulysse Nardin’ pride in participating in the revival of this lost art.

From the “Timepiece Trilogy” to “The Rhapsody of the Moon”, Ulysse Nardin replica is interpreting the legend of the watch industry with a peculiar imagination and becoming a hymn on people’s wrists. Cai Aihua believes that the “Wonderful” series will surely lead another aesthetic trend in the watch industry. “Wonderful” after 7 years of development. It does not distinguish the time by the hour, minute and second hands,

but uses the entire movement to represent the design of time. It’s an unprecedented change, and people applaud it.

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