Things to Consider while selecting a good CBSE school

The rise in the number of CBSE schools has made choosing the best school for children pretty challenging. However, one must consider a few essential factors before admitting their children into CBSE schools. Here is a quick guide for selecting the best CBSE school for your child. 



It would be best to select a CBSE school near your house in Pune. Children might waste a lot of time traveling to school and get exhausted. Looking for a school nearby would help them save time and do other things like play or study for longer hours. 



Before selecting a school for your child, ensure it is affiliated with the CBSE board. Some parents get their children admitted to schools not affiliated with any board in smaller classes and then shift to another school later. However, this can affect the child’s studies. Hence, it would be best to ensure the school’s affiliation before your child appears for the school’s admission in Pune



CBSE schools are known for their syllabus and academic standards. However, parents must ensure their selected school has excellent academic performance before admitting their children. Remember, the school’s overall performance determines its nature of education, teachers’ experience, and much more.


Parents must also check whether their selected school keeps up with changing education trends. For instance, most schools are setting up smart classes, increasing student-teacher ratio, etc., to replace the traditional education structure. Such changes benefit the child’s learning abilities; your selected school must have these features.


School facilities

Parents must check for the school’s facilities. Does the school have a library? Does it have labs for practical tests? All these determine the facilities available in the school. These facilities help children develop better knowledge in various subjects and perform better. Parents must also weigh the school’s fees with the facilities it offers. It is crucial to ensure you are paying for the required facilities. If not, it would be best to look for alternative CBSE schools.


School’s reputation

Though spoke parents feel the school’s reputation does not speak of its academic performance; it is crucial to ensure your selected school is well-known. Several CBSE schools in Pune might not be as famous as the rest. However, it would be best to look for the latter as the school’s reputation opens up various opportunities for one’s child in the future. Additionally, schools with good reputations try to live up to the set standards and do not compromise on their education quality.


Co-curricular activities

While it is crucial to look for a school with outstanding academic performance, it is also vital to check for its co-curricular options. Does the school encourage students to participate in various activities? Parents must remember their children need to participate in additional activities to grow as individuals. While studying can make it boring for them, it can also limit their opportunities to experience the practical world. Additionally, these activities help children refresh their minds and stay fit. 


School environment

While parents often look for schools with strict discipline, it is also vital to ensure the school has a friendly atmosphere. Having such an environment is equally important, like having strict discipline, as it helps children grow. Make sure your child can interact with the teachers freely and mix with others. If not, it would be best to look for alternative examples. 



Selecting the right CBSE school for your child in Pune or elsewhere is one of the most challenging tasks. However, the guide above can help you resolve this and make the right decision. 

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