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Toys Perfect for Taking on Family Holiday

Even on holiday, children can get bored. To alleviate the boredom, you may pack a few toys and games to keep them entertained. It’s part of the holiday tradition, after all. Whether you’re travelling to the countryside or heading for more distant shores, there are plenty of toys and games that travel exceptionally well. You don’t want to pack anything cumbersome or made with small parts that can get lost along the way. As you pack for your next family holiday, here are a few toys and games you don’t want to leave home without.

Pack the Play Doh for Younger Children

The great thing about Play Doh is its versatility as a toy. It comes in individual resealable containers that make it easy for young children to pack and take wherever they go. It’s just as easy to unpack and play with. When it comes to family holidays, Play Doh can be a lifesaver for parents. It’s usually not as messy as it looks, and it’s easy to clean up if things do get out of hand. It doesn’t stain or leave marks. And because it comes in small plastic containers, children can pack one or two for the holiday. They’ll know they’ll have more waiting for them at home when they return. For added fun, they can even bring along their favourite Play Doh accessories.

Travel Games for the Whole Family

What holiday is complete without travel games? Travel games are ideal for playing in the car, on the train, at a hotel, and even on the beach. These days, you can find travel games of all kinds, including many family favourites like Scrabble, ludo and checkers. Travel games are made to be compact. Children can toss them in their luggage or backpack, and they’ll always be within reach. Unlike full-sized games, travel games come in more secure packaging. When a child does toss their games in with their luggage, you don’t have to worry about game pieces spilling out and getting lost. That way, children always have their favourite game pieces, and they can focus on the rules—not who gets to play as the green piece!

Toys to Keep Older Children Entertained

Older children will inevitably complain about boredom, too. What is ideal for keeping them entertained on holiday? While they may argue that video games are the only answer, adults know that isn’t the case. There are many toys full of possibilities and perfect for any holiday that older children are sure to enjoy. Some may want to bring their Star Wars action figures or Barbie dolls along for the adventure—these make great travel companions!

But don’t forget the outdoor sports equipment like scooters, footballs, flying discs or inflatable unicorn toys for the beach or pool. These can help keep children active and entertained. When your children have an excuse to stay active, you can be sure they’re having plenty of fun. They’ll be less likely to feel bored (or complain about boredom) when there’s so much to do! Even better, many outdoor options like flying discs and inflatables travel well. The adults don’t have to worry about them getting in the way while you’re en route to your destination.

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