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What is the Best Embroidery Machine for a Home Business?

After teaching many embroidery events across the globe, and given my deep roots within the commercial industry, one in all the foremost common question of these looking to start out or running an embroidery business usually is “which embroidery machine is best for a home business?”.

When choosing which embroidery machine would be the correct fit your business, you want to consider several factors before making your decision:

  1. Would you benefit more from a flatbed or a multi-needle machine?
  2. Based on the features you would like, does one need a multi-purpose machine?
  3. Depending on your target market, will you would like attachments for your embroidery machine?

Which machine brand is best for your home embroidery business?

Embroidery machine multi-needle vs. flatbeds

Are you sure this machine are going to be used for a business and not a hobby? I always ask this question first because it proved which road to point you down immediately.

Flatbed embroidery machines

First off, flatbeds aren’t designed or engineered for commercial purposes. The embroidery runs on a flat surface, meaning it’ll be challenging to embroider any tubular items (tubular meaning something sort of a shirt or sock where there’s an indoor thereto. rather than something sort of a towel, where there’s a front & back).

As an example: if embroidering on a sweatshirt, you’d have to turn it inside out and make a bowl, moving all the surplus material out of the way because it embroiders. Then your full-time job would be to take a seat and watch the machine run the whole time. The second you go forth is precisely when the machine would sew into the fabric hanging over.

Multi-needle embroidery machines

Multi-needle machines usually have anywhere from 6 to 18 needles on the embroidery head. thanks to this, once the look is programmed into the machine, it’ll change colors automatically and continue running from commencing to end no end.

These machines can even run at higher speeds on heavier items, and most significantly, they’re more friendly for tubular items. A multi-needle machine will have a tubular arm with a rotary hook bobbin case at the tip. this implies you’ll slide/fit almost any item you would like over this tubular arm, and therefore the excess material hangs down and out of the way. Smaller items like onesies, EB bears, pockets, and socks will be embroidered on this machine and also know about ricoma embroidery machine.

The exception: does one need a multi-purpose machine?

Although I usually recommend multi-needle machines, there are some exceptions. betting on your target market, it would be important to you that the machine you get is friendly for embroidery and includes sewing or quilting features. as an example, I’ve met successful business owners who focus mainly on the cosplay market. they create 1-off customized costumes that need one or two small embroidery designs but plenty of customized sewing.

Taking the opposite factors out and looking out at an embroidery-only machine sort of a multi-needle usually means you’ll either economize or get more bang for your buck by getting more features.

Now, if you already own a high-end multi-purpose machine and are looking to feature another embroidery machine, then i might strongly suggest your next purchase be a multi-needle.

Your embroidery machine attachments should match your target market

If you’re looking to begin a home embroidery business, you ought to ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  • Who is my target market?
  • On what items/garments would my target market prefer to embroider on?
  • What hoop size and attachments will i would like to fulfill my customer’s orders and needs?

These questions are extremely important to answer before considering moving forward with any embroidery machine, so please take the time to answer them carefully. Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to then find a machine that’ll meet those criteria within the budget you’ve got to spend.

For the foremost part, if you’re looking to begin a home embroidery business, you wish to stay expenses to a minimum. Although a number of the features built into the high-end home brand machines are amazing (such as positioning stickers for placement and projected simulated embroidery images directly onto the item you’re embroidering), you get hold of them.

Home machine brands

You might’ve noticed that when it involves “Home Machines,” I’ve tried my best to not mention specific brands. the explanation being is that almost all of the reputable home brands within the industry have a powerful following, and users are often very protective on which is best. However, with great care we’re on the identical page, some samples of what I’d consider home brands are: Brother, Janome, Bernina, Viking, Babylock, etc.

Although I greatly respect the Brother brand specifically, if you’re looking into a home brand, i believe you ought to pick the brand supported the support and education the dealer/store provides. Meaning that just about all popular home machine brands produce quality machines, but sometimes you may consider one brand over another supported the reputation and support of the dealer you’re purchasing from.

Commercial machine brands

Now, remember, you get what you purchase. If you purchase an ad machine supported a price point, you’ll have potential issues that you simply will must address, and you may have to get past the educational curve.

Starting as a poster multi-head embroiderer within the early 80s running 2 factories with over 136 heads in production, I’ve seen multi-needle manufacturers come and go. I’ve also seen machine quality evolve and improve considerably over the years .


Years ago, i’d only consider purchasing and also know about ricoma embroidery machine cost. What i believed the Cadillac of economic brand machines. Tajima, Barudan, and ZSK while running an embroidery business. To the current day, I still have great respect for these brands, and if you’re willing to spend.  A small amount more, you’ll never regret your purchase.

My personal suggestion for an embroidery business? Try the ZSK

As i discussed, 3 machines that have a proven chronicle are Tajima, Barudan, and ZSK. Although these brands wont to mainly specialize in multi-head machines. They now also sell single head machines which are perfect for home embroidery business owners. Now out of those 3 brands, my personal favorite is ZSK. Why?

Because ZSK machines are the benchmark of quality, precision, and reliability. ZSK machines have many features that set them except other machines. They need the power to run up to 1200 SPM, automatic color changes, thread break detection. A sophisticated servo motor to stitch through thicker materials. And therefore the industries smallest tubular arm.

How to start an embroidery business

Now I threw this part in here for those of you curious about turning. Your hobby into a business but undecided where to begin. If you already own an embroidery business, no problem. You’ll be able to skip this section. First off, don’t be intimidated! Although it can look like there’s plenty of knowledge to digest. We’re here to assist get you started.

If you wish proven tips and techniques to assist your business be more successful. Our new a way to Make Money with Embroidery Workshop may be a must-watch! Whether you’ve never made money with embroidery before or are. An experienced embroidery business owner. This workshop will facilitate your find customers, streamline your workflow. Increase your profits, and more.

Conclusion: what machine is best for your home embroidery business?

The answer to the current question depends on some various factors. But overall, if your business is primarily focused on embroidery (not sewing or quilting), I’d strongly recommend a multi-needle machine. Not only will it allow you to embroider on more garment types. With its tubular arm and therefore the different attachments available. But it’ll also allow you to line it and walk off. This translates to longer specializing in other aspects of your business and fewer time babysitting. The machine throughout the stitching process.

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