10 Best Ways of Internet Safety for Kids

The internet’s vast popularity amongst students is not new and is expected to grow in the future. While students can get study materials, ebooks, and various kinds of help through online sources, they must ensure they do not misuse this. The presence of disturbing images and sites often has concerned parents. Here are a few ways to ensure internet safety amongst kids 


Use the safe search option.

The safe search option is a great way to ensure internet safety amongst children. Such an option blocks sites that might be disturbing to children. Remember, some sites may serve necessary materials and have disturbing advertisements or information. The safe search option helps parents restrict children’s access to such sites. 


Install an anti-virus for your computer

Most children use their parent’s laptops or other devices. Thus, parents may have vital documents and additional information at stake. Further, parents might have to turn on their location for specific searches like the ‘Best CBSE schools near me,’ etc. Using an anti-virus helps parents protect their data and avoid cyber threats. It also allows them to block inappropriate sites.


Teach your kids to share information intelligently. 

Your child might have to share personal information while logging in to specific sites. However, sometimes the information required is unnecessary. Hence, teaching children the personal information they must and must not share is crucial. For instance, children must refrain from entering their addresses or phone numbers on different internet sites. 


Restrict online gaming

While most children might want to indulge in online gaming, parents must monitor the kind of games they play. Make sure these games are safe for your child’s mental health. While children might love playing action games, parents must ensure they do not have disturbing or compelling graphics. 


Limit online time

The internet can help children study. However, using the internet too much can affect their concentration. Hence, parents must restrict their online time to ensure children also focus on reading textbooks and engaging in other activities. 


Social media is a strict no.

The rise of social media has impacted children in many ways. While it helps them stay in touch with their friends staying abroad, it might affect their mental health too! Hence, it would be best for parents to restrict social media access. Some schools in Noida strictly ensure students do not have separate social media accounts. Make sure your child uses your social media account instead of having a different one. Doing this would help parents monitor who they talk to online and maintain their safety. 


Monitor online history

One of the best ways to ensure kids’ online safety is to monitor their online history. Parents can check their children’s sites and ensure they do not misuse their internet access. 


Talk to your children about their searches.

While monitoring online history helps you check your child’s sites, it is also crucial to talk to them about why they visited them. Remember, it is vital to discuss why children should not visit specific sites, and this would help you ensure their online safety. 


Block advertisements

Advertisements can distract your child, and hence parents must use an adblocker. Such software blocks all advertisements and ensures your child does not spend time browsing through them. 


Use a shared computer room.

Parents can shift their computer to a common room like the living area to ensure they can keep an eye on the sites their kids browse even while the former is working. Thus, you need not monitor their history separately. Instead, doing this would help you regulate the content they browse immediately when they do. 

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