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What does the cost of digital marketing for healthcare?

Gradually, the healthcare segment has surrendered to the benefits of Digital Marketing. In an unusual year like 2020, with all the consequences of the crisis caused by Covid-19, social networks have become important in communication between doctors and patients.

The current relationship between Internet users and social networks has opened the eyes of health professionals to the benefits of investing properly in their pages. Through the appropriate #hashtag, you can find a shower of information on a given subject, which brings knowledge to the public and provides an approach to the professional.

Investments in the area are not restricted only to the dissemination of content but also to strengthening the image of the health professional and the relationship of trust with patients.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Healthcare

A survey released by the Minha Vida portal, the largest website on Health and well-being in Brazil, indicates that 94% of Brazilians interviewed have already sought information about Health on the Internet. This shows how important it is for healthcare professionals to update their digital channels with quality content to reach this audience.

But what benefits can an investment in Digital Marketing bring to the health professional or their office?

  • Enlargement of the patient base;
  • The loyalty of patients already conquered;
  • Development of an image of authority for the health professional;
  • Offering quality content to Internet users;
  • Increased visibility on social networks;
  • Image positioning on social networks;
  • Strengthening the network of relationships;
  • Channel accessible to your audience

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Where to start?

Step 01: Definition of areas of interest –  The first step for those who will adopt a digital marketing strategy is to define the areas of interest. Thus, it is important to be careful not to opt for digital marketing strategies for one objective and measure the results for another. The first step is to define what you want with your strategy.

Step 02: Planning – The next step is to carefully plan your strategies. There are several digital marketing options that you can adopt for your practice. Therefore, assessing whether the defined strategy is the best for your target audience is necessary.

Step 03: Strategies – It is also important to define strategies to achieve your goals. You can opt for content marketing, email marketing, a social media marketing agency, a blog, or your app.

Step 04: Results – Once the objectives have been defined, it is time to choose the performance indicator. In digital marketing, they are called KPIs, and they are necessary to know if your strategies are working or not. Collecting the results of each channel is necessary to know which planning points need adjustment and which are working and getting results.

For Small Business

Anyone who thinks that Digital Marketing is only for large clinics and laboratories is wrong. On the contrary, it is ideal mainly for small and medium-sized companies, whose main way of gaining new customers is technique.

Paid internet ads can only target an audience in one region (near your clinic), age group, or gender. So you can invest less but focus on reaching specific people.

However, if there is a larger budget, you can take the opportunity to invest in a more varied audience. With the reports, you can follow exactly the return of the actions, making it easier to understand the working strategies.

Get the best Digital Marketing tips for your business to thrive on the Internet

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Attention to the Medical Council

Before putting your Digital Marketing actions into practice, you must be aware of the limits created by the Federal Council of Medicine so that your actions are within the legal framework. We separate some topics:

  • It is prohibited to use photos of patients to demonstrate the results of treatments, even if they have authorized it;
  • Physicians cannot consult patients through their blogs but can publish articles on subjects in their area to disseminate knowledge;
  • The pieces for social networks must be accompanied by the CRM of the doctor or professional responsible (in the case of hospitals and clinics).

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