From Aftershock to Octane here are the top 7 best cars in Rocket League

Rocket League is so easy to play and addictive that it appeals to even the most casual of gamers, which is saying something. In a football game involving automobiles, one team competes against another. While the game’s mechanics lend support to the concept, Psyonix ups the ante even further by allowing players to personalize virtually every aspect of their vehicle. Wheels, decals, antennas, boost trails, and a slew of other customization options are available for your vehicle. But what about the vehicle itself? Is it any good? Despite the fact that every car has exactly the same capabilities in terms of speed, handling, braking, and so on, the shape of each model is unique. As a result, it is critical that you have one equipped that has a larger hitbox and provides more Rocket League credits.

What is the distinction between the different Rocket League car shapes?
Each vehicle has a unique hitbox, which has an impact on how it interacts with the ball and other players. Studies and tests have been conducted in an attempt to prove that each vehicle has hidden characteristics that affect its maneuverability, among other things. Psyonix, on the other hand, has shut down these reports, claiming that there are no hidden Rocket League Prices or anything of the sort.

The most effective Rocket League vehicles to use
Some have better hitboxes than others, and some are simply more enjoyable to use during a game of Rocket League. As a result, we’ve selected seven vehicles for you to try out in Rocket League. If there are any of these that you haven’t tried yet, it might be worthwhile to do so in order to see if you can improve your overall gameplay. These are the best Rocket League vehicles that we have discovered in our research.

7. Merchandise
The Merc gets a lot of attention because of its significantly larger hitbox, which feels like it would be ideal for teams that prefer to have a fixed goalkeeper. Additionally, it appears to be extremely intimidating to play against. You can score some demos while playing the Merc if you want to be slightly more aggressive while playing the game.

Breakout Session
One of the original Rocket League beasts receives his first mention. Despite its strange handling, many people still adore the Breakout, which is more of a solid all-around option for anyone. Everyone has a favorite type of hitbox for a particular vehicle, and long-time fans have a strong preference for the ‘Breakout hitbox.’

Marauder (number 5)
The Marauder is slightly wider than the average Rocket League vehicle, owing to its use of the Octane hitbox style, which is the most popular among players. In this way, it becomes another solid defensive option, similar to the Merc, but with the added advantage of slightly better-feeling handling and mobility.

4. Aftershocks and repercussions
Other than being aerodynamic in appearance, Rocket League’s Aftershock variant feels very similar to the Dominus in many ways, though the wings can be a little distracting when it comes to maintaining complete control over your movements. It does, however, have a nice amount of weight to it and moves quite well.

The Batmobile (number three).
Apart from the fact that it is the Batmobile, come on, people, the car is actually more than just a novelty item. Its long body makes it ideal for dribbling and launching powerful long-range shots from a distance. One disadvantage is that it isn’t available for purchase in the shop, except for extremely limited drops, which makes it difficult to obtain.

Dominus (Dominus the Dominus)
If you’re looking for a long, mobile vehicle that’s less difficult to operate, Dominus is an excellent choice. Many top-tier players are enamored with the Dominus hitbox and the overall design of the character. Its design is extremely clean and crisp, and it is almost perfect in every way.

1. The octane number
However, the Octane model is nothing short of flawless, and it’s safe to say that Octane is the most frequently selected vehicle in Rocket League. It is widely regarded as the face of the franchise, and it has tight cornering, a perfectly balanced feel, and a perfectly placed hitbox. Octane is most likely the best vehicle for you.

Currently, Rocket League has one of the highest rankings across all platforms, making it a worldwide favorite among players and players’ communities. Fans who have already played the game are well aware that the game offers a plethora of cars to browse and collect, and some are unsure where to begin or what to look for in particular. This handy list of the highest-ranked cars in the game will come in handy when you need it.

Stephen LaGioia made the following update on December 4, 2021:Rocket League’s addictive social gameplay, as well as its constant stream of new events, challenges, and cars, has propelled the game to new heights in recent years. While Psyonix provides a well-balanced and flexible system for vehicle traits, there is a fair amount of variation in terms of hitboxes and general strengths between each vehicle in the game. This means that choosing the right vehicle can be difficult for both newcomers and seasoned drivers alike at times.

All of this has carried over into and beyond the game’s memorable fourth season, which saw the introduction of an intense 2v2 Tournament Mode. With the game’s ever-expanding roster of awesome cars — and the game’s continued momentum thanks to the new Season 5 patch — it seems appropriate to revisit and refine this list. Here are even more of the best cars in the entire game of Rocket League.


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