Why do Music Artists Choose Custom Vinyl Records for LP

As we know, the custom vinyl record for LP is costly for many independent artists, but many autonomous acts still release their albums on vinyl records. How is this possible?

Vinyl pressing has tremendous demand because it’s easier to sell online. Many reliable pressing plants like vinyl pressing helps indie artists to create their own vinyl record for LP at affordable rates.

Another important reason is vinyl offers music fans a real-life representation of music and a tangible product. Owning a fantastic piece of art upholds a different relationship rather than just listening to it.
Custom vinyl records aren’t limited to a particular genre or an artist. Vinyl is for all kinds of artists of all levels with any genre of hip hop, pop, rock, flok, or electronic music. Let’s learn what an LP is and why music artists or manufacturers choose vinyl records for their LP albums.

What is an LP?

An LP in music format is a long-playing vinyl record. Often commonly termed as “LP.” The LP is famous for vinyl records of 33-1/3 RPM. LPs are full-length music albums that can hold 10-12 track albums.

Many independent artists find this an excellent way to release their albums on custom vinyl records rather than releasing them on CD\DVDs. Allow us to explain why you need to choose custom vinyl records for your new branded LP.

Reasons to Choose Custom Vinyl Records for LP

Vinyl Records are Making a Comeback

Audiophilies are repurchasing them, and vinyl’s comeback is more substantial and better with potential vinyl or music lovers. And from the last decade, the number of vinyl sales has surpassed CD and DVD sales, becoming the highest recorded sales in the last 30 years.

People love to have something more robust that they can feel and touch, unlike digital files, which cannot act as a physical medium. The younger and old generations love to own their turntable and have collections of vinyl records in their homes.

An Experience Beyond Music

We all know that custom vinyl records aren’t only the physical audio formats. Still, vinyl separates the CD, DVDs, cassette tapes, and others because the vinyl format has a unique experience. You insert on the player for cassettes and CDs, and you will listen until it ends.

Custom vinyl records need your special attention; you have to flip them to hear the whole album, and you can’t go running while listening to vinyl. We will listen to vinyl when we want to immerse in the music completely, and it is an experience in which we get lost.

Vinyl Records Need to be Treated With Care

It would be best if you didn’t scratch the vinyl surface. The vinyl records need more care than any other format because they are fragile and lose their originality if you drop them once.

Even with all the hassle, fans love their custom turntable. Maybe some fans love it for this reason. Vinyl records are delicate and fragile things making them more unique. Vinyl pressing produces top-notch personalized vinyl records in Australia that helps artists to have more space for their artwork, behind-the-scenes photographs, or tracks’ lyrics.

Custom Vinyl Records Australia

The Soothing and Warm Sound of Vinyl

All music format has their own best sound quality, and we can’t decide which one because it’s subjective. Still, we know that vinyl records are famous for their soothing and warm sound, making a listener experience a cozier that shifts you away from the digital world.

Vinyl records are susceptible to scratches that cause distortion. Still, many vinyl lovers admire the distortion and crack and pop with the “sss” sounds, making vinyl listening more enjoyable.

An Ultimate Collection of Art

Custom vinyl records are a piece of art. Unlike digital music, vinyl records are collectible for a long time, and their value increases as time passes. Vinyl records with more life span can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Vinyl pressing plant in Australia, like vinyl pressing, helps both artists and fans by satisfying artists’ desire to release art in another medium and the fan’s desire to collect things from their favorite artists.

Custom Vinyl Records are a Great Marketing Tool

Custom vinyl records come in different shapes and colors, so the fans are hooked and keep talking if the vinyl is fantastic. Vinyl pressing produces custom vinyl records in Australia with various creative options to choose from materials, colors, shapes, jackets, inner sleeves, and packaging.

It’s no surprise that many artists are releasing flowerier vinyl records in different colors and designs, such as glow in the dark or famous splatter vinyl. Since pressing plants to create custom vinyl records with low minimum and fast turnaround at affordable rates.

A Proud Feeling to Have Custom Vinyl Records in Home

Vinyl records are priceless, and vinyl puts you on the same level as your favorite artists. A personalized vinyl record is the most incredible music format that you’d be proud of yourself, and your love of music will incorporate with the vinyl.

You can pass your vinyl to your children and grandchildren to ascertain how awesome you are. So these are the important reasons why releasing music on custom vinyl records for LP is fantastic. You won’t regret it because it is now easy to order online at affordable prices.

Vinyl pressing makes custom vinyl records in Australia on demand with fast turnaround and no minimums. Choose the template, decide what music you want on your personalized vinyl record, and create your artwork for the cover, jacket, and packaging. Our vinyl experts will take care of the rest and deliver your record to your door, and you can start spinning.

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