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Windows Hosting UK Provider 5 Questions To Ask

Windows Hosting UK

Windows Hosting UK Provider Questions To Ask 

Perhaps, the first decision we have to make when picking a web host is operating system selection. Usually, Linux Hosting and Web Hosting are the two mainstream options you have to choose from. 

However, choosing a web host is more than just an operating system selection. There is a list of questions you must ask specific questions from prospect windows or Linux hosting providers. It is to ensure that you have made the right choice. 

This article is for you if you know that you need a Windows host but do not know what parameters you need to find a good Windows host. We will tell you five questions you should ask from prospective windows hosting UK providers.  

However, before going to the topic’s core, it would be better to have a little glimpse of windows hosting and its pros and cons.  Thereafter, we will tell you how you can find the best windows hosting UK

Windows Hosting UK: An Overview

When a website hosting uses Windows as an operating system, we refer to it as ‘Windows Hosting’. Linux hosting that uses Linux as an operating system is much more common than Windows, but Windows hosting is better in certain conditions.

Although most website administrators or owners do not have access to the operating system of web servers, they get cPanel or Plesk to manage their servers. 

However, if one plans to use it, Windows hosting is the best option since we are familiar with Windows. Also, many businesses prefer Windows hosting due to compatibility with other Windows tools. 

Yet Linux hosting is a much better option for security, budget, and stability. 

Windows UK Hosting Provider – What To Ask 

However, a Windows server is an ideal choice if you have a large and old enterprise with a mature tech department. Do not forget to test the prospective company on the following four parameters. 

Do They Provide Compatibility With All Windows-based Programs & Software?

A reliable windows hosting provider will provide 100% compatibility with all windows-based programs. Your business processes may need specific windows-based tools like MS Access, C#, MSSQL,, or ASP Classic. 

In addition, you may rely on Microsoft Exchange,  Microsoft Sharepoint, or Remote desktop. So best would be to double-check that the windows hosting provider you have chosen will work with all of these tools. 

If you manage a website, you might be a daily user of any content management system, most probably, WordPress hosting UK. If you are in the eCommerce business, using tools like AWstats and Google Analytics and eCommerce software such as Magento and WooCommerce would be part of your daily schedule. Think what would happen if something is found missing and you have made the final payment.

Most companies will mention compatibility with standard software solutions in advertisements or official websites. However, it is better to confirm once from sales teams as well.

How Much Stability Do They Offer?

The question may sound strange because we have mentioned Windows hosting’s weaker reputation for stability than Linux. Yet if you are lucky enough to get the right provider, the probability of consistent performance would significantly increase. 

The key to finding that right one is looking for a promise of 99.9% uptime. Many companies even further strengthen their word by offering a money-back guarantee.

What Are Their Processes to Ensure Security

Information security is the priority of all businesses. Unfortunately, the risks of negligence are unimaginably high. Yes, windows hosting comes with much more vulnerabilities than Linux. However, a wise selection will help you avoid a significant portion of the risk. Ask them what makes them qualified enough to defend your website against threats. 

A suitable provider would be the one who uses firewalls for server protection, provides SSL certificates as part of packages, and provides other additional security software to ensure safety.

What Are The Process of the Customer Care Department?

One of the things you should never settle for is the poor quality of customer support. Do not take it lightly, even if you have a tech team full of windows experts. Ensure that the windows hosting UK  you have chosen will provide you 24/7 customer service in many different forms.

There should be many ways to reach them out if you need support. All options like live chat, email, phone, and customer portal should be available.

The Final Verdict

So do not finalize your windows hosting UK provider choice if they do not have satisfactory answers to these questions. This little research would provide a lot of long-term benefits.  


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