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What Are The Potential Points That Students Should Know Before Applying For Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 allows an international graduate student to stay in Australia for a temporary period after the course ends.

The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 allows an international graduate student to stay in Australia for a temporary period after the course ends. The temporary period ranges from 18 months to 4 years, depending on which stream you will apply under. The most beneficial fact about this visa is that it offers unlimited study and work rights, which can help you to get a Permanent Residency Visa in the future. Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 has been introduced in 2021. It now allows the eligible candidates to apply for another visa Subclass 485 to extend their Australian stay by an additional period of 1 to 2 years under the post-study workstream. To qualify, you should:

    1. Have completed your graduation from the regional campus of a university with a higher level of education like post-graduation, and
    2. Continue living in a restricted area for a minimum of two years while having the first Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

Five Tips For Getting Visa Subclass 485 Successfully

Here we discuss the top 5 tips that may be helpful while applying for a Graduate Visa 485. These tips will help you to avoid the most common mistakes and reduce the number of associated risks.

1. Choose The Appropriate Graduate Visa Stream

There are two streams associated with this visa subclass 485– the Graduate Work stream and the Post-study Work-stream. Eligibility criteria and required documents are different for these two separate streams, and thus you should confirm before your application which stream you will choose.

The requirements for Graduate Work Visa Stream are as follows:

    1. The nominated occupation should be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
    2. You should also have the positive skills assessment for the nominated occupation.
    3. You should satisfy all the study requirements in Australia within six months of lodgement of the application.
    4. On the other hand, the requirements for the Post-study Work Stream are as follows.
    5. You must have got your first Australian student visa on or after 5 November 2011.
    6. You must have finished an eligible qualification. This suitable qualification must be awarded by an Australian education provider that is CRICOS-registered.
    7. You should satisfy all the study requirements in Australia within six months of lodgement of the application.

The critical difference in the requirements is that, in the Post-study work-stream, you need not nominate any occupation. The difference occurs in the validity, too. The Graduate Work Stream will remain valid for only 18 months, while Post-study Work Stream will remain valid for two to four years, depending on the qualification.

2. Apply By The Deadline

Many important dates constitute an essential part of the whole Graduate Visa application, correct calculations crucial to success. These dates impact both the correct lodgement of the application and the grant eligibility for the Visa Subclass 485. You should make the applications within six months of your student visa expiration for the valid application lodgement. Failure to do so will make the application invalid. You should keep in mind that you cannot make any further applications at this stage. So, it is better to be careful. You should also apply within six months of completion of the qualification course. The completion date is the date of publication of your final course results.

3. Provide All The Required Documents While Lodging The Application

Documents that you will need to submit include,

    1. You must give proof that you and your family members who are older than 16 years have applied for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check within 12 months of lodging the visa application. Thus, you should provide an AFP receipt number in the application form.
    2. You should provide evidence of all the necessary arrangements made for health insurance according to the visa grant requirements.
    3. You should also provide evidence of English language proficiency, either using a specified passport or any English test result.
    4. For precisely the Graduate Work stream, you should provide the evidence of your application for a Skills Assessment.

4. Confirm That You Have Satisfied All The Australian Study Requirements Before You Lodge The Application

You should have successfully got a diploma, degree, or trade qualification to meet all the study requirements. Following are the requirements for the courses.

    1. The course must have registered under the CRICOS or the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.
    2. It must have completed over a minimum period of 16 months while being physically present in the country.
    3. You should have attended two years of academic study for the course.
    4. It should have been conducted in English.
    5. You should have completed the qualification while holding a valid student visa.

All of these terms mentioned above are defined explicitly for visa application causes. So we recommend that you should confirm all the required information while analyzing your eligibility before you apply for any graduate visa. You may get confused with the requirement of 2 years of academic study. What you need is that the course should be of at least 92 weeks. If you have more than one relevant course or more credits to your name, you should see the specific eligibility.

5. Confirm All The Eligible Family Members Whom You Can Include In The Application

Certain family members can be included as dependents who can join you in Australia. The different migration provisions had set particular definitions of family members you can include.

If you’re married, you can add your spouse. Even if you’re unmarried, you can add your de facto partner. Your child or stepchild can also be added. Last but not least, you can add any dependent child or stepchild who belongs to your spouse or de facto child.

Visa 485 Processing Time 2023

Processing time 485 visa dependents on the Department of Home Affairs’ priorities, and whether you will need skills assessment as part of your visa application, and completion of health examinations.

Processing Time for Visa 485

The document checklist provided by the Department of Home Affairs or by the applicant’s authorized representative can help the visa applicant ensure that all the required documents are attached to the application. See all required documents here. Subclass 485 Visa Checklist.

  • 485 visa processing time can vary due to individual circumstances of each application such as:
  • The completeness of your 485 visa application, including all necessary supporting documents.
  • Requests for additional information are handled promptly by you.
  • The time it takes to perform the required checks on the supporting information.
  • It is important to know how long it takes for external agencies to respond to your 485 visa application. This pertains to health, character, and national security requirements.
  • Changes in application volumes.
  • Changes in Ministerial policy and directions.

Graduate Work Stream Processing Time – Visa 485

  • 25% of applications: 5 Months
  • 50% of applications: 11 Months
  • 75% of applications: 13 Months
  • 90% of applications: 17 Months

Australia Post Study Work Stream – 485 Visa Processing Time

  • 25% of applications: 5 Months
  • 50% of applications: 6 Months
  • 75% of applications: 10 Months
  • 90% of applications: 11 Months

Temporary Graduate Visa Processing Time – 485 Second Post Study Stream

Processing times are not available yet.

Replacement Stream – 485 Visa Processing Times

Processing times are not available yet.

What’s More?

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