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VPN has become indispensable to ensure digital security in 2022. Let’s do a brief analysis of VPN and its significance in 2022


The ISPs are tracking your online surfing on the internet!

You may confront a cyber-attack, or there might be someone stealing your data. If you want to eliminate all these possible threats, then a premium quality VPN connection can get you the best result possible.

VPN or virtual private network like OysterVPN forms a secure connection & protects your shared data, surfing history, hides your internet activity & masks your current location while creating a secure tunnel.

This blog post will precisely discuss what a VPN is and why you need a VPN in 2022.




what is VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network ensures your internet privacy and obscurity while forming a private network when connected with a public internet connection.

It masks your internet protocol (IP) address, and that makes your online surfing untraceable for ISPs & third-party interaction. Most importantly, VPN services establish secure and encrypted contacts to provide greater privacy than a protected WiFi hotspot.



Browsing the web or connecting a device on an unsecured WiFi network means you have exposed private data and browsing history. Here comes the VPN! It shields your privacy and ensures you a secure connection that tricks ISPs.

VPNs encrypt your information & scramble it so that outsiders can’t catch it. With this high-end encryption, you can keep your online surfing secure & hidden. All can be protected from online shopping to sending emails and paying bills if you have a premium VPN installed on your device.


What Does A VPN Hides? 


why do u need VPN

As discussed above, VPN hides your IP address and encrypts the data that you have processed into codes. As a result, these codes or cipher texted information becomes quite impossible to crack by the authorities. Below, we have shared what a VPN hides when you connect your device.

  • It Hides Your Browsing History
  • It Can Change Your Online Location
  • It makes your Online Activity Anonymous


Advantages Of Using A VPN

Now you have a basic idea of what a VPN is and how it works. Next, let’s have a look at some of its stunning advantages.


  1. Protects Your Online Privacy 

Have you shared your bank details with someone online? Or have been using public WiFi networks, now you have been exposed to hackers. All this can happen if you have shared such information using public WiFi.

Usings secure and quality VPN service like streamestro can get you advanced encryption to secure your online data. On top of that, it ensures that the website receiving your data won’t track your device activity. Thereby it will keep you anonymous.

It features the most secure encryption that gives you ultimate security and protects your privacy. This means that if you visit any website using a Germany VPN, it won’t track your location.


  1. Ensures Secure Connection With Advanced Speed 

While surfing on the net, your ISP sometimes deliberately slows down your internet connection. This is because it senses that you have crossed a certain data limit. Some of them do this technique so that you upgrade your connection. However, this practice is called throttling.

VPN gets you a private connection, which the ISPs can’t detect. Which, in return, won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth. This, in return, will increase your speed.


  1. Save Money

Adroit internet-based customers know that e-business & online shops show various costs to individuals because of their area. This applies when you book flights, track down convenience, look for garments, and get a help membership in any event.

Everybody adores a deal – and a VPN can assist you with finding the best arrangements on the web. With a VPN, you can imagine you’re in a nation where the costs are less expensive.


What To Look Before Choosing A VPN?

Not all VPNs are made with equal capacity to get you a secure connection; thereby, you will need to pick a reliable VPN that secures your identity from trackers.


  1. Network of Servers

Your dedicated VPN service provider should have their active servers in all major countries, so that you can unblock the restricted sites while connecting your IP with that US-based VPN server.


  1. Speed Transmission 

Before making a final purchase, make sure to check out your VPN’s speed. It should offer speedy transmission of data & high bandwidth to get you fast share & speedy browsing.


  1. Ability To Unblock Streaming Sites 

It should be capable enough to unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer,  SonyLIV, beIN sports or many more that you can access them from anywhere.


  1. Supporting Devices

It should have the ability to connect with more than 6 devices anywhere at any time. It will help you to enjoy safe streaming using any device at your home even outside.


  1. Secure VPN with Zero- Logging

Your VPN should follow strictly no-log policy. However, before incorporating service, guarantee that your VPN service provider is reliable and severely prohibits logs.


  1. Risk-Free Choice

It should offer you a 30-days money-back guarantee. In addition, you can withdraw money if you are not satisfied with their service.

If your preferred VPN service falls under the Criteria, then go for it!


VPNs are critical for keeping up with your security and obscurity while on the web. We strongly suggest connecting your device with a VPN, especially when coupled with public WiFi. It is not difficult to set it up on your device. It only requires a few bucks and little time.



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