Vinyl record v/s CD: Which is Better?

Comparing vinyl records to CDs is the movie equivalent of comparing physical reels with online digital streaming. At various times in history, custom vinyl records and CDs are unique audio storage and playback format.

The vinyl audio needle physically reads the analog audio, and in CDs, audio is digitally encrypted and read by a laser. Nowadays, digital music format is constantly increasing, and its the dominant choice for customers and professionals.

But, from a technical perspective, vinyl is superior to CDs. A specific niche of people still prefers the analog methods of listening to music, and Implant media is a custom vinyl record in Australia that creates an experience by producing top-notch records for modern artists, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts.

Vinyl Records or CDs: The Differences & Comparisons

There are many internet arguments that vinyl records sound better than CDs. Also, there are claims that the analog and digital formats do not contradict much in the audio. These arguments and claims have provoked much confusion on the internet, so we are here to give some clarifications.


Vinyl record grooves need to have physical contact with the stylus and needle of a turntable for the tracks to read, but CDs are more robust and durable as they don’t need physical contact because a laser can scan the CD surface.

CDs don’t degrade by playing multiple times, but a custom vinyl record degrades because the needles will always be in contact, making the vinyl lose the high-quality sound it produces. Humidity and external factors can damage a vinyl record affecting the sound quality.

Implant media is proud to provide bespoke local service and offer vinyl pressing in Australia for artists and labels with the high-quality vinyl available globally.

Sound Quality

Vinyl records give a more soothing and warm sound than what music artists intend to, as long as a professional vinyl record printing plant creates the best custom vinyl record. Vinyl records are the replication of a track’s soundwave, so every snippet is present in the playback.

CDs and DVDs store data in digital format, and CDs contain a snippet of track sound-waves converted into O’s and 1’s without data loss. But in vinyl records, there might be some loss of data which leads to distortion. But CDs can support loud noise and high sibilance without any annoyance.

Vinyl records are prone to distortions, so artists need to rearrange the tracklists. It’s vital to mix audio to get rid of sss-sound in the vinyl record, but there is no need to worry about distortion on CDs. Implant media provide first-in-class service for vinyl pressing in Australia with the highest sound quality.

CD Duplication


Storage Capacity

CDs have more data storage because a 4.7-inch compact disc can hold audio for eighty minutes. A vinyl record has less capacity; however, a custom vinyl record of 12-inch can hold a maximum of 45 minutes of audio.

You can create your own vinyl record with 45-minutes of audio. We do not recommend using it, and the maximum capacity of custom vinyl records depends on many factors, including size, shapes, stock material, and RPM.

Are you scrutinizing the internet to find a suitable CD printing service in Australia? Then contact Implant media, the best CD pressing company to produce CD runs of all sizes and has collaborated with famous brands and labels in Australia to deliver high-quality products.


Create your own vinyl record with high-quality graphics prints per your requirements. And you can also have numerous packaging types with artworks and cut into any shapes you want.

Vinyl records have more options to customize, unlike CDs. Implant media’s custom vinyl records in Australia have more customization choices with vivid colors, including different jackets, sleeves, colors, glitters, liquids, packaging materials, and many more.

CDs do not have big spaces to create the artwork. The bigger the space, the better the artwork. You can attract customers by using more graphics and artwork on your vinyl record to increase sales.


If you plan to release the album on vinyl record, make sure you have a prepared budget. Because producing vinyl records are costlier than CDs. The larger the physical format, eventually the cost will be higher. And make sure you plan the number of copies so you can sell them all without any unsold copies.

If you have a tight budget, consider CD printing, or if you still need to have your tracks on vinyl, go for short-run vinyl pressing. The implant media offers short-run vinyl pressing records depending on your requirements.

Music lovers and artists are still buying and releasing vinyl records and CDs. Both the formats are practical and superior to the other. Finally, it depends on the fan’s preferences to choose a custom vinyl pressing or CD pressing to listen to their favorite music albums.

No matter what physical format you choose to release your album, you will need reliable manufacturers, like Implant media, to produce top-notch custom vinyl records or have CD replication and duplication services. Picking the best manufacturers will surely ease the part of producing your physical album. We recommend trying both vinyl records and CDs if you are a music lover or a musician.

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